20 Best Water Softeners Reviewed

Water bounces life! On the other hand, hard water does exist containing at least 60mg of calcium and magnesium. Hard water has bad effects on a water pipes, equipment, and even a person’s health.

A system has been discovered and actively used in the U.S. to defeat the hardness of the water. To completely avoid metal-taste water, skin irritations, and unclean dishes, the best water softener is the gradually known solution these days.

Beforehand, let’s look at the important aspects concerning water softeners such as their different types, features to be considered, benefits of using them, etc.

So now, let us proceed with the 20 products individually reviewed:

Top 20 Best Water Softeners Reviewed

1. iSpring RCC7AK Best Cheap Water Softener/Filter System

2. iSpring RCC7AK Best Cheap Water Softener/Filter System

Well, water doesn’t normally taste well. It devours so many bacteria that aren’t visible in our sight, and it’s alarming. The iSpring RCC7AK is composed of 6 stages of water filtration that eliminates over 90% of harmful pollutants commonly found in well water. iSpring uses video production uploaded on the internet to install the system all by yourself.

The first pass through a filter stage is the three pre-filters, such as PP Sediment Filter, Carbon KDF filter, and Carbon clock filter. In this process, large contaminants are removed, and it protects the system from chemicals.

Up next is the removal of smaller contaminants through the Reverse Osmosis Filter. For the pre-final water softness, Fine GAC Filter does the final polishing. Lastly, Alkaline Re-mineralization Filter restores natural-tasting water for the whole family.

It is installed under the sink for easy access whenever the water gets wrong. The customer service is satisfactory as they offer live phone support to execute assisted installation. Watching video production, again and again, will make you understand how it is arranged.


  • Can handle 750 ppm water hardness
  • Heavy-duty water softener
  • Produces cleaner, filtered water


  • Uneasy to assemble


2. Fleck 5600SXT Iron Pro 2 Combination Water Softener Review

1. Fleck 5600SXT Iron Pro 2 Combination Water Softener Review

Iron-tasting water is so annoying and dangerous to our health. Iron Pro 2 is the remedy for water hardness, especially if you have a water well. Iron stains on comfort rooms and pipes can be eliminated through Fleck 5600SXT Water Softener. A family of up to 8 persons will start to have a soft water supply as soon as it is set up.

Apart from being a water softener, Iron Pro 2 is also an iron filter that can handle up to 10 ppm iron concentration. It has 5 capacity options ranging from 32,000 grains to 80,000 grains. Whichever you purchase has adequate capacity. The 120 ppm is the lowest point of water hardness, and Fleck 5600SXT can handle 1456 ppm water hardness. That is superb!

Setting up Fleck 5600SXT is done by the touchpad controls which can regenerate the equipment in two ways, including the amount of water used and the amount of running time.


  • Effective for iron removal
  • Easy to control
  • A huge amount of capacity


  • Iron-rich water demands iron pre-filter


3. On The Go OTG4-DBL Portable Water Softener

9. On The Go OTG4-DBL Portable Water Softener

Portable yet largest among portable water softeners in the market that is primarily designed for RV use. Installing the device in tight places is highly favorable as it is designed more compact than any other.

The device is built with easy to grip handle and with no installation tools needed during assembly. A huge opening on top gives way for the easy addition of salt whenever needed to regenerate.

It can contain a maximum grain capacity amounting to 16,000 which is still adequate and perfect for a small family. The water softener regenerates within 30-minutes by placing 2-boxes of regular salt on it. As a whole, regeneration is done every 30-day and therefore the cost of buying regular salt becomes more efficient.

The devices produce 1600 gallons of soft water within 40-days. Amazingly, it comes with water test strips to easily monitor the water condition or if the device is working.


  • Cost-effective regeneration process (regular salt is enough)
  • Very portable
  • Mid-range pricing


  • Plastic fittings might cause leakage


4. iSpring ED2000 Whole House Descaler Water Softener

3. iSpring ED2000 Whole House Descaler Water Softener

This must be the easiest to operate with a reasonable price water softener on the list. Unlike salt-based and chemical softeners, iSpring ED2000 applies the descaling process.

