What is hard-anodized Cookware?

Buying new cookware can be a big challenge and especially if you are particular about details and quality. Different names and brands of cookware might keep popping up and some of the most commonly preferred and mentioned types include hard-anodized and anodized cookware sets.

It is not hard therefore to hear shoppers asking some very commonly asked questions such as “what is hard anodized cookware?” while others will ask “what is anodized cookware?” Is there any difference between iodized and hard iodized cookware sets and if yes, which one is better than the other?

Well, we will seek to answer these questions as a way of guiding your selection once faced with these two major options in the world of cookware.

What is hard anodized cookware?

Hard iodized cookware normally refers to pans and pots that are manufactured using electrochemically hardened aluminum material thus making them sturdy and durable. Hard ionized cookware sets come in different styles and brands thus giving you a wide variety of options to choose from during the purchase.

Compared to conventional cookware, anodized offers a considerably longer lifespan in addition to being non-porous. This simply means that it has non-stick qualities which makes it hard for food to stick even when burned or overcooked.

Main hard anodized cookware features

Before delving into the features of hard anodized cookware, it will be good to tackle the two questions above. One, what is anodized cookware?

The answer to this question is that there is no difference between anodized and hard anodized cookware. The two terms simply refer to the same electrochemically hardened aluminum cookware and can be used interchangeably.

This simply answers the second question which leads to the issue of quality which you should be able to choose based on the brands and using different anodized cookware reviews available. Below are the common features offered by anodized cookware.

1. Sturdy and lightweight

Since anodized cookware is made from hardened aluminum, the process makes them very strong while at the same time maintaining the light quality of the metal. They are therefore easy to use around the house without causing any weight-related complications.

2. Non-stick qualities

Many quality brands available come with non-stick qualities which means you can use them to cook even those foods that are considered sticky. Not all anodized pans and pots however have this non-stick quality and it will require checking on ones that come with a surface shield that is chemically engineered.

3. Proper heat distribution and retention

Aluminum is generally a good conductor of heat and this quality is retained even in anodized cookware.

Quality cookware also has a great resistance to heat and this means it can be used on almost all different types of heat sources including gas burners and electric grills. Open flames are however unsuitable for the cookware.

4. Easy to clean and maintain

Another obvious and amazing feature of hard anodized cookware is that it is easy to clean and this is made possible by the fact that food does not stick. Additionally, the cooking surface is not very hot which makes it hard for spilled food to burn thus making your surface cleaning easier.



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