How to display a custom message on your Mac’s lock screen


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If you frequently lock your Mac or allow guests to sign in to a special account, here’s how to leave a message on the macOS lock screen for others to read.

In certain situations, Mac owners may need to notify or warn other Mac users regularly. For example, a reminder to not use a peripheral or printer connected to the Mac or a heads up that something is being repaired or replaced on the Mac.

This information can be sent as an email, and instant messaging, or face-to-face communication. However, it is easy to forget if it is not regularly given to the intended recipients.

If you have a guest account set up on your Mac, you will probably want to tell potential users that they can use the account and inform them of limitations to access. This message could be very helpful in encouraging guests to use the hotel’s connectivity.

A sticky note attached to a monitor is not a good solution, especially if the sticky note becomes stuck and disappears out of sight.

Apple has a solution in the form of a Lock Screen message.

Lock Screen Message

As the name suggests, a Lock Screen Message is a message displayed on macOS’s login or lock screen. The message can be viewed by anyone who can see it, whether the user logs in or locks the screen.Lock Screen Message

It is useful for many applications, including guest user account information. You can also place contact information for Mac’s owner to help it recover if it is lost.

There are no limits to the information that you can include in your message. However, you must limit yourself to text and keep it within a certain number of characters. There are 204 characters available before the message is cut. This is sufficient to convey essential information but not excessively.

Keep in mind that this string contains several characters. You cannot use separate lines or paragraphs to put text. The feature has very little space.

It could still be sufficient to provide basic login credentials for an unlocked user account, briefly describe guest account restrictions and the previously suggested contact details. This could be avoided by using the text to refer to a website address. Users could then use this URL to get more information about the long message.

AppleInsider strongly advises against including account credentials as part of the lock screen message for obvious security reasons.

How to set a Lock Screen Message on macOS

  • Click here to apply the logo select the option from the menu bar. System Preferences.
  • ChooseSecurity and privacy.
  • Click the button if the padlock is not locked icon of a padlock and authenticate.
  • Check the box next to display a message if the screen is locked.
  • ClickSet Lock Message.
  • Enter your desiredMessageClick here.

How to set a Lock Screen Message on macOSAfter you’ve set your message, it’s a good idea to lock your account or restart the Mac to ensure it is properly displayed. It will appear at the bottom of your screen, just below the log-in area.

Follow the same steps to disable the Lock Screen Message. However, untick the checkbox.


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