This process uses the electromagnetic wave to break down larger molecules and allows the combination of water molecules and hard mineral ions to prevent adhering in pipe surfaces. And if money is the problem, forget about it as ED2000 costs lesser than other water softeners.

The device is simply installed by wrapping your pipe with coils and plugging in ED2000 Descaler. There are no additional installations aside from those two steps. You can install it without looking for help.

It has a capacity ranging from 10 to 19 grains. However, a descaler isn’t effective in eliminating harmful substances but only works as a water softener. No salt or chemical added throughout the descaling process.


  • Very affordable
  • Easy to install


  • Do not work as a water filter



6.  ABCwaters Fleck 5600SXT water softener

Pentair 5600SXT is a salt-based water softener, thus highly effective in eliminating calcium and magnesium ions. With this device, drinking the end product is not permissible because it contains sodium chloride or too much salt. Not reaching its grain maximum capacity of 48,000 will prevent extra usage of salt. It is WQA certified product and passed NSF standard 44 testings.

It is upgraded for extended life with 10% cross-linked resin. The device automatically regenerates itself in a preset time cycle of 7-10 days with the help of the used soft water measurement. An LCD screen displays the water’s status to make the user aware of the water becomes safe. Controlling the device will not take technical hitches through the touchpad that is simple to use.


  • Salt-based water softener
  • Conform to NSF standards
  • Enhanced durability


  • Unclear instruction manual


6. Abundant Flow Water 9100SXT Water Softener

5. Abundant Flow Water 9100SXT Water Softener

Abundant Flow Water produces a large amount of water through its dual tank 9100SXT water softener. As compared to the salt-based type, a dual tank softener can turn hard water into soft water due to the dual water process.

It is the best dual-tank water softener as it doesn’t render an interrupted water flow because the two tanks work concurrently.

Running out of soft water in the middle of the night will never happen as it can contain 48,000 grains throughout the day. Regenerating the water supply happens right after the other tank gets emptied.

The device is easy to install within 2 hours with the help of a plumber. It has a simple control panel, and it also displays readable current water status.

All in all, AFW 9100SXT water softener is a heavy-duty water device that can be consumed by the bigger household.


  • Dual tank water softener
  • It can be self-installed
  • Minimizes hard water


  • Heavyweight and Costly


7.  ABCwaters Fleck 5600SXT water softener


Soft water for the whole household is desirable, and if you’re looking for a water softener that’ll satisfy that need, ABCwaters built with Fleck 5600SXT is highly recommended. It bears a mid-range budget with two years warranty on both items. Setting up the device will never go wrong using installation videos and guides. Technical support can be expected thru multiple channels. It has a longer lifespan because of the upgraded 10% cross-linked resin.

Fleck 5600SXT digital meter is the most trusted water softener combination nowadays. This added device consumes lesser power consumption with an undeniably huge grain capacity of 48,000. The control panel is easy to manage thus programming the device is at ease. About 12 GPM water flow is expected that can accommodate 2-5 persons. It comes with a mineral and brine tank (both are warranted). Adding a water filter will trace iron materials and therefore produces a better result.


  • Reasonably priced
  • Includes additional items
  • Prolonged lifespan


  • Nothing to mention


8. Bullet Poly Triple Action Water Softener

7. Bullet Poly Triple Action Water Softener

If you’re looking for a more compact water softener, Poly Triple Action might be your need. Among the listed products, this item differs in many ways apart from its compactness. It is in line with high-quality and heavy-duty water softeners because of its two unique characteristics.

First, it is salt-free! Meaning, the device produces safe drinking water for up to 30 GPM flow rates. That is huger than other products’ flow rate considering the device’s smallness.

However, there’s no display of calculation, and also resin is not existing. Second, installing the device anywhere, whether indoors or outdoors is favorable. It is a waterproof device, so it will not affect its functionality even at a freezing point.

Poly Triple Action is not a filter thus removal of chloramine and iron is not achieved. As a water softener, it is effective in eliminating calcium carbonate and in minimizing the existence of lime. Installing the product is made easy by an added mounting bracket.


