20 Best Standing Desk Converters

Having much workload makes you uncomfortable sometimes and being settled on a chair within many hours gives you body pains. However, you can end up battling with those aches by using the best standing desk converter the market could offer. With this tool, you can finally enjoy doing several amounts of work rapidly and more effectively.

According to studies, standing while working makes you more dynamic as you can move freely and at the same time, your body will never be at rest all the time. The products below will prove to you how true is the point stated.

20 Best Standing Desk Converters

Fancierstudio Riser 38″ Standing Desk Converter

Fancierstudio gives you the best in value standing desk converter which is good in sitting and in standing without inconvenience in setting up. The package will come to you fully assembled; you just have to adjust it to your desired height up to 17.7 inches and can convey up to 30 lbs.

Other specs to consider

Steadiness –  Since you will be placing heavy equipment on the riser, considering its stability is a must thus Fancierstudio Riser 38″ weighs 60 lbs. which could carry up to 30 lbs. and the weight difference of 30 lbs. will serve as a counterbalance for the whole equipment.   

Scheme – It is colored black and shaped “Z” for the reason of getting inclined towards you without being cracked. It is designed perfectly for office setup with a minimal hinge design.

Adjustment – It can be adjusted up to 8 times either in a sitting or standing position by pulling the two handles on both sides. It could be between 5” to 17.7”.


49900 Pro Plus 36 Standing Desk Converter by VARIDESK

VARIDESK focused on industrially used products that have standard quality and are trusted by many thus resulting in their lead on manufacturing sit and stand desk converters. Unlike any other desktop converters, they have made it 36” wide which can accommodate up to two monitors; more room for work.

Other specs to consider

Design – It is a two-decked desk converter that separates the keyboard and the monitor so you can add up some accessories to it. The top deck is responsible for the monitor while the lower deck is for the keyboard or mouse.

Convertible – It can be easily converted into a sitting desk converter by pressing it down and will provide you a half-inch space for your keyboard. While making it a standing desk converter, you can choose up to 11 height adjustments leaving a 14” space between the keyboard and the monitor.

Assembly – The package is fully assembled when delivered.


VIVO Desk-V000B Standing Desk Converter

Vivo thinks about your health condition in making this product as it can be converted whether in a sitting or standing position based on your comfort. There are several additional features on this desk converter compared to others such as a removable lower platform and small storage for pencils, pens, and other small materials.

Other specs to consider

Design –It is a black steel-structured desk converter with a gas spring for easy adjustments. It has a wide area for your stuff and it includes tray storage on the top surface. Moreover, a z-shaped that causes an easy adjustment for sitting and standing purposes.

Desk – The desk can uphold 2 monitors escalating above the top surface with the help of the monitor mount wherein it can work in two options such as C-clamp and grommet.

Space – The top surface is measured 36” wide by 22” which can hold 2 monitors in a side-by-side position with lots of space for other stuff on the desk. Also, it can carry a weight of not more than 37.5 lbs.

Height adjustment – In a sitting position, it can be adjusted up to 6.5” above the desk surface while it can be adjusted 8 times up to 16” when you choose to stand.


iMovR ZipLift+ Standing Desk Converter with Portable Standing Mat

iMovie has got the best comfort-friendly desk converter as its keyboard platform can be tilted up to 15 degrees to let your wrists rest while typing. Furthermore, when in terms of height adjustment it is not as usual as the others for it can be adjusted within a range of 5’0” to 6’7”.

Other specs to consider

Design – Simply designed yet looks stylish. Its frame was designed as z-shaped which results in more comfort in adjusting it. The base is made of steel which is strong enough in carrying a weight of up to 45 pounds and gives you a wider work surface. Lastly, it has a gas spring to avoid making noise during adjustments.

Additional accessory – The EverMat from the same manufacturer gives you a real support system while standing for it is fully made of polyurethane material.

Monitor carrier – It can carry two 24” monitors weighing an overall 35 lbs. with the help of two monitor arms which are so sturdy.

Assembly – Just like the products above, it is fully assembled when delivered.


iMovR ZipLift+ 42” Wide Standing Desk Converter

Another iMovR desk converter differs in the way that it can carry a larger monitor size of 27” on each monitor carrier weighing an overall 45 lbs. It also has wider space for more workloads of about 42” wide. A Neat certified desk converter that means suitable for preventing some health issues due to a severe sitting position while at work.

Other specs to consider

Capacity – We’re not kidding if we say, it can carry more than it weighs for it does. The item weighs 45 lbs. and as said earlier it can also convey an overall 45 lbs. and even heavier. It also has wider surface space for more stuff to be placed in it.

