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In today’s digital world, URL shortening services have become widely popular for various reasons. They allow users to condense long URLs into shorter and more manageable links, making them easier to share and remember. However, Google, one of the leading tech giants, has recently made a significant announcement that they will be killing their URL shortening service. In this article, we will dive into the details of why Google is discontinuing URL shortening, the impact it may have on users, and what alternatives are available.

Detailed Discussion on Google Kills URL Shortening

Google’s URL shortening service, known as “,” was launched in 2009 to provide users with a quick and easy way to generate short URLs. It gained significant popularity as it offered detailed analytics and tracking features, making it a preferred choice for many users and businesses.

However, in March 2018, Google made an announcement stating that they would be phasing out their URL shortening service. They explained that the main reason behind this decision was to shift their focus towards other projects and services that aligned more closely with their long-term strategic goals.

This move by Google has left many users searching for alternative options. While the exact date for the termination of the service was initially set for March 2019, it was extended until March 30, 2019, to give existing users more time to transition.


Why is Google Killing URL Shortening?

Google’s decision to shut down their URL shortening service can be attributed to a combination of factors. Some of the key reasons include:

1. Change in Strategic Focus: As mentioned earlier, Google is shifting its focus to other projects and services that align better with their long-term goals. URL shortening, while useful, may not have been a top priority for the company.

2. Increased Competition: Over the years, several URL shortening services have emerged, offering similar features and capabilities. Google may have found it challenging to compete with these alternatives, which led to the decision to discontinue their own service.

Impact on Users

The discontinuation of Google’s URL shortening service may have several implications for users:

1. Loss of Analytics and Tracking Features: One of the key advantages of using was its built-in analytics capabilities. Users could gain insights into the number of clicks, geographic location, and even referrers. With the service shutting down, users will lose access to these detailed analytics.

2. Legacy Links: Many users and businesses have shared links across various platforms, including social media, emails, and websites. With the shut down, these links will still work but won’t provide any additional analytics or functionality.

Alternatives to Google’s URL Shortening Service

While Google’s exit from the URL shortening space may seem disheartening, users can still explore several alternative services. Some popular options include:

1. Bitly: Bitly is one of the most widely used URL shortening services. It offers robust analytics, branded short domains, and integration with various platforms.

2. TinyURL: TinyURL is a simple and straightforward URL shortening service. It allows users to generate short links without any additional features or analytics.

3. Hootsuite’s URL shortening service,, offers both free and paid plans. It provides analytics and social media integration, making it a suitable choice for businesses.

Concluding Thoughts on Google Kills URL Shortening

In conclusion, Google’s decision to discontinue their URL shortening service has left many users searching for suitable alternatives. While the move may initially have an impact on users who heavily relied on, there are plenty of alternative options available in the market. Users can transition to other URL shortening services that offer similar features and capabilities.

It is essential for users to consider their specific requirements, such as analytics, branded links, and integration options, while selecting an alternative service. Although a change may be inconvenient, it also presents an opportunity for users to explore new solutions and potentially discover features they were missing with

FAQs about Google Kills URL Shortening

1. Can I still use my existing links after the service shuts down?

Yes, existing links will still work after the service shuts down. However, they will no longer provide detailed analytics or tracking features.

2. What alternative URL shortening services can I use instead?

Some popular alternative URL shortening services include Bitly, TinyURL, and Each service offers different features and capabilities, so it’s important to choose the one that best suits your needs.

3. Will Google introduce a new URL shortening service in the future?

While Google has not made any specific announcements regarding a new URL shortening service, it’s always possible that they may introduce one in the future. However, for now, users should consider alternative options.



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