  • BPA-free
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Affordable


  • Cannot be a filter


9. Eddy Electronic Descaler Water Softener

8. Eddy Electronic Descaler Water Softener

Eddy’s Descaler is another descaling device on the list. As explained earlier, descaling is unlike the usual water softener as it uses electromagnetic wave to operate. There’s no use of salt to turn hard water into soft and more hygienic water.

Installing a descaling device is easy and tipsy without looking for help. Surround the pipe with coils, and there you go. Avoid wrapping the coil into lead or iron pipes, for it’ll not take effect. The device is installed indoors to prevent further damage.

The device doesn’t moderate water and yet it prevents the formation of limes and other minerals on the water pipe. The good thing is the manufacturer offers a one-year money back guarantee and a lifetime warranty. Returning the product within 30-days is allowed as long as you call the manufacturer.


  • Lifetime warranty both on repairs and replacements
  • Easy to setup
  • Budget-friendly


  • Not so effective to soften water


10. Watts Water Technologies RV PRO-1000 Portable Water Softener

10. Watts Water Technologies RV PRO-1000 Portable Water Softener

RV PRO-1000 is a portable water softener that bears lesser grain capacity than the prior product amounting to 10,000 hard water grains. Still, the device is ideally designed to fit in RV and small spaces. It is a user-friendly product because it is easy to install.

The device is proven to be effective in minimizing water hardness levels according to the users. However, it can only handle a level of 425 ppm of water hardiness.

The device’s regeneration is done without further processes only by adding regular salt to it—no connection or disconnection of the system to go through the regenerating process.

If regeneration is done effectively, a 55% increase in capacity is applied because of the built-in drain line flow restrictor. The highest flow rate is 4 GPM, enough for a small family.

Checking the water hardness levels once in a while is done through the added test strips. You can be so sure if your purchase is working.


  • Monthly regeneration
  • Portable and compact
  • Reasonably priced


  • Limited hard water level capacity
  • Reported leaks


11. Aquasana Rhino EQ-1000-AST Water Softener

It is a water softener that keeps the whole family away from chlorine-rich tap water and other harmful substance. As water is essential in every chore, one tank isn’t enough to thoroughly soften water.

EQ-1000-AST is a two-tank water softener as well as a water filter yet sold expensive than other products. It is a salt-free water softener, thus preventing scale formation and rusting on pipes. The device can last up to 10 years providing a million soft water gallons.

Rather than using salt, EQ-1000-AST applies Scale Control Media or SCM technology. This technology monitors the result through the water flow and prevents harmful minerals from being stuck on surfaces.

Infiltration, a pro-grade installation kit, is used wherein 4 filter kits are included from fittings into valves. Applying this installation will require the need for plumbing skills, for if not, leakage is expected.


1. Combination of softener and filter

2. Long-lasting device

3. Salt-free water softener


1. Not easy to install

2. Pricing range is high


12. Aquios FS-220 Water Softener and Filtration System

Besides being a 2-in-1 water system, it is designed as the tiniest water softener on the market. Though small in size, it renders a great performance as a water softener and filtration, resulting in more hygienic drinking water. It renders 40,000 gallons of pure water before replacement. It is not a heavy-duty water softener but economical.

The device contains 5 microns of carbon block filtration for the purer water level. Therefore, using the water from the tank for cooking is safe. Setting up FS-220 System demands connectors as ¾ -an inch of the inlet, and a mounting bracket is already included.

It operates at a temperature of 40 to 115 degrees Fahrenheit and therefore produces cool and clean water for 6-months for a small family.


1. Mega lightweight and compact

2. Water softener and filtration in one

3. Salt-free water softener


1. Limited hard water grain capacity


13. NuvoH2O Manor Complete Salt-Free Water Softening System

It is another salt-free water softener and, as usual, has no salty effect on your drinking water. A salt-free water system is lesser effective in softening hard water than a salt-based system. However, this prevents and never again allows the appearance of scale build-up on pipes and other equipment at home. Operating this type of system is very simple only through a valve.

Since no salt is needed, changing the filter, every 6-months will make the device last long. In one year, it produces 120,000 gallons of soft water only if the filter is regularly monitored. 6-month rule is only applied for a low level of harmful substances in water area for over 10 GPG hard water levels. It demands 2-3 months of filter replacement.

It is suitable in small areas, for it is designed compactly.


