How to Set Up Auto Changing Pin Lock on Android

With today’s fast-paced lifestyle, it’s hard to ensure that your personal information stays secure. A PIN code on your Android phone may protect your device, but it’s still vulnerable to theft and hacking attempts. To mitigate this risk, some Android devices come with the feature to set up an auto-changing pin lock.

Auto-changing pin lock on Android is a security feature that automatically changes your device’s PIN code periodically. By doing so, it lowers the risk of hackers and unauthorized parties getting access to your personal data. Here’s how to set up auto-changing pin lock on Android.

Step-by-Step Guide to Setting up Auto-Changing Pin Lock on Android

Step 1: Open Settings

On your Android phone, tap the Settings icon on your home screen or app drawer.

Step 2: Navigate to Security Settings

Scroll down until you see the Security option. Tap it to open the Security settings.

Step 3: Enable the Auto-Change PIN Feature

Once the Security settings menu is open, look for the option that says “Automatically change PIN”. Toggle the switch to enable the feature.

Step 4: Choose Auto-Change Schedule

After enabling the auto-changing pin lock feature, you will see the option to choose how often you want the PIN to change. You can choose weekly or monthly for the period.

Step 5: Set up Your Initial PIN Code

Before the auto-change PIN feature takes effect, you must set up an initial PIN code. This will be used as the device’s lock each time the PIN changes.

Step 6: Click “Done”

Once you have completed the above steps, click on “Done”, and the auto-changing pin lock feature will be activated.

Concluding Thoughts

Auto-changing pin lock on your Android device provides an additional layer of security and gives peace of mind. With auto-changing pin lock enabled, it makes it significantly harder for unauthorized access to your device. Regularly updating your PIN code has become an important part of keeping your personal information safe.


Q: Can I turn off the auto-change PIN feature?
A: Yes, you can turn off the auto-change PIN feature anytime by following the same steps described above.

Q: What should I do if I forget my current PIN?
A: If you forget your current PIN, you can reset it from your device’s lock screen by selecting “forgot PIN” or by using your Google account to reset your device’s PIN.

Q: Is it secure to use auto-changing pin lock on Android?
A: Yes, it is secure. The auto-change PIN feature adds an extra layer of security to your device. But, make sure to choose a strong initial PIN for your device.

In conclusion, protecting personal data is vital in today’s world, and auto-changing pin lock on Android is an effective way to add another layer of security to your device. Following the above steps, you can easily set up auto-changing pin lock on your Android device. Remember to keep your initial PIN secure and choose strong, unique PIN codes while setting up an auto-changing pin lock on your device.



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