How to Disable S Mode in Windows 10?

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Have you lately acquired a new laptop and discovered that you are unable to install certain programs on it for some reason?

One possible cause is that Windows 10 was installed in S Mode on your PC. In this post, we’ll go over what S Mode is and how to turn it off in Windows 10 if you want to.

What is Windows 10 S mode?

Windows 10 S Mode is essentially a sandboxed version of Windows 10 Home. This mode, according to Windows, is more secure and performs better. This mode is often seen on lower-end computers to help them run better, particularly if they have small hard drives.

If you use S Mode, you won’t be able to install any software that isn’t available in the Microsoft Store. This is designed to keep your computer safe, reliable, and fast since you won’t be able to install third-party applications or spyware that may slow it down.

Despite all of this, some individuals find S Mode to be overly restrictive, and fortunately, S Mode is fully optional. If you desire to deactivate S Mode, please follow the steps below.

How to Disable S Mode in Windows 10?

It is crucial to know that once S Mode is off, it cannot be reactivated on your system.

  1. Open Settings

On your computer go to Settings then Update & Security and lastly to Activation.

How to Disable S Mode in Windows 10?

2. Click Go To The Store

The option to “Switch to Windows 10 Home” will appear on the following screen. Click “Go to the Store” at the bottom of that section.

Click Go To The Store

3. Click Get & Install

On the next page, you’ll get a lot of information about the many benefits of S Mode and what you’ll receive if you deactivate it.

Remember that once you deactivate S Mode, you can not return to it. Then, click Get and then Install.

Click Get & Install

And that’s the end of it. Your PC should immediately be upgraded to Windows 10 Home, restoring basic functionality. If it didn’t swap over, restart your computer and you should be OK.


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