How to use Google Chrome as a Notepad?

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Google Chrome offers a ton of incredibly amazing features, but not all of them are immediately obvious.

One of these hidden capabilities is the ability to convert your Chrome browser into a notepad.

Because we spend the majority of our computer time in the browser, it makes sense to have a convenient method to take notes. Let’s see how to use Google Chrome as a notepad.

How to Use Google Chrome as a Notepad?

It is quite easy to convert your Google Chrome into a browser. Type the following in the address box where you would typically enter a URL:

data:text/HTML, <html contenteditable>

How to Use Google Chrome as a Notepad?

Hit Enter, and that’s it! Your chrome tab will turn blank, and you will be able to enter text directly into it.

How to Use Google Chrome as a Notepad?

You could be thinking to yourself, “I’m not going to write that every time I need a notepad.

Fortunately, you don’t have to. Simply bookmark your blank notepad page in Google Chrome and click it whenever you need a fresh blank notepad page.How to Use Google Chrome as a Notepad?

There are, of course, certain limits here. The Chrome Notepad feature provides a very basic notepad. You can’t style your content in any way, and you can’t save anything you type in.

This notebook is designed for rapid note-taking.

Try it out and see if it fits into your workflow! Check out Chrome’s other interesting feature, the ability to snap full-page screenshots.


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