How to get 4 TB of iCloud storage using Apple One

If you are an iCloud superuser or have a data-hungry family group, the 2 TB storage plan may be inadequate.

However, there is a method to double that limit using Apple One. This is how.

You must combine the 2 TB iCloud+ storage plan with the highest-tier Premier Apple One membership service – for a total of $39.94.

Both plans may coexist on the same Apple ID account.

To get started, you must first join up for the Apple One Premier Plan.

Subscriptions to all other Apple services, such as Apple TV, Apple News, and Apple Arcade, are also included in the Premier tier.

How to get 2 more TB of iCloud storage through Apple One

  1. On your device, visit A pop-up should automatically appear.
  2. Select Premier.
  3. Tap Select Plan, and enter your Apple ID credentials to activate the service.

How to get 2 more TB of iCloud storage through Apple One

You now have 2 TB of iCloud storage. To double it, you’ll have to sign up for the 2 TB iCloud storage plan.

How to sign up for 2 TB of iCloud storage

  1. Go to your iCloud settings in System Preferences on Mac, or Settings on iPhone and iPad.
  2. Select iCloud.
  3. Under Storage, tap Manage Storage.
  4. Tap Change Storage Plan.
  5. Select the 2 TB option for $9.99, then enter your Apple ID credentials to confirm.

How to sign up for 2 TB of iCloud storage

Your Apple ID account now has 4 TB of iCloud storage.

The storage will be pooled and serve as a single cloud drive, and all of your data, images, movies, documents, and backups will now be stored on that single volume.



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