How to Connect a Samsung Tablet to a Windows 11 PC?


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Streaming content from a Samsung tablet to a Windows 11 PC can be accomplished via a number of different methods.

We’ll see how to do this using Samsung Flow in this tutorial. Using Smart View, you may share your tablet’s screen with your PC, allowing you to record video and audio on your PC directly from your tablet.

You should keep in mind that there are numerous methods to accomplish this, and the best one for you will depend on what your ultimate goal is.

Setting up your Samsung tablet so that it may be used as a display and peripherals on an operating system other than Windows will be explained in this guide.

This is a possible option if you wish to record gameplay from your tablet onto your PC.

How to Connect a Samsung Tablet to a Windows 11 PC Using Samsung Flow

Samsung Flow can be used to connect a Samsung tablet to a computer running Windows 11:

  1. Connect your Tablet to your Windows 11 PC via USB.
  2. Download Samsung Flow on your Windows computer from the Microsoft Store.
  3. Download Samsung Flow on your Samsung device from the Google Play store.
  4. Open Samsung Flow on your Tablet and Windows computer.
  5. Choose your Tablet from the list of devices on your Windows computer.
  6. Confirm the passcode with both the Tablet and Windows computer.

The first step is to download and install Samsung Flow on both your PC and your Samsung phone or tablet. Apps for the Microsoft Store and Google Play are available.

After downloading and installing the app, open it on both devices. Following a computer setup guide, you can select your tablet from a list of options.

Make sure your tablet’s USB Type C port is linked to a USB port on your computer to ensure the best possible connectivity. A message that says “Device linked” should show up when both devices’ passcodes have been checked.How to Connect a Samsung Tablet to a Windows 11 PC Using Samsung Flow

Using Smart View

We’ll use Smart View now that Samsung Flow is installed on your tablet and Windows computer.

On your Windows PC, click the Smart View button in the Samsung Flow app’s upper right corner. All video and audio will now be streamed directly to your PC from your tablet.

Samsung Flow now allows you to control your tablet remotely from your computer. Even taking screenshots can be done with your mouse and keyboard.

If you enjoy gaming but prefer to use your desktop setup, Samsung Flow is a great alternative for you.

With OBS, you can record and stream all of your games directly to your PC, as well as share your streams with the world. If you’d rather have a larger tablet display, this is a terrific option for you.


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