Discord Text Color Guide – how to color text in discord?

The popularity of Discord seems to be unstoppable. Users are flocking to the site in droves, and new communities are sprouting up all over the place.

As more users spend more time in Discord, people have tried to tailor their messages and overall experiences a little bit more. Server administrators have also indicated a desire for certain of their communications to stand out and “pop” in the channels a bit more.

Fortunately, users may modify the colors of their Discord text by utilizing the built-in syntax highlighting mechanism. Here’s how to alter the color of your text in Discord.

How to Change Text Color in Discord?

There is some good news and some bad news when it comes to altering the color of the text in Discord. The good thing is that you can modify the colors of the text.

The bad news is that you must utilize the syntax highlighting system to achieve it, so it’s not as simple as you think.

This post assumes you wish to modify the text color of your ordinary messages rather than attempt syntax highlighting for code. Both techniques are the same, but the instructions shown here are aimed at achieving normal text.

So let’s get started. To alter the color of your text in Discord, begin your message with three tildes. On most keyboards, the tilde key is located to the left of the one key and above the tab button.How to Change Text Color in Discord?

After three tildes, you must type a syntax highlighting command. These instructions are often written in a programming language.

We’ll use the yaml command in this example. After inserting your syntax highlighting command, use Shift+Enter to go to the next line, and then begin typing your message.

When you’re through with your message, press the three tildes again to end it. Some syntactic instructions will need a modifier to modify the wording.

How to Change Text Color in Discord

The command required to make your text blue as seen above. A modifier is not required for the yaml command, but it is required for the CSS command.

How to Change Text Color in Discord

As you can see, the CSS command asks you to surround your content in square brackets []. There are a few commands that work like this.

Essentially, we end up coloring our ordinary text using Discord’s syntax highlighting function. A chart showing a few instructions, their modifiers, and their output color is shown below.

Discord Text Color Chart

These are not all of the commands that are accessible, nor are they all of the permutations of the commands that are shown.

However, we feel that these are the best ones for displaying messages in the format that is closest to the actual text. You may also look at some of our other Discord tutorials, such as how to add bold text.



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