How Apple is Positively Impacting the Developing World


With its innovative technology and sleek design, Apple products have become a sign of status and success all over the world. However, Apple’s impact goes beyond just successful marketing campaigns. Apple’s commitment to corporate social responsibility has been positively impacting the developing world in ways that go unnoticed by many. In this article, we will dive into how Apple is making a difference in the world by looking at the company’s environmental initiatives, charitable contributions, and job creation efforts.

Detailed Discussion

Environmental Initiatives

As a tech giant, Apple has taken it upon itself to minimize its impact on the environment. The company established its own renewable energy projects, making its data centers and manufacturing plants run on 100% renewable energy. In 2019, Apple reduced its carbon footprint to the lowest it has ever been, and the company is committed to becoming carbon neutral by 2030.

Moreover, Apple also prioritizes recycling and reducing waste. The company has developed Liam, a robot that disassembles iPhones into their component parts for recycling and reuse. Apple’s efforts to be eco-friendly and reduce its carbon footprint have a direct impact on the developing world, by protecting the environment from further degradation, and by building a long-term sustainable future.

Charitable Contributions

Apple is committed to giving back to the community, including those living in less developed parts of the world. The company’s GiveBack program allows customers to donate to a variety of charities through their purchase of Apple products. Apple also donates directly to various non-profit organizations, providing disaster relief, supporting education, and promoting innovation. In 2018, Apple donated $125 million to its Global Citizen fund, aimed at supporting education for girls and underserved communities globally.

Moreover, Apple has implemented programs to raise awareness and promote social justice around the world. The Apple Developer Academy in Brazil provides access to education and entrepreneurship pathways for communities that have traditionally been left out. Apple also launched a coding curriculum that provides opportunities for students from underrepresented communities to learn how to code and encourages teachers globally to teach coding to their students.

Job Creation Efforts

In addition to being environmentally friendly and charitable, Apple’s efforts also positively impact the developing world through job creation. Apple has created a significant number of job opportunities through its manufacturing and assembly facilities in various countries. In China, where the bulk of Apple’s manufacturing takes place, the company partners with a network of suppliers, creating over 4.8 million jobs. Additionally, Apple has an ambitious program that helps create jobs in the United States, investing over $430 billion dollars in American businesses and suppliers.

Concluding Thoughts

Apple’s impact on the developing world goes beyond its flashy products and successful marketing campaigns. The company’s commitment to environmental sustainability, charitable contributions, and job creation reflects a dedication to making a positive impact on the world. Through its global initiatives, social responsibility, and charitable giving, Apple proves how business can have a significant positive impact on the world and make a difference.


Does Apple invest in renewable energy?

Yes, Apple is committed to using 100% renewable energy for its data centers, offices, retail stores, and manufacturing facilities. The company currently has 1.5 gigawatts of renewable energy capacity, including solar and wind power, across 34 countries.

Does Apple give back to the community?

Yes, Apple is committed to giving back to the community through its GiveBack program, which allows customers to donate to various non-profit organizations through their purchase of Apple products. Apple also donates directly to a variety of charities and non-profit organizations worldwide.

Does Apple create job opportunities outside of the United States?

Yes, Apple has manufacturing facilities in various countries, including China, where the company partners with a network of suppliers to create over 4.8 million jobs. Apple is also committed to creating job opportunities in the United States, investing over $430 billion in American businesses and suppliers.



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