1. Environmental-friendly

2. Salt-free water softener

3. 90-day money-back guarantee


1. Filter replacement is costly

2. Do not work well on hard water over 10 GPG


14. iSpring RCC7 Reverse Osmosis Water Softener/Filter System

Reverse Osmosis is another type of water softener which is more costly than the others. However, this is the most effective water softener that bottled-quality water achieved. It is costly because the system itself is high maintenance. RCC7 is well-built with its transparent housing for the user to monitor the filtered water visibly. WQA tested this product in terms of air leaks and effectiveness to remove harmful contaminants from your water supply.

RCC7 has 5-stages to improve water quality. First are the 3 pre-filters, including the GAC filter, CTO filter, and PP sediment filter. These filters eliminate larger molecules of contaminants. Second is the Reverse Osmosis filter that removes the remaining small particles measuring 0.0001 microns. Next is the Fine GAC filter for the final purifying of water before running down the pipe. As an ending product, bottled-quality drinking water is produced for up to 75 gallons a day.


1. WQA tested and certified

2. One-year warranty

3. High-quality soft water


1. A bit pricey


15. Discount Water Softeners Revolution 

Does your home compose several bathrooms? If yes, a high-capacitated water softener is good for you. The Revolution Water Softener accommodates grain capacity ranging from 32,000 to 96,000.

Those ranges can produce a strong water flow rate amounting to 16 GPM, which is proper for bigger homes. Extended life is maintained through the upgraded 10% cross-linked resin. There’s a 10-year warranty on the digital control valve and a lifetime warranty for the resin and brine tank.

It applies an up-flow regeneration to properly drain the hardness away instead of the downflow process, which will result in dirty water. Green Technology is used to minimize the salt discharge by about 75%, holding back the use of more salt.

In this way, it also reduces water waste throughout the process. Operating the device is accompanied by the Genesis digital control valve, which is easy to use. LCD screen displays the current status of water sources.


1. A wide range of grain capacity

2. Strong flow rate

3. Save up salt and water


1. Poor customer service


16. Limia’s Care 10-Stage Shower Water Softener

Taking a shower is necessary to keep our bodies clean. How sure are we that the flowing water from the shower is clean and hygienic?

Dirt is small particles that are barely seen by the naked eye. It will cause skin irritations and dryness on both body and hair. This item doesn’t look similar to previous products, for it is attached directly to the shower head.

It has 10-stage filtering layers, including activated carbon, calcium sulfite, KDF 55, Germanium ceramic balls, Tourmaline balls, Magnetic energy ceramic balls, and PP cotton and mesh filter.

Each one of them has different filtering functions that purify and softens the water. Now, you are sure that the water is clean and hygienic. The included cartridge can effectively clean 10,000-12,000 gallons in a year. Even rust can be eliminated through the shower filter.


1. Easy to install

2. High-quality filtering layers

3. Very affordable


1. Intended only for a showerhead


17. LiquaGen Whole House Water Softener

It is a salt-based water softener that eliminates calcium and magnesium ions and replaces them with sodium. This type of water softener is highly effective in softening hard water at its affordable price.

Therefore, the salty taste of water is expected, and some people don’t like it though salt placement depends on the hardness level of the water. The device could last long due to the upgraded 10% cross-linked resin.

It comes with a quality brine tank, and installing the device will take a step-by-step process provided in a manual and a video guide. It requires the help of a plumber. The grain capacity is amounting to 48,000 hard water grains.

Monitoring the desired softness of the water level is supported by a digital LCD. Like the other digital control panels, it has error codes for easy troubleshooting. It automatically regenerates the needed water, thus saving water consumption.


1. Salt-based water softener

2. High grain capacity


1. Limited availability


18. AHM Innovations Salt-Free Electronic Hard Water Conditioner

In this section, a combination of a salt-free and electronic water softener is to have discoursed. Solely salt-free water softener cannot soften the hard water but only avoids scale formation.

At the same time, the electronic type alters mineral formation away from pipe surfaces. A combination of the two will end up with a purer water supply at home. This device will result in smooth water flow from every pipe.

There are no salt or chemical added during softening the water, but still, the device removes water impurities. Even scale buildup is highly prevented with this water softener, and therefore pipe clogs will never exist again.

