Annoyed by the Missing Battery Percentage on your iPhone X? Here’s what we found


Ever since the release of the iPhone X, users have been complaining about the missing battery percentage icon on their device. While earlier versions of the iPhone display the battery percentage next to the battery icon in the upper right corner of the screen, this feature was somehow omitted from the iPhone X. This has led many users to feel like they’re left in the dark when it comes to managing their phone’s battery life.

In this article, we’ll explore the reasons behind this missing feature and provide you with some tips on how to cope with it and keep track of your iPhone X’s battery life.

Detailed Discussion

Why did Apple remove the battery percentage feature?

The reason behind this omission by Apple was not indicated in the release notes, but it’s widely believed that it was done to support the iPhone X’s new edge-to-edge display. The new design meant that there was no longer enough room to display both the time, battery icon and battery percentage at the top of the screen. Therefore, Apple decided to remove the percentage, leaving only the battery icon on the screen.

How to check your iPhone X battery percentage

If you’re still wondering how to monitor your batter percentage on your iPhone X, there are a few options available to you:

1) Swipe down from the top right corner of your iPhone X’s screen. This will bring up the control center where you can easily see the battery percentage next to the battery icon.

2) Ask Siri – if you have Siri enabled on your device, you can simply ask, “Hey Siri, what’s my battery percentage?”

3) Use a third-party app – there are several battery percentage apps available on the App Store, which can be easily downloaded and used to monitor your iPhone X’s battery life.

Tips to extend your iPhone X’s Battery Life

Here are some tips for extending your iPhone X’s battery life:

1)Shut down the apps you’re not using. Simply swiping up the app from the app switcher will close it and prevent it from using any battery life.

2)Enable/disable background app refresh – Prevents apps from running background activities and consuming battery life.

3)Lower screen brightness – High screen brightness consumes a lot of battery power, especially when your iPhone is not plugged in.

Concluding thoughts on iphone x missing battery percentage weve found

To sum up, the missing battery percentage feature on the iPhone X might be a hassle, but Apple removed it for a reason. You can easily cope with this by checking your battery percentage from the control center, asking Siri, or downloading a third-party app to monitor your battery life. Additionally, by following some simple tips, you can extend your iPhone X’s battery life and reduce the need to constantly monitor its percentage.

FAQs about iphone x missing battery percentage weve found

Q: Can I enable the battery percentage feature on my iPhone X?

A: Unfortunately, no. The battery percentage display isn’t an option that can be turned on or off.

Q: Why did Apple hide the battery percentage feature on the iPhone X?

A: With the iPhone X’s new edge-to-edge display, there wasn’t enough room to display both the time and the battery percentage.

Q: How do I know when my iPhone X is fully charged?

A: Your iPhone X has a charging indicator that appears next to the battery icon when it’s charging. Once it’s fully charged, the indicator will disappear.

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