Get Permalink of Page Outside of The Loop in WordPress

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WordPress users occasionally encounter situations where they need to obtain the URL or permalink of the main page since there are several loops on the page.

Let’s look at how to obtain the permalink for a page that is not inside of a loop in WordPress.

The Problem

You are undoubtedly already familiar with WordPress get_permalink() function. This method is used to retrieve the URL of the active item within the loop.

Get permalink(), however, won’t get the URL we want if we need to obtain the link to the page that the loop is located on.

The Solution

To get the URL of the page itself, we need another function. The new function we need is get_queried_object_id(), and we will use it together with get_permalink().


Let’s examine what is going on in this situation. The ID of the page we are presently on will be obtained by calling get_queried_object_id() first. In order to acquire the URL we want, we send this ID value to the get_permalink()  method.

Naturally, if we didn’t require the URL, we could get_queried_object_id() to obtain the object ID only, which we could then utilize as necessary.

I’m done now. You are now aware of how to obtain the WordPress permalink for a page that is not inside of a loop. Coding is fun!


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