Best IRC Client Apps for Linux


Internet Relay Chat (IRC) is a popular means to interact on the internet and get involved in discussions on different topics. While technically outdated, IRC is alive and well, particularly in the Linux community. Linux users love IRC because of its lightweight nature and open-source aspect. If you’re on Linux and need a platform to host IRC channels or communicate with other IRC members, then you need to check out the best IRC client apps available today. In this post, we will discuss the best IRC client apps Linux has to offer.

Detailed Discussion on the Best IRC Client Apps for Linux


HexChat is a feature-rich IRC client that is designed to work flawlessly across various platforms, including Linux. Its user interface has a sleek, modern, and intuitive design. It has different customization options, such as themes, fonts, scripts, and plugins. The software comes with inbuilt security features such as SASL authentication and SSL connection. Users can also run HexChat on several networks effectively.


XChat is one of the oldest IRC clients and one of the most popular among the Linux community. It is simple and easy to use, offering users the option to customize the interface to suit their preferences. Additionally, XChat has automatic logging, multiple server support, and private messaging. The client features an impressive add-on repository that allows users to extend the functionality of the app by adding more features.


Irssi is a highly customizable IRC client that runs perfectly on Linux. The client is powerful, lightweight, and flexible, offering users great performance. Its features include multi-server connections, scripts, themes, and keyboard shortcuts to navigate the app faster. Irssi’s interface is basic, making it less intimidating for beginners. Advanced users, however, can customize the app’s interface by tweaking the colors, font sizes, and layouts.


As one of the most user-friendly IRC clients, Quassel is popular among Linux users. It is a cross-platform client that supports multiple back-ends such as PostgreSQL and MySQL. Quassel comes with several exciting features, including multi-server support, notifications, and a simple user interface. Users can quickly glance through their old messages history through its automatic logging feature. Additionally, Quassel offers robust security features such as SSL encryption.

Concluding Thoughts on Best IRC Client Apps for Linux

This article has discussed some of the best IRC client apps Linux has to offer. Linux users can choose from a variety of excellent options to meet their communication needs. Ultimately, the client app you settle on depends on your preference and what you’re looking to achieve with the app. However, the ones reviewed above provide a great starting point.

FAQs About Best IRC Client Apps for Linux

What is IRC?

IRC – Internet Relay Chat – is a protocol enabling real-time text messaging over the Internet. IRC uses various clients to connect users to the servers, where they can join different chat rooms to discuss various topics.

Can I Build My IRC Client on Linux?

Yes, you can. There are several powerful and reliable libraries for creating IRC clients. The libraries allow developers to modify them to suit their specific needs. Some examples of IRC libraries include PircBot and SmartIRC.

Which is the Best IRC Client for Beginners?

Irssi is the best IRC client for beginners. Irssi’s interface is basic, making it less intimidating for beginners, but still has powerful features that can come in handy once the user has learned the ropes.

Can I use IRC on My Mobile Device?

Yes, you can. There are numerous IRC client apps available on both Android and iOS platforms, such as AndroIRC and TurboIRC.



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