How to send balloons, hearts, and other flair in iMessage

When you send text and emoji-based messages through iMessage, you can give them a little more life by adding special effects to them.

Sending a text message from your iPhone to someone else can sometimes seem like a chore.

A line of text doesn’t really make you feel anything unless it’s a meaningful message unless you count the use of emojis and a lot of capital letters and punctuation.

text messages aren’t always the best way to show that you’re excited about something or that you love someone very much.

You can do better than that. If you want to be more expressive, you can use FaceTime to talk to someone. But you might not be in a place where you can actually use it.

Apple has built-in a lot of different effects that you can use in your iMessage conversations with other people. You can use them whenever you want.

Make sure it’s iMessage before you send it to someone

Keep in mind that other people in a Messages conversation won’t see the effects unless they are also on iOS, so keep that in mind. If they’re on Android or have an old-style cell phone, they won’t be able to see the messages at all.

Make sure to look at the color of the bubbles that are talking. If they are green, they are texting or texting each other on SMS or MMS.

It’s an iMessage conversation if they are blue. You can use all kinds of effects to make it even more fun.

While Android users can’t see the animations, things are going to change with how people respond. Google is slowly updating Google Messages to let people respond to iMessage messages on Android.

This brings some of the iMessage experience to Android.

Though it’s not the same as these effects and animations, it is at least a step in the right direction for cross-platform progress.


The bubble effects

In this case, bubble effects can change the speech bubble you send next. There are a few effects you can use:

  • It’s called “Invisible Ink,” and it hides the message until the recipient swipes it to read it, then the text comes out.
  • Light makes the text of the message very small inside the bubble.
  • Loud will make the bubble bigger and shake it for a short time, but then it will return to its normal size.
  • Slam moves the message bubble quickly and shakes it a little.

How to send balloons, hearts, and other flair in iMessage

I want to know how to send bubble effects in iMessage on my iPhone 6.

  • In the text box, write a message or put in a picture.
  • Gray dots appear when you touch and hold the blue arrow.
  • Tap the grey dots next to the effect you want to use to preview it.
  • To send, press the blue arrow.


Effects that work on the whole screen

As the name implies, full-screen effects go one step further, in that they show a bigger animation on the screen of the person who gets them.

I want to know how to send bubble effects in iMessage on my iPhone 6

  • In the text box, write a message or put in a picture.
  • Gray dots appear when you touch and hold the blue arrow.
  • Tap the screen at the top of the screen.
  • Swipe to the left and right to see how the animations work.
  • To send, press the blue arrow.

How to send balloons, hearts, and other flair in iMessage

There are more full-screen effects to choose from than bubbles:

  • Echo depicts the message you’re going to deliver as a spinning maelstrom.
  • Before vanishing, Spotlight casts a circle of light above your message.
  • Balloon is a video that depicts animated balloons drifting away.
  • Confetti causes a paper rain to fall from the screen’s top.
  • From the message, love sprouts a heart balloon that floats away.
  • Lasers produce a flash of light that is emitted from the message.
  • The statement is set against a backdrop of fireworks.
  • Celebration is similar to fireworks, with the exception that it comes from one corner of the show and is golden in color.

Some of these full-screen animations are also triggered if certain phrases or text strings are used.

  • “Happy New Year” triggers Fireworks.
  • “Congratulations” triggers Confetti.
  • “Happy Birthday” triggers Balloons.



You may utilize the handwriting option inside iMessage to add a personal touch to the text itself. This causes an animation of you writing the message on the screen to be sent.


In iMessage for iPhone, how can you send a handwritten message?

  • Place the iPhone in landscape mode.
  • On the keyboard, press the handwriting loop. It’s commonly seen in the lower right corner of the screen.
  • Begin composing a message using your finger. Scroll to the right to expand the writing area
  • if necessary.
  • Don’t forget to tap Done.
  • To send a message, tap the blue Send arrow.

How to send balloons, hearts, and other flair in iMessage

You may simply touch one of the preset sentences at the bottom of the input screen if your handwriting is terrible. Your messages will be preserved here as well for future use.

By pressing and holding it, then tapping X when it jiggles, you can erase stored messages from the collection.



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