How to Change Profile Picture in Zoom?

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Zoom, a video conferencing tool, has lately gained popularity. Zoom has swiftly connected individuals all around the globe, from corporate headquarters to teams and families.

As more individuals interact electronically, some have been asking how to modify some of the zoom settings.

Changing your Zoom application’s profile image is an easy way to personalize it.

Continue reading to learn how to change or configure your Zoom profile picture and other options.

How to Change your Profile Picture in Zoom?

To start changing your profile picture in Zoom, you first need to log in.

1. Login To Zoom

Log in and create a Zoom account. You may use the Zoom app or website to log in. Then, choose Settings.How to Change your Profile Picture in Zoom?

2. Open Your Profile

Click on “Profile,” then on the center of the profile photo. A box for uploading files will appear.How to Change Profile Picture in Zoom?

3. Upload your picture

Select and upload the image you wish to use. Then, using the editor, you may change the location and zoom.

How to Change Profile Picture in Zoom?

That’s it! Your new Zoom profile image should now be fully configured. You may update your profile photo at any moment by repeating the procedure.

It’s also worth noting that your profile photo can’t be more than 2MB in size and must be a PNG, JPG, or GIF.

You may also change additional data on the same profile page by going to the options tab.


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