7 Pool Basketball Hoops

When getting a pool basketball hoop, you may think that it is an easy thing to do, but there are many factors that you need to consider in reality. With that said, choosing the best pool basketball hoop is not an easy task.

1. Lifetime Pool Side Basketball System – Best Poolside Basketball HoopLifetime Pool Side Basketball System

It is one of the top-rated and best pool basketball hoops today. Even so, this product comes equipped with a big 44” high-compact Polyurethane and weather-resistant backboard. Not only that but its height can also be adjusted within a range of 4.1ft to 7ft.

The Lifetime Pool Side Basketball System can be assembled effortlessly. Furthermore, it comes with a twenty-seven-gallon base that offers portability as well as stability to the hoop. Its headquarters, on the other hand, can be filled with sand or tap water.

This pool basketball hoop also includes an all-weather net (nylon) and a dense steel ring that has ½ inches brace supports. Nevertheless, this product is backed with five years limited warranty.


2. SKLZ Pro-Mini Basketball Hoop System

SKLZ Pro Mini Basketball Hoop System

Another excellent pool basketball hoop is loaded with useful features.

The SKLZ Pro Mini comes with a 33” by 33” shatterproof backboard that is made using a tough Polycarbonate.

Because of its portable base and adjustable height, this pool basketball hoop can be utilized as an indoor basketball hoop. Also, if you purchase this item, you’ll get a mini basketball.

Either way, this hoop comes with a 14.5-inch and durable steel rim painted with the color blue. In addition to that, both the pole and the rim are rust-resistant, while the net is perfect to use in any weather.

The height of the SKLZ Pro Mini can be adjusted from 3.5ft to 7ft and comes with a portable base made of high-quality materials.


3. Dunrite PoolSport Pool Basketball Hoop

Dunrite PoolSport Pool BasketballThe Dunrite PoolSport is a safe basketball hoop for pools and doesn’t require expert assembly. This pool basketball hoop doesn’t have either sharp surfaces or edges that may harm you and your family.

Moreover, this product is made from sturdy Polyurethane and can resist lots of punishment. On the other hand, the Dunrite PoolSport comes with a robust base and construction.

Aside from that, it offers great stability. Thus you can position it almost anywhere in the swimming pool. This pool basketball hoop weighs 115 pounds, and its stainless rim provides good bounce and feels good.

Either way, the Dunrite PoolSport Pool Basketball is equipped with an all-weather net.


4. SwimWays Poolside Basketball

SwimWays PoolSide BasketballThe SwimWays Poolside Basketball comes with an extra-large and heavy-duty backboard. Aside from that, it also has an inbuilt ball rest and portable and a tough base.

This basketball hoop for pools is very easy to set up. You don’t have to use any tool to assemble it.

Moreover, it’s easy to transport, thanks to its small size. Since this item is made with durability and quality in mind, it can withstand harsh conditions.

The SwimWays Poolside Basketball is equipped with a black steel rim and sports amazing graphics. Similar to other items, this one is also rust-resistant and has an all-weather net.

On the other hand, the inbuilt basketball rest improves the hoop’s stability. Also, it comes with a pro-style basketball as a freebie.


5. Intex Floating Hoops – Cheap Basketball Hoop

Intex Floating HoopsThis best pool basketball hoop from Intex is suitable for children under ten years old and even adults.

Even so, this floating that is specifically designed for children is built using sturdy 10-gauge vinyl. On the other hand, this item includes a repair patch and an inflatable ball.

Its portable base can be filled with water for additional stability. The Intex Floating Hoop has a total dimension of 26.5” (L) by 21.5” (H).

The hoop of this item is made using high-quality materials. Furthermore, you can bring this pool basketball hoop on the beach, but it is not ideal for big games.


6. Dunrite Splash & Shoot Swimming Water Basketball Hoop

Dunrite Splash & Shoot Swimming Pool Basketball Hoop

This swimming pool basketball hoop from Dunrite comes with a 43” by 28.5” Polyethylene backboard. Moreover, it has a 25-gal portable basketball base that offers stability and portability to the basketball hoop.

The Dunrite Splash and Shoot comes with an all-weather net and a steel rim coated with vinyl. This product weighs 200 pounds and has a total dimension of 40 (W) by 24 (L) by 10 (H).

In addition to that, its base is hard, tough, and can withstand harsh conditions. However, since it is made of Polyethylene, there’s no chance of water leakage.

Another good thing about this hoop is that it features a telescoping pole that can be adjusted up to 56-inch above the pool deck in endless increments.


7. Swimline Cool Jam Pro Poolside Basketball Goal

Swimline Cool Jam Pro Poolside BasketballThis pool basketball hoop sports a design that combines the pole and the base in one element.

Nevertheless, the Swimline Cool Jam Pro is a sturdy and very stable product that can withstand even the harshest conditions.

When it comes to the height, you are allowed to adjust it. Moreover, assembling this pool basketball is straightforward.

The backboard of this hoop provides a nice bounce and is attached with a standard-size ball rim.

Combining its unique design, excellent features, and competitive price, the Swimline Cool Jam Pro Poolside Basketball is certainly a good buy.


Pool Basketball Hoops FAQs

Q: What’s the best type of pool basketball hoop?

A: Well, this depends on two things: your preferences and your pool. If you have an above ground pool, then you are best off with floating basketball hoops. This is because an above ground pool doesn’t have a good, firm spot for mounted pool hoops.

Mounted pool basketball hoops are best suited for below-ground pools, but you can also use floating hoops. Note, however, that older kids can become too aggressive when playing basketball on the pool, so a floating hoop might not be a good idea if you got older kids since it tends to float away when playing.

Q: Should I put sand or water in the weighted anchor?

The base can be filled with either However, since these basketball hoops are particularly made for the pool, and won’t be a good idea.

Most people use water since it is easier to fill, and you can change it whenever needed. Besides, sand can be quite inconvenient to clean, while water just pours out in a few seconds.

Q: What Should I do with the pool basketball hoops during winter?

A: You need to store it somewhere safe. And although there are pool basketball hoops that are weather-proof, it does not necessarily mean that it can survive the harsh snowy and icy winter season.

For inflatable hoops, you can just deflate them and store away. But for mounted hoops, you’ll have to disassemble them and store them away in your basement and garage.

Q: Which material is the best for the backboard?

A: A pool basketball hoop offers various materials on its backboard. However, the best one you can get is hard plastic. Hard plastic should keep the whole set lighter but durable. If steel is used, it can be quite heavy, and wood is not appropriate for poolside use.

Q: Are pool basketball hoops safe?

Yes, pool basketball hoops are quite safe on their own. However, adult supervision is still necessary. After all, kids playing in the water is still dangerous. Thus, it is highly recommended for customers to watch their kids playing in the pool.

Q: Can I install a mounted hoop myself?

A: Sure, you can. However, if you do not know how to do it, it is better that you ask for professional help. One of the risks of doing it yourself is that you can mess up the hole sizes and could complicate things.

After all, your tie is better invested in enjoying the summer instead of confusingly drilling holes in the deck.

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As you can see, there are lots of options which you can choose from. Some are for fixed play and personal pool, while other models are more portable.

Thus, you’ll need to identify the best pool basketball that suits your needs as well as your budget. You may also want to consider the sturdiness, ease of use, and stability of the product.

Nevertheless, with proper research and knowledge, rest assured, you would end up with an item that works best for you and your family.



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