Top 4 Best Salt Chlorinator Replacement Cells

We have found the four best salt chlorinator replacement cells in the market. I hope this article helps someone who’s looking for replacement cells on their salt chlorinator. Without further ado, let’s take a look at each product!

1. BLUE WORKS BLT15-Clear Replacement Cell Review

BLUE WORKS Blueworks BLT15-Clear CellBlue Works made a replacement cell with universal compatibility. It can go with AquaRite, Hayward, Goldline, and many more. The company provides a total of 5-year warranty and also live customer support. 

The product is proven and tested to work correctly in harsh conditions. It has clear cell housing to monitor its current status easily. It includes USA-made cell plates with self-cleaning ability. The unit produces 2.1-pounds of chlorine each day to sanitize the pool area thoroughly.

Software revision is required for the cell to work with newer Aqua Rite and Aqua Logic Systems models. You can see your software version by pressing the diagnostics button seven times.

The installation process is done in a breeze. You need to replace the old cell with the unit. There’ll be no alterations to your current setup and plumbing. Just make sure it is compatible with your current device. Secure the units with its quick disconnect unions. It has a 15ft — cable to be plugged into the new salt cell for a complete installation.

Its cell life can last up to 7000 hours of usage. That is enough time to clean up a 40,000 gallons pool every day. The cell’s ideal salt level is 2500ppm and 4500ppm.

When using the cell with a variable speed pump, it’s recommended that the salt chamber is underneath rather than on the top. Also, check out if you can change the current system’s cell size before buying a replacement cell. This is to make things sure.


  • High chlorine capacity
  • Well-built replacement cell
  • Easy to install and clean
  • Great price and warranty
  • Visible indicator when chlorine is generated
  • Good for larger pool areas


  • Affects salt level readings
  • It stopped making chlorine.


2. Hayward Genuine Goldline T-Cell-15 TurboCell Replacement Salt Chlorination Cell

2. Hayward Genuine Goldline T-Cell-15 TurboCell Replacement Salt Chlorination Cell Hayward is working at its best for over 80 years to help pool owners by producing pool equipment. They always wanted to offer the users convenience in using their products. One is the T-Cell-15 Replacement Cell. Just a few reminders, is to beware of cell imitations.

These cost lesser and yet have a shorter operating life. It is because of a lack of testing on its safety resulting in harmful usage. According to the leading authorities, generic cells have a 75% less fulfilling life than genuine batteries. The prior isn’t approved to use with Hayward Chlorinators.

Pool owners in America are using Hayward TurboCells for two decades today. The reliability of the unit is what puts their trust in it. As of now, there are over 1 million installations of Genuine TurboCells. It offers a 3-year warranty at a reasonable price. It is available in three pool size ratings, including 15,000, 25,000, and 40,000 gallons. That results in a more efficient and cost-effective purchase. U.S pool equipment companies support your purchase.

The product is NSF certified. This is one of the reasons why pool owners choose to buy one plus its quality performance. Another reason is it is made in the USA.

It doesn’t only work with Hayward models but also with AquaRite, SwimPure, and many more. It has a total of 8 LED status indicators for easy monitoring. The salt level is displayed through a digital display.

Install the cell vertically to avoid low flow conditions that may bring inefficient chlorine production. It has a self-renewing chlorine feature that lessens the time of maintenance.

It comes with a 15ft. Cable for installation. This makes it more suitable for larger pool areas.


  • Less costly than the prior replacement cell
  • Longer operating life
  • Genuine product
  • Simple to setup
  • Excellent fitting replacement


  • Complaints on warranty coverage and customer support
  • Lots of model’s imitation


3. Autopilot Pool Pilot Digital Chlorine Generator Replacement Cell with Unions 

3. Autopilot Pool Pilot Digital Chlorine Generator Replacement Cell with Unions Autopilot started being a pool salt chlorine generator manufacturer in 1976. Until then, they’ve become the leading producer of the said product. They cater to small above-ground pools and commercial pools. The needed chlorine of every pool is satisfied with their products, making them more famous in the industry.

It is offered in five models wherein all have unions. They differ in the pool size they’re right for use. It ranges from 40,000 gallons pool size up to 80,000 gallons. You can purchase according to your need thereof.

The warranty is applied only if the cell cords are also replaced aside from the cell itself. It is suitable for Pool Pilot Systems, such as Soft Touch, Digital, and Nano Digital, depending on the model. The purchase only includes the cell unions but not the manifold. It is very affordable in price as compared to the preceding replacement cell models.

There are many proofs of the unit’s long-lasting operation as compared to more expensive brands. It might cost half of the known brand models, but it could last more than expected years.

The cell is suitable for a variable-speed pump. A controlled flow rate of chlorine is produced. It works up to 72 hours of boost cycles. There’s an optional relay feature to control the pool pump at the desired time clock. Also, it secures the unit from freezing or in any weather conditions.

It operates up to 35,000 ppm salt level, enough for larger pool areas. A vacuum fluorescent display microprocessor technology shows the user the current status of the device. This makes every monitoring highly convenient and quicker to execute.

Cleaning up the device is so easy with its soft reverse cell cleaning feature. There’s no need to disassemble the unit to get it cleaned. That results in lesser time and effort in cleaning. Thus, it demands deficient maintenance for the pool owners.


  • Extended operating life
  • Saves up lots of costs
  • Easy to install
  • Perfect fitting
  • Works well as stated


  • Defective issues
  • Uses up less chlorine and other chemicals
  • Lower quality than other known brands


4. Circupool T15 Replacement Cell Review

4. Circupool T15 Replacement CellCarpool is an established brand when it comes to pool equipment systems. They’ve never failed to produce the best ones up until now. This replacement cell is compatible with Hayward T15 Cell and other brands such as Mineral Springs, AquaRite, and many more. This could be the less-starred model on the list but it can offer so many amazing features.

The warranty offered is 3 years which is pro-rated according to the company’s description. The terms and conditions are mainly seen in the manufacturer’s documentation. It is available only for residential use. T15 Replacement Cell is backed with customer service and support.

Compared to other replacement cells, this one has an extended lifespan at a more affordable price. It is because of the included USA-made titanium electrodes. It is designed as a direct replacement for T-Cell-15. Other than that, the cell is admired most because of its powerful performance.

It is made for 40,000 gallons of pool size and systems. It’s a 15ft. The Cord is a helpful tool for installation. The installation process is only a plug-and-play process.

The replacement cell is built with inline opaque-plastic housing, making it more durable against all kinds of weather. Also, it has a built-in power supply cord for easy installation. It only requires a little plumbing process during the installation. It works with either 1.5” or 2” plumbing options. There’ll be no cutting or gluing needed during the installation. Indeed, no need for professional assistance to get things ready for use.

The unit generates without the use of chlorine and other chemicals. The cleaning process is evenly distributed throughout your pool area. It prevents skin and eye irritation for swimmers.


  • Known brand
  • Well-built replacement cell
  • Simple setup


  • Inaccurate salt level reading
  • Misleading warranty



The mentioned replacement cells for salt chlorinators are only a few among the various list in the market. It is essential to know the cell’s compatibility before buying one. This is to assure proper installation for safer and practical use.

The brand model is also vital to have the best experience in pool maintenance. These tools are an excellent help for pool owners out there. If you’re one of them, don’t hesitate to buy it.

Do you have any questions?

Hit the comment section below and wait for a quick response. Thank you for reading!



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