Keyboard adjustment- The keyboard can be adjusted to a 15-degree angle to make your wrists more comfortable while typing.

Height adjustment – The height can be infinitely adjusted according to your desired comfort through its hand paddle and brake.

Lifting mechanism – It produces no sound when lifted or stored through its gas-spring lift mechanism.


Eureka Ergonomic Gamer 46″ Standing Desk Converter

Eureka Ergonomic has made working and a gaming tool as well as they innovate their product with this sit-stand desktop converter good for workaholics and also computer game addicts. It has a wider space that can convey three pieces of hardware on its desk including two monitors and a laptop. In addition, there will be no worries about extremely tall workers for their height can be adjusted to your desired comfort.

Other specs to consider

Firmness – It is properly and seriously designed by the manufacturers thus worrying about its steadiness is eliminated. Aside from being properly structured on the outside, the containing elements within a z-shaped lift are a huge factor in its durability.

Design – An eye-catchy desk converter with its blue lining all around the edge of its surface. There is also a wide space to place the keyboard and more space for other gadgets such as tablets and mobile phones.

Affordability – It is merely expensive compared to other desk converters as its features are good for workers and gamers and this has to be one of a kind desk converter present in the market.

Capacity – It can convey a maximum weight of 35 lbs. without swaying but beyond that weight, it could cause difficulty in rising a monitor.


Executive Office Solutions Portable Standing Desk Converter

Executive Office Solution gives a solution for neck pains and back pains at work by inventing a standing desk converter that can be used whether sitting or standing with your laptop. It is also a space saver for you can place books or other materials below the tool. Also, its portability feature is counted for it can be laid anywhere without getting frustrated in setting it up.

Other specs to consider

Structure – It is smaller and lighter than the other standing desk converter that can only hold a laptop but at any angle. It is a z-shaped lifter which makes it firmer in holding your laptop. Also, there is a small allotted space on the side for the mouse or your mobile phone.

Usage – Normally a desk converter but can also act as an equipment projector, book or food tray, and as a study table.

Accessories – There is a USB cord included in the package for CPU cooling purposes and it will work just by connecting it to your computer or laptop.

Adjustment – Its leg can be rotated in 360-degree and can be locked. Lastly, the stand can be rapidly collapsed for more convenience.


Fezibo Sitting and Standing Desk Converter

Fezibo concerning about your entire health at work by providing another kind of standing desk converter which is for sitting and standing purposes. It is a two-layered desk converter and it can uphold two monitors with not more than 36” in width and 33 in weight.

Other specs to consider

Structure – It is entirely made of steel which makes it sturdy to hold heavy equipment. For an additional classy look, it is colored black.

Operation – It can be adjusted 8 times up to your desired height level by twisting the handles.

Additional storage – There is a small tray on the top front of the desk for pens, papers, and for your phone.


Mount-It Standing Desk Converter

Mount-It cares for your existing desk and by creating this sit-stand desk you will be able to improvise it as a platform for your standing desk converter. Unlike the other converter tools, this is more compact but has enough space for a 25” wide monitor.

Other specs to consider

Switching position – It can be converted from sitting into a standing platform by its spring lift instrument which allows it to be raised or lowered. 

Compatibility – The desk and the keyboard tray are properly sized to accommodate the necessary tool in place. There is also a soft padded cushion for more comfort while typing.

Flexibility – It can be adjusted smoothly through the gas spring handle below the upper surface.

Sturdiness – It has a strong base which prevents it from swaying when placed on your existing desk.


10. X-Elite Standing Desk Converter by Stand Steady

Stand Steady one of the most trusted makers of standing desks released a sit-and-stand desk converter that puts concern on your health condition. This could be the solution for your back pain, stiff neck, fatigue, and other bad health conditions. When setting up, it looks like a table above a table thus available in 4 colors including white, cherry, maple, and black which makes it classier.

Other specs to consider

Capacity – It can carry a maximum of 20 lbs. as it only weighs 27 lbs. 

Assembly – No need for tools as it is already assembled when delivered. Just open the box then here it goes ready to be placed on the existing desk or table.

Height adjustment – In sitting, it can reach a maximum height of 2.5”; while in standing, it can reach up to 16”. This can be achieved with the help of a gas-supported lift by just pulling and pushing it.

Space – Even if it weighs lighter than any other, it has enough space for your computer and it helps you to be more productive at work for there is also a space for paper works.


