How to Fix Greyed Out Songs on iTunes

If you use iTunes to manage your music library, you may have come across the issue of greyed out songs in your library. This can be frustrating if you are unable to play certain songs or have difficulty syncing them to your devices. In this article, we will discuss the reasons behind songs being greyed out on iTunes and provide solutions on how to fix it.

Reasons for Songs Being Greyed Out

There are several reasons why songs may appear greyed out in iTunes, such as:

1. iTunes Match or Apple Music Subscription has Expired

If you have previously subscribed to Apple Music or activated iTunes Match, your songs may appear greyed out if your subscription ends or is not renewed. This happens because these services have a unique licensing agreement that allows for streaming but not downloading. When the subscription ends, you will lose access to these tracks.

2. Songs Were Not Downloaded Properly

If you have recently added songs to your iTunes library but they appear greyed out, they may not have been downloaded completely. This could be due to a poor internet connection or server error.

3. Authorization Issues

iTunes has a feature where you can authorize up to 5 computers to use your purchased media. If you have authorized more than 5 computers or changed computers, some of your songs may appear greyed out.

4. iCloud Status

If you have enabled iCloud Music Library and some of your songs’ iCloud status is not matched or uploaded yet, they will appear greyed out until the upload or matching process is complete.

How to Fix Greyed Out Songs on iTunes

Now that we know the reasons for songs being greyed out, let’s take a look at some solutions to fix the issue:

1. Renew Apple Music Subscription or iTunes Match

If your songs are greyed out due to the expiration of your Apple Music subscription or iTunes match, you need to renew your subscription to download the songs. You can renew your subscriptions by going to iTunes or the Music app and clicking on the Subscription tab.

2. Check Internet Connection and Re-Download Songs

If your songs were not downloaded correctly, you should check your internet connection and try re-downloading the tracks. To do this, go to your iTunes library, select the greyed-out songs and click on the download icon next to them.

3. Reset Authorization

If you have authorized more than 5 computers or changed computers and some of your songs are greyed out, you should reset the authorizations. To do this, click on Store in the top menu of iTunes, select Deauthorize This Computer, and then authorize the computer again.

4. Restart iCloud Music Library Sync

If your songs’ iCloud status is not matched or uploaded yet, you can restart the iCloud Music Library sync by going to iTunes Preferences > Advanced and unchecking the iCloud Music Library option. Then, restart iTunes and check the box to re-enable the feature.

Concluding Thoughts on Fixing Greyed Out Songs on iTunes

iTunes is a great tool for managing your music library, but it can also be frustrating if you encounter issues such as greyed-out songs. By understanding the reasons for the issue and following the solutions we’ve provided, you can easily fix greyed-out songs on iTunes.

FAQs about Fixing Greyed Out Songs on iTunes

1. Can I only store my music on iTunes?

No, you can also use iCloud to store your music library and access it across all your devices.

2. How do I fix songs that are not syncing to my devices?

You can fix this by ensuring that your iTunes is up to date, checking your device settings to confirm that you are syncing the correct playlists, and restarting both your device and iTunes.

3. Can I transfer music from iTunes to another music player?

Yes, you can export your iTunes library to an external hard drive and then import it to another music player such as Spotify or Windows Media Player.

In conclusion, these are some of the reasons behind greyed-out songs in iTunes and how to fix them. By following the solutions we’ve provided, you can easily restore your songs’ availability and get back to enjoying your music library.



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