How to Create an Event in Discord?


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The option to add events was included in the most recent Discord release. Many community leaders have asked for this functionality, and the developers have not disappointed. The new events functionality will go a long way toward keeping groups concentrated on Discord without the need for additional programs for basic chores.

Let’s go through how to establish an event on Discord.

How to Create an Event in Discord on Desktop?

Discord’s event creation method is quite straightforward. The steps are as follows.

1. Open Server Menu

Navigate to your server or a server to which you have access and choose the server dropdown menu.Open Server Menu


2. Select Create Event

Select Create Event


3. Choose your Event Location

Typically, the location of your event will be a speech channel on the server. However, it might also be a text chat channel, an external connection, or even a physical site.

Choose your Event Location


4. Add a Topic, Start Date/Time, and Description

Add a Topic, Start Date/Time, and Description


5. Review and click Create EventReview and click Create Event

And your event is now readily put up. You are given an event invitation link at the conclusion of the procedure.

Distribute this link to anybody you want to invite straight to the event. If the person isn’t already a member of your Discord server, this link will also function as a server invite link.

Review and click Create Event

You may see your event at the server’s top. By clicking it, you can check the event information and start, change, or cancel the event.

If you misplaced the event invitation link, you may receive it again.


How to Create an Event in Discord on Mobile?

The mobile event creation procedure is almost similar to the desktop approach. Begin by tapping the server choices at the top of the screen.

How to Create an Event in Discord on Mobile?

The remainder of the procedure is the same. To get your new event up and going, use the event creation wizard.

We hope you found this guide useful and that your event went well. More Discord instructions are available to help you learn more about the application.


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