How to Launch a Program on Startup in Windows 10?

Personal computers have dramatically boosted our productivity throughout the years. However, we can always improve, particularly at the user level. To help us be more productive with our computers, we may cut out monotonous chores.

Repetitive activity can be many various things, but it’s usually a straightforward procedure that you undertake on a daily or even hourly basis. When you restart your computer, one such operation is the launch of programs.

If you have software that you routinely use and run as soon as your computer boots up, you should consider setting it to launch automatically to save yourself some time.

Let’s have a look at how to run an application on startup in Windows 10.

How to Launch a Program on Startup in Windows 10?

In our example, “Google Chrome” will be launched immediately as soon as Windows 10 powers up. Launching Chrome on startup is a great illustration of how automation may help us improve our productivity.

We seldom turn on our computers without first opening our internet browser (if ever). It would be good if when we turned on our computer, the browser was already open.

The process is simple.

  1. Hit the Windows Key + R

    This will bring up the “Run” prompt.prompt

  2. Type shell: startup and hit enter

This command will open a folder where you may save apps to be launched automatically on startup. Any shortcuts placed in this folder will be executed as soon as the machine powers up.Type shell:startup and hit enter

3. Right-click on the program you want to start up and hit Create Shortcut 

Right-click on the program you want to start up and hit Create Shortcut 

4. Copy the newly created shortcut to the Startup Folder

Copy the newly created shortcut to the Startup Folder

That’s the end of it. The apps in your folder will start automatically the next time you reboot.

It will be Google Chrome in our situation. You are allowed to put whatever software you want in this folder.



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