There’s Now an App to Get You a Surrogate Drinker in China

China’s drinking culture is unique and deeply ingrained in its social fabric. Alcohol consumption plays a significant role in business gatherings, social events, and even personal relationships. However, not everyone enjoys drinking or wants to consume alcohol, which can lead to uncomfortable situations. To cater to this need, a new app has emerged in China – an app that connects individuals with surrogate drinkers. In this article, we will explore the concept of surrogate drinkers, understand how the app works, and discuss its relevance in Chinese society.

Detailed discussion on surrogate drinking in China

Understanding the role of surrogate drinkers

Surrogate drinking, also known as “Yaopu” in Chinese, involves hiring someone to drink alcohol on behalf of another person. This practice is common in settings where drinking is expected but not desired by an individual. Surrogate drinkers take on the responsibility of consuming alcohol while the person they represent can enjoy the social aspects of the event without consuming alcohol.

The emergence of the surrogate drinker app

In response to the growing demand for surrogate drinkers, a pioneering app has been developed in China. This app connects individuals who wish to hire surrogate drinkers with those who are willing to fill the role. The app provides a platform where one can browse profiles of surrogate drinkers, view their experience, and choose the most suitable candidate based on personal preferences.

How the app works

Upon downloading the app, users can create a profile and specify their requirements. They can indicate the type of event, preferred alcohol, and any specific qualifications they seek in a surrogate drinker. The app then generates a list of potential surrogate drinkers who match the user’s criteria. Users can contact and negotiate with surrogate drinkers to finalize arrangements.

Benefits and risks of surrogate drinking

There are several benefits to hiring a surrogate drinker. Firstly, it allows individuals who do not drink to participate fully in social events without feeling left out. It can also help individuals avoid the negative health effects of excessive alcohol consumption. However, there are potential risks to consider, such as the reliability and trustworthiness of surrogate drinkers and the ethical implications of encouraging excessive alcohol consumption.

Concluding thoughts on surrogate drinking in China

In a country where drinking holds such importance in social interactions, the emergence of an app to connect individuals with surrogate drinkers is both innovative and controversial. While the app caters to the needs of non-drinkers, it also raises questions about the societal pressure to consume alcohol and the potential normalization of excessive drinking. It is crucial for users and society as a whole to approach this phenomenon responsibly and consider the long-term consequences.

FAQs about surrogate drinking in China

1. Is surrogate drinking legal in China?

Surrogate drinking itself is not illegal in China. However, the app facilitating surrogate drinking raises legal and ethical concerns, as it may indirectly encourage excessive alcohol consumption.

2. How can I ensure the reliability and trustworthiness of a surrogate drinker?

The app provides a rating and review system, allowing users to assess the credibility and performance of surrogate drinkers. It is advisable to thoroughly review the surrogate drinker’s profile, read their reviews, and communicate with them before making a decision.

3. Are there any regulations in place to monitor surrogate drinking?

Currently, there are no specific regulations targeting surrogate drinking in China. However, as the app gains popularity and scrutiny, it is possible that regulations may be introduced to ensure responsible usage and protect the interests of all parties involved.

In conclusion, the emergence of the surrogate drinker app in China provides a unique solution to a common social dilemma. It allows non-drinkers to participate in social events without feeling pressured to consume alcohol. However, the app’s impact on Chinese drinking culture and the potential risks involved should be carefully considered. As technology continues to shape social norms, it is essential to strike a balance between convenience and responsible decision-making.



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