OnePlus 5T vs Honor View 10: A Detailed Comparison

The smartphone market has become increasingly competitive, with numerous brands vying for dominance. Two devices that have garnered significant attention are the OnePlus 5T and the Honor View 10. Both phones offer impressive features, performance, and design. In this article, we will compare these two devices in detail, highlighting their key differences and similarities.

Design and Display

OnePlus 5T

The OnePlus 5T sports a sleek and premium design, with an aluminum frame and glass back. It features a large 6.01-inch Optic AMOLED display with thin bezels, providing an immersive visual experience with vibrant colors and deep blacks. The display has a resolution of 1080×2160 pixels with an 18:9 aspect ratio, offering a sharp and detailed viewing experience.

Honor View 10

The Honor View 10 also boasts an elegant design, with an aluminum body and a smooth matte finish. Its 5.99-inch LTPS IPS LCD display offers a resolution of 1080×2160 pixels and an 18:9 aspect ratio. While not as vivid as the OnePlus 5T’s display, it still provides excellent clarity and color reproduction.

In terms of design, both phones offer a premium look and feel, but the OnePlus 5T’s display is slightly superior with its Optic AMOLED technology.

Performance and Software

OnePlus 5T

Under the hood, the OnePlus 5T boasts a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chipset coupled with either 6GB or 8GB of RAM, depending on the variant. This powerful combination ensures smooth multitasking and lag-free performance, even when running demanding applications or games. It runs on OxygenOS, a clean and optimized version of Android, which provides a near-stock Android experience with useful customization options.

Honor View 10

The Honor View 10 is equipped with Huawei’s Kirin 970 chipset and comes with 6GB of RAM. This combination delivers impressive performance, allowing for seamless multitasking and app-switching. It runs on EMUI, Honor’s custom Android skin, which offers a feature-rich user interface with various customization options.

Both phones provide excellent performance, and while the OnePlus 5T’s Snapdragon 835 chipset may have a slight edge, the difference would likely be negligible in day-to-day usage.

Camera Capabilities

OnePlus 5T

The OnePlus 5T features a dual-camera setup, with a 16-megapixel main sensor and a 20-megapixel secondary sensor. This arrangement allows for impressive low-light photography and depth-of-field effects. The camera app offers various shooting modes and settings to enhance the photography experience. The front-facing camera is a 16-megapixel sensor, capable of capturing clear and detailed selfies.

Honor View 10

The Honor View 10 also boasts a dual-camera setup, consisting of a 16-megapixel RGB sensor and a 20-megapixel monochrome sensor. The camera system offers various shooting modes and AI-powered features, including object recognition and scene detection. The front camera is a 13-megapixel sensor, offering good selfie capabilities.

Both phones provide excellent camera performance, but the OnePlus 5T’s ability to capture detailed low-light shots gives it a slight advantage.

Battery Life and Charging

OnePlus 5T

The OnePlus 5T comes with a 3,300mAh battery, which provides decent battery life for a full day of usage. It supports the company’s proprietary Dash Charge technology, which enables fast charging. With just a short charging period, the phone can be topped up for several hours of usage.

Honor View 10

The Honor View 10 is equipped with a larger 3,750mAh battery, which offers similar all-day battery life. It supports Huawei’s SuperCharge technology, which is also fast and efficient, allowing for quick top-ups when needed.

Both phones offer solid battery life and fast charging capabilities, ensuring minimal downtime.


When it comes to pricing, the OnePlus 5T is generally priced higher than the Honor View 10. However, it’s important to note that prices can vary depending on the region and any ongoing promotional offers.


In conclusion, both the OnePlus 5T and the Honor View 10 are exceptional smartphones with impressive features and performance. The OnePlus 5T shines with its superior display and low-light camera capabilities. On the other hand, the Honor View 10 offers competitive performance, a great camera system, and a more affordable price tag. Ultimately, the choice between the two will depend on individual preferences and budget.

FAQs about OnePlus 5T vs Honor View 10

1. Which phone has a better display?

The OnePlus 5T boasts a superior display with its Optic AMOLED technology, providing vibrant colors and deep blacks.

2. Which phone has better performance?

Both phones offer excellent performance, but the OnePlus 5T’s Snapdragon 835 chipset may have a slight advantage.

3. Can these phones capture good photos in low-light conditions?

Yes, both phones have dual-camera setups that excel in low-light photography, but the OnePlus 5T has a slight edge.

4. Which phone offers longer battery life?

Both phones offer similar all-day battery life, with the Honor View 10 having a slightly larger battery capacity.

5. Is the OnePlus 5T more expensive than the Honor View 10?

Generally, the OnePlus 5T is priced higher than the Honor View 10, but prices may vary depending on the region and ongoing promotions.



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