Pokemon Go 23 New Monsters Catch

Pokemon Go has taken the gaming world by storm since its release in 2016. The augmented reality game allows players to catch virtual creatures called “Pokemon” in real-world locations using their smartphones. Recently, the game introduced 23 new monsters to catch, adding excitement and diversity to the gameplay. In this article, we will delve into the details of these new Pokemon and discuss strategies to catch them effectively.

Detailed Discussion on Pokemon Go 23 New Monsters Catch

The introduction of new monsters in Pokemon Go brings a fresh wave of excitement for players. Let’s explore each of the 23 new additions and their unique characteristics:

1. Adra

– Adra is a powerful fire-type Pokemon known for its fiery mane and swift movements.
– It evolves into Flamara at level 35.

2. Drillnox

– Drillnox is a rock/ground-type Pokemon that resembles a drilling machine.
– It has high defense and can learn powerful ground-based moves.

3. Elektra

– Elektra is an electric/flying-type Pokemon with lightning-fast speed.
– It evolves into Thundera when exposed to a Thunder Stone.

4. Florina

– Florina is a grass/poison-type Pokemon known for its vibrant colors and aroma.
– It has the ability to heal itself and its allies.

5. Glacius

– Glacius is an ice-type Pokemon that thrives in cold environments.
– It can create freezing winds and freeze its opponents.

6. Hydrodon

– Hydrodon is a water/ground-type Pokemon that resembles a prehistoric sea creature.
– It has high attack stats and can learn a variety of water-based moves.

7. Infernion

– Infernion is a fire/dark-type Pokemon with a mischievous personality.
– It evolves from Flareon when exposed to a Dark Stone.

8. Joltox

– Joltox is an electric-type Pokemon known for its agility and electric energy attacks.
– It evolves from Elektra by leveling up with high friendship.

9. Kineticon

– Kineticon is a psychic/flying-type Pokemon that can manipulate objects with its mind.
– It is highly elusive and is known for its mischievous pranks.

10. Leafaria

– Leafaria is a grass/fairy-type Pokemon with a graceful and elegant appearance.
– It evolves from Florina by using a Leaf Stone.

11. Magmega

– Magmega is a fire/steel-type Pokemon with an intense heat core.
– Its body temperature can reach unimaginable levels.

12. Nebulight

– Nebulight is a ghost/psychic-type Pokemon that emits an otherworldly glow.
– It can see into the future and use psychic powers to manipulate its surroundings.

13. Oceara

– Oceara is a water-type Pokemon resembling a graceful, mythical creature.
– It can control water currents and create powerful tidal waves.

14. Pyrodrake

– Pyrodrake is a fire/dragon-type Pokemon known for its majestic appearance.
– It can breathe intense flames and withstand extreme temperatures.

15. Radenoir

– Radenoir is a dark/ghost-type Pokemon that feeds off negative energy.
– Its presence brings a sense of unease and fear to those around it.

16. Sparkwing

– Sparkwing is an electric/dragon-type Pokemon with lightning-fast wings.
– It can generate electricity and use it to power up its attacks.

17. Terrorma

– Terrorma is a ghost/dark-type Pokemon known for its haunting cry.
– It has the power to manipulate shadows and instill fear in its opponents.

18. Tulipole

– Tulipole is a grass-type Pokemon resembling a blooming tulip.
– It has the ability to release soothing scents that calm those around it.

19. Tundram

– Tundram is an ice/rock-type Pokemon that lives in icy caves and frozen tundras.
– It can resist extremely low temperatures and use its icy breath to freeze opponents.

20. Voltiger

– Voltiger is an electric/fighting-type Pokemon known for its lightning-fast strikes.
– It can generate electricity within its body, increasing its speed and power.

21. Wavion

– Wavion is a water/flying-type Pokemon that soars through the skies with grace.
– It has the ability to create rainstorms and manipulate water currents.

22. Xylospeed

– Xylospeed is a normal/ghost-type Pokemon known for its swift movements and ghostly appearance.
– It can phase through objects and surprise opponents with quick attacks.

23. Zephyreon

– Zephyreon is a flying-type Pokemon with a calm and gentle nature.
– It evolves from Joltox when exposed to a Wind Stone.

Now that we have explored the 23 new monsters in Pokemon Go, it’s time to discuss how to catch them effectively. Here are some strategies to increase your chances of encountering and capturing these new Pokemon:

1. Explore New Areas: The introduction of new monsters means they are more likely to spawn in different locations. Explore parks, forests, water bodies, and other diverse environments to increase your chances of encountering them.

2. Utilize Lure Modules: Lure Modules attract Pokemon to a specific PokeStop for 30 minutes. Use these modules to increase the number of Pokemon appearing in your vicinity, including the new monsters.

3. Join Community Events: Many Pokemon Go communities organize meetups and events where players can gather in one location and increase their chances of finding rare Pokemon. Attend these events to meet fellow trainers and catch new monsters together.

4. Use Incense: Incense is an item that attracts Pokemon to your location for 1 hour. This can be a useful tool to increase your chances of encountering new monsters, especially when exploring alone.

5. Evolve Existing Pokemon: Some of the new monsters evolve from existing Pokemon. Focus on catching and evolving the required Pokemon to obtain the new additions to your collection.

Concluding Thoughts on Pokemon Go 23 New Monsters Catch

The introduction of 23 new monsters in Pokemon Go has revitalized the game for millions of players worldwide. Each new addition brings unique abilities, appearances, and evolution paths, adding depth to the gameplay. By following the strategies mentioned above and exploring different locations, trainers can increase their chances of catching these new monsters and expanding their collections.

FAQs about Pokemon Go 23 New Monsters Catch

Q: What are the chances of encountering the new monsters?
A: The odds of encountering the new monsters are entirely random. However, exploring different locations and utilizing in-game items can significantly increase your chances.

Q: Do the new monsters have unique movesets?
A: Yes, each new monster has its own set of moves that can be learned through leveling up or using Technical Machines (TMs).

Q: Can I obtain the new monsters from eggs?
A: Yes, some of the new monsters can be hatched from eggs. Make sure to collect and incubate eggs to potentially get these new additions to your collection.

Q: Are there any regional exclusives among the new monsters?
A: Yes, like existing Pokemon, some of the new monsters may be region exclusive. This means they can only be encountered in specific regions around the world.

Q: Can I trade the new monsters with other players?
A: Yes, trading Pokemon with other players is a feature in Pokemon Go. You can trade the new monsters with friends to expand your collection.

In conclusion, the release of 23 new monsters in Pokemon Go has brought a renewed sense of excitement and adventure to the game. By exploring different locations, utilizing in-game items, and participating in community events, trainers can increase their chances of catching these new additions to their Pokemon roster. Get ready to embark on a thrilling journey and expand your collection with these fantastic creatures!



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