How to Copy Values in Excel Without the Formula?


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Spreadsheet software, such as Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets, is ideal for data manipulation.

These programs appear to have an infinite number of possibilities for manipulating, arranging, and sifting through data. After manipulating your data using formulae and equations, you may wish to copy and paste it elsewhere. The issue is that a simple copy and paste will only transfer the formulae, not the data.

In this tutorial, we’ll teach you how to replicate data in Excel rather than using formula.

The method is equally comparable in Google Sheets, so you will learn how to do this activity regardless of the spreadsheet program you use. Let’s get started with the tutorial below.

How to Copy Values in Excel Instead of the Formula?

How to Copy Values in Excel Instead of the Formula?To copy and paste values in Excel, follow these steps:

  1. Highlight the data that you would like to copy.
  2. Press Ctrl+C on the keyboard to copy the data.
  3. Select where you would like to paste the data.
  4. Go to Paste, Paste Values, Values.

The first step is to launch Microsoft Excel and open your spreadsheet. Find and highlight the values you want to copy and paste. The values in this guide might be formulae or cells with computations.

To copy the data, use Ctrl+C on your keyboard. You may also copy the data manually by heading to the Home tab and choosing the Copy option. Alternatively, right-click the selected area and choose Copy.

How to Copy Values in Excel Instead of the Formula?

How to Copy Values in Excel Instead of the Formula?Now that your data has been transferred to the clipboard, you may choose where you want to paste it. In our case, we’ll paste it right next to the current data in column C.

Then, from the Home tab, click the down arrow next to the Paste button. In the Paste Values area of the dropdown menu, locate and pick the Values option.

Microsoft Excel – Paste Values Option

By selecting this option, the data will be pasted into your spreadsheet, beginning with the cell you have chosen.

You can also use Ctrl+V to paste the information into another application, such as Notepad, Chat, or any other software. By default, the formulae will only paste in spreadsheet tools such as Excel and Google Sheets.


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