11. Ergodriven Spark

It is a standing desk converter that will give you a unique yet inexpensive upright work experience. It is not designed as usual as other desk converters and it lacks an adjustment feature. For that reason, it is available in 3 different sizes according to your height level.

Other specs to consider

Scheme – It looks like a two-leveled origami with its cardboard assembly and is perfect for a desktop or a laptop.

Size availability – The aforementioned is available in small, medium, and large sizes with corresponding height levels such as 5.4”, between 5.4” and 5.11”, and above 5.11”, respectively.

Cost – As said a while ago, it is inexpensive as it cost no more than $25 on Amazon. Less cost doesn’t mean less quality, so give it a try.

Firmness – It has a great sense of stability because of its cardboard construction which makes it firm while typing.


12. Stand Steady Winston-E Electric

Another type of stand desk converter is the one operated by electricity which is more expensive not just in the purchase but also in usage. You can choose a standard or a denser size, whichever is preferred. There are lots of new features we’ll talk about in this product since it is the first electronic desk converter said in this article.

Other specs to consider

Adjustments – Since it is electronically structured, you would expect an easy adjustment process by just pressing the provided button to switch its position from sitting to standing. The standing adjustment can reach up to 18” in height which is taller compared to other products. Moreover, you can store your desired height for it has an automated memory thus avoiding several adjustments.

Monitor carrier – The monitor can also be adjusted according to your desired position of it in terms of its angle and height. It can rotate 20 degrees backward and 20 degrees forward or it could be positioned horizontally or vertically. 

Capacity – The tool’s weight is 86 lbs. which can hold up to 40 lbs. and can accommodate a monitor with a width of not more than 30”.

USB Cord – Electronically speaking, you can attach a USB cord to your monitor in a synchronized way for it is located on the sides and in the base of the converter.


13.E7 Electric Standing Desk Converter by Uplift Desk

It will give you an environmental ambiance as it is styled with bamboo which makes it appear more eye-catchy than a normal standing desk converter. Aside from its appearance, it is also electronically functioned thus uplifting your productivity even with a lot of workloads. There are so many accessories attached to it that are a great key for more work to be done in a short period.

Other specs to consider

Automated adjustment – There is a built-in automated keypad for height adjustments which makes it more advanced than the others wherein you can save your desired height on the equipment by just pressing the keypad.

Durability – Its supporting legs are designed by the existing desk’s legs to make it more proportionate and result in more support it could give to lift heavier hardware. Additionally, the steel used in constructing this product adds to its sturdiness.

Capacity – Since it has stable durability, it can carry a maximum weight of 110 lbs. including all the accessories. Visibly, has the greatest capacity compared to the products mentioned earlier.


14. Standing Desk Converter in Birch by StandStand 

When in terms of portability, this has to be the finest of them all for it can be stored flat then you can bring it anywhere you wanted. It is simply designed with birch tree wood but it looked elegant and unique. It is perfectly designed to carry a laptop without being stumbled; amazingly, small equipment but a terrible one.

Other specs to consider

Convenience – You can place it on top of a current desk or you can take it while on travel to do your work as it is the most portable standing desk converter seen in the market.

Storage – It can be easily stored by just pressing it until it gets flat and can be easily assembled in just a few seconds.

Adjustment – It is manually adjusted up to your desired height level after placing the laptop on it.

Capacity – It cannot carry both a monitor and a keyboard at once so whether the keyboard is too low and the monitor is too high or vice versa. Thus, it is designed primarily to hold a laptop.


15. Readydesk 2 – Adjustable Standing Desk 

The first standing desk discovered around the world has a concern about the right posture of every user of it. Another wood-designed standing desk with so much elegance in the way it was made. They offer a promo wherein you can purchase a laptop standby just adding $10 to the cost.

Other specs to consider

Structure – Overly made of wood which results in a lighter weight but has abundant robustness. It cannot be easily shaken for it has a cross-revitalizing feature on its supporting legs.

Adjustment – The two removable shelves can be moved in a certain rack bracket as a way of adjusting to your preferred height level.

Capacity – It can hold two 27” wide monitors at the same time with a maximum weight of 75 lbs. overall with the keyboard and other accessories.

Assembly – Without using any tools, it can be effortlessly assembled and disassembled.


16. Ergotron WorkFit-T Sit-Stand Desk Converter

It is nearly the same as the VARIDESK standing desk converter when in terms of features. Their only difference is how the height can be adjusted for it can only be moved vertically rather than inclining towards you. However, it is good to fit in a tight space workplace that gives you a lