How to Crop in OBS Studio?

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Filters, features, and options abound in OBS Studio. Cropping sceneries is a function that many users search for in OBS.

Fortunately, cropping a scene with OBS is a breeze. We’ll crop a piece of our desktop away in the example below.

Open up your OBS and make sure you have a scene and source set.

  1. Select Your Scene

Click into your scene until you see the red border around it.

Click into your scene until you see the red border around it.


2. ALT Click the Border

To move the border, move your mouse to one of the border anchors while holding down the ALT key. The border will turn green, as you can see. This is how you can tell whether you’re in crop mode.

ALT Click the Border


3. Crop and Reposition

Use the previous procedure to crop all of the borders you want to keep. If the border was clipped, it will remain green.

Then, by extending or shifting your scene to the correct place, you may make adjustments.Crop and Reposition

Cropping scenes in OBS Studio is as simple as that. If desired, you may repeat this technique for additional sceneries and overlay them.


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