The end product isn’t only pure water, but most especially, the water quality is enhanced. Installation of the product is done easily with the complete kit upon purchase and doesn’t demand constant maintenance.

Indeed, a salt-free and electronic water softener working together is highly effective in producing soft and cleaner water.


1. Highly effective as a water purifier

2. Chemical and salt-free


1. Pricier than other products


19. Sumi Eco Aroma Shower Hard Water Softener

It is another shower water softener on the list. But this time, it adds up to an aromatic shower experience with a lavender smell. The water is purified and softened as well as vitamin-rich. What more to look for? Every bath session will never be as boring as before but now become a heavenly experience.

Aroma shower is a vitamin-containing water softener and filter. First to include is Vitamin C, which can remove chlorine residues and renders a soothing feeling upon the skin. The second is rose hip with added chondroitin that moisturizes dry skin.

Who would’ve thought it could be part of your skincare routine? The third element is the scoria water that removes skin wastes, such as dead skin cells. Lastly is the natural lavender aroma that keeps the body relaxed while taking a shower bath.

The apparatus also prevents the growth of bacteria on water pipes through the built-in shower filter. It takes 60-days to replace the filter for better performance finally. It can be the best gift for your loved one, which always experiences skin irritations. It may help.


1. The most inexpensive product on the list

2. Aromatic experience


1. Chlorine is the only mentioned chemical being removed


20. Yarna Descaler Water Softener

Wrapping it all up, Yarna Descaler Water Softener is the most starred product listed.

Long term effect of water softening is experienced with Yarna’s Descaler. After the water has been processed, it stays pure and soft for 7 days, dependent on the ambient temperature. The device adds no chemicals to the water. As usual, it turns calcium and magnesium into anti-scale formation minerals. Scale protection is expected to work up to 1.2 miles away from the point of installation.

There’s no filter replacement throughout its useful life and hence has no maintenance cost. It works using an electronic unit with two induction coils being installed along the water pipe. A 5ft. cable for the power adapter is included, so make sure a power outlet is found nearby the pipe. Energy consumption will be efficient, with a 40% reduction on the bill.

Further, installing the device is done either way, along with the water pipe or on the main pipe. It doesn’t require installing tools, for there’s a double-sided adhesive tape already attached to the device. Plugging the device is as simple as plugging an appliance into a power outlet. LED lighting indicates the device is at work.


1. A descaler

2. No installation tools are required

3. Fine-looking water softener


1. Cost higher than other products



Since water softeners are a complicated apparatus that bears so much detail, many questions are being raised by existing users and wannabe users. Before getting the best water softener in the market, certain questions are to be answered. Below are 5 frequently asked questions that might cross your mind too:

What is hard water?

Hard water is comprised of magnesium and calcium, and other harmful minerals resulting in an impure water supply. It is a dangerous level of water for it can destroy many appliances and other kitchen apparatus.

Perhaps, every day we drink water, and we aren’t aware of hard water. Testing the water is done through simple steps. First, get a water container and put in some liquid soap and then shake. If the water quickly forms bubbles, the hardness level of the water is high.

What the right size of water softener I need?

The answer to this question depends on the type, grain capacity, and hardness of the water level. Do not buy a too-small in size water softener for it will demand a frequent regeneration process. If heavy-duty apparatus is what you look for, make sure it is reasonably priced.

What are the benefits of using a water softener at home?

Every purchase we are making benefits us in different ways. We buy a product because what we believe it is for our good. The following are some of the benefits a water softener is providing to every user:

  • Hard water conversion into soft water

You can prevent the bad effects of hard water by having a water softener at home.

  • Prevents scale production

Scale production usually happens on tiles, kitchenware, and other appliances, and a water softener, it maintains the cleanliness and shiny outlook of them all.

  • Healthier lifestyle

Skin and hair will become healthy and away from irritation and dryness due to hard water. Your skin and hair will now feel softer and smoother.

  • Lessening the time of cleaning

Since no lime is formed, a cleaning comfort room and a sink are now made easy. Detergent soap cleans faster with soft water.

How preserve a water softener to live longer?

A little maintenance is recommended to ensure the apparatus is working well. Here are some tips for preserving your water softener in its better condition:

Clean the apparatus regularly

Cleaning the apparatus is needed, most especially the brine tank, to remove the filtered impurities.

Regular regeneration

Refilling the right type of salt once in a while is expected to check whether it works or not. Tanks are usually visibly designed to monitor if regeneration is needed easily.

Is it hard to install?

There is an instruction guide included in the package for you to follow. And if it’s not clear to you, call for help (for example, a plumber) to install your device with an installation fee.



A water softener is not the water pipe itself but an additional device to make the water pipe work well. This is usually consumed by areas having difficulties in obtaining clean and soft water. However, having one in your home is in accord if your goal is to have safer water to consume.

Water filtration versus Water softener

A water softener is different from water filtration, although we are certain about the ultimate goal – to preserve the water safely.

Water filtration is a device that eliminates rust, dirt, and other harmful substances that might impair the water. In short, it maintains the water clean and pure from contaminants. It cannot normally deal with hard water issues such as scale production. However, it is used to produce high-quality tasting water as compared to bottled water quality.

A water softener is a device suitable for resolving hard water issues. Salt is used as a replacement for minerals in the water. Therefore, reducing the scale presence on the pipe is achieved. The sad thing is it doesn’t eliminate harmful contaminants in water, so adding a certain filter is needed.

Types of water softener

Though it works over hard waters as an anti-scale device, there are still considered water softener types. Below are the 4 main types of a water softeners:

  • Salt-free water softener

A salt-free water softener doesn’t allow the use of salt in softening water. A polysaccharide is used to prevent scale forming on water pipes, and even stains are reduced. Moreover, this must be the most affordable water softener among the other types—no need for constant maintenance upon a salt-free water softener.

Its downfall is no harmful minerals are being removed and therefore don’t completely purify water.

  • Salt-based water softener

Normally, a salt-based water softener product comes with a brine tank to uphold the needed regular salt. This type eliminates the hardness of water through the added sodium chloride. Drinking the end product is not recommended, for it’ll taste salty and, therefore, not ideal for intake. It also prevents scale production on water pipes.

Buying an extra filtration system is suggested to remove salt and other water contaminants. When it comes to its price, affordable yet maintenance cost is expected due to the filter.

  • Dual tank water softener

It comes in two tanks, thus appropriate for a bigger house, to uphold greater grain capacity. It combines a salt-based type in a more compact design wherein the brine tank is separated from the two tanks. At any time of the day, softened water is abundant.

This cost higher than the other types and requires high maintenance.

  • Electronic water softener

It is comparable to a salt-free water softener in terms of its functionality. Installing an electronic water softener is more convenient only through a coil. This consumes less energy even when plugging over time.

Factors to consider when buying a water softener
  • Pricing

It is a heavy-duty apparatus; thus, finding the right product within your budget is good. A budget ranging from $400-$2500 can buy a quality water softener.

  • Type of the product

Mentioned above are the 4 types of the water softener. Your verdict on which type will you choose is fully up to you.

  • Product model

It can be portable or in standard mode. The prior model is right for outdoor use, and it is more affordable. The latter model is pricier and ready to install on the existing water pipe.

  • Regeneration of the product

There are models with an automatic regeneration system. The shorter the time of the regeneration process, the better.

  • Effectiveness

Investigate whether it softens hard water or not using the customer’s review. You can notice the product’s effectiveness through a water test strip sometimes provided.

  • Certifications

Only two certifications are needed to accomplish this, including the Water Quality Association (WQA) and NSF. These ensure that the unit purchased is safe and effective.



Finally, we’ve reached the end of this post about the best water softener. As a recap, 20 water softeners are being reviewed above, and we hope you’ve found the right product for your home. There are many remedies for hard waters (apart from what is listed) in the market to let you enjoy a smooth feeling as soft water is now possible.

Now that you already know the importance of water softeners, we hope you’ve changed your mind and bought one. Then again, softeners aren’t only converting hard water into soft water but also add up many health benefits for the users.

For more information concerning water softeners, read the former part of this post. Do you have any more questions or recommendations? The comment section is waiting for your opinions. Kindly wait for a quick response.



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