How to Listen to Google Podcasts Offline?


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Podcasts have grown in popularity over the previous few years. With new podcasts appearing all the time and the number of episodes increasing, consumers needed the means to keep track of them all. Google is one of several developers that have thrown their hat into the ring.

The Google Podcast app has thousands of downloads and is quickly becoming the default podcast listening app for many users. One of the most important aspects of a podcast app should be the ability to listen to podcasts when not connected to the internet.

Let’s take a look at how to listen to Google Podcasts when offline.


How to Listen to Google Podcasts Offline?

Follow these simple steps to download podcasts for offline listening.

  1. Find your favorite podcast

  2. Locate and tap the blue down arrow next to the episode.

If you already have the episode opens, you must return to the main podcast menu or the episode summary page to download the podcast.

While a podcast is playing, you cannot use the download option from the listening interface.How to Listen to Google Podcasts Offline?

3. Wait for the download arrow to turn green3. Wait for the download arrow to turn green

4. Enjoy your offline listening!

It’s as simple as that! The major source of user confusion was the inability to download the episode from the play screen. You must return to the episode list and download it there.

After 30 days, Google Podcasts will automatically remove any podcast you have downloaded.

So you don’t have to worry about your phone’s storage running out and you forgetting to delete the podcasts later.


Why download Podcasts for offline listening?

There are several reasons why someone would want to download a podcast for offline listening. You may be listening while trekking and experiencing low data reception.

If you put your smartphone in Airplane Mode, downloaded podcasts will also function. So, if you have a long travel ahead of you, make sure you download some of your favorite podcasts before you board.


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