How to Insert at the End of a Line in Vim?


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When first starting out, Vim may be a very daunting editor. The learning curve may be steep, but it is one of t

he finest ways to increase your productivity as a programmer once you get the hang of it. If you want to use Vim, you’ll have to become used to entering insert mode at the right time.

It’s possible to enter Insert mode in a number of different methods. To insert at the end of a line in Vim, follow these steps.

How to Insert at the End of a Line in Vim?

To insert at the end of a line in Vim, use the A (uppercase) key.

If you want to introduce a new line and start typing at the end of the line, press the capital letter A. Using this feature when in NORMAL mode allows you to correctly navigate your file.

Obviously, there are more ways to activate Vim’s insert mode. Several alternative options for adding text are shown below.


Other Ways to Insert in Vim

There are a number of ways to activate Vim’s insert mode and begin typing text into a file. Just a few examples:
  • i – insert before cursor
  • a (lowercase) – insert after the cursor
  • A (uppercase) – insert the end of the line
  • o (lowercase) – insert on a new line
  • O (uppercase) – insert a new line above

The foregoing commands will allow you to enter insert mode in the four primary directions, left and right of the cursor and above and below the line, even though most users will just use the I key.

It will help you be more productive and cover most of the bases you need.


How to Jump to the End of a Line in VIM?

In Vim, you may use the $ (dollar symbol) key to get to the line end without entering insert mode.

  • $ (dollar sign) – Move Cursor to End of Line

If you don’t want to go into insert mode after pressing A (uppercase) in Vim, the $ key is a good option.


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