Make Your Own Auto Clicker in Roblox?

If you like Roblox games, you will spend a lot of time clicking.

Roblox includes dozens of clicking-style games in which you must regularly click to acquire cash that may then be exchanged for upgrades, items, rebirths, pets, and other stuff.

You can imagine how tiresome nonstop clicking would get. As a result, several games include an auto clicker as a premium upgrade.

We have a different solution. Keep reading to find out how to build your own Roblox auto clicker.

Make Your Own Auto Clicker In Roblox

To create our auto clicker, we will use AutoHotKey, a tiny programming software. AutoHotKey will enable us to create a script that will run in the background while we play Roblox.

Although this may seem scary to a newbie, the technique is really straightforward. Before we begin, we must first go through certain qualifications. .You must have a reasonable amount of technical knowledge.

This technique is not recommended for newbies or people with little or no experience.

Install AutoHotKey

First, let’s install AutoHotKey. Head over to the official AutoHotKey website and download and install the latest version. Once installed:

  1. Pick a Folder
  2. Right Click
  3. Select New
  4. Click AutoHotKey Script

Make Your Own Auto Clicker In Roblox

Name the script anything you like, and then open the new file in notepad or your preferred text editor. Following that, you will paste one of the scripts listed below.

To start, you need to open up notepad and type in a snippet of Roblox code.

Then when you’re done just double-click the file and the script will automatically run. You can re-activate it by going into your start menu and searching for it.

We’ll write two separate scripts. One auto clicker will be activated by a key toggle, while the other will auto click when holding a key down.

Auto Clicker Toggle Script

Auto Clicker Toggle Script

You may execute this script by copying and pasting it into your AutoHotKey script notepad. The F9:: line denotes the key used to activate the auto clicker.

You can alter these keys but F9 is a good default that doesn’t interfere with most things. The sleep 10 code specifies the amount of time between clicks, in milliseconds. If you think it’s correct, you can raise or reduce it.

When the script is running in the background, pressing F9 activates the auto-clicking function. Pressing it again will disable it.

Keep in mind that this script will begin clicking wherever your cursor is, so make sure your mouse is in the appropriate spot. If you need to move your mouse or click a menu, disable scripting.

Auto Clicker Hold Script

Auto Clicker Hold Script

Unlike the toggle script, your mouse can only click if you press the key while keeping it held down.

You can change the key by replacing any instances of Tab with a different key in the script. Sleep time is still a multiplier on how long each key-click will pause your game.

I like this script for playing the game over the toggle scripts because it allows me to keep playing and do other things.

You just need to hold down a click key – then let go to do other things. The toggle script is obviously required for some actions though.

These scripts may be used in a variety of Roblox games, including Anime Clicker Simulator, Clicker Simulator, and many more. The advantage of this strategy is that you are not installing any malicious software on your computer.

AutoHotKey is a tried-and-true open-source software solution. Please contact us if you have any queries regarding these scripts. Have fun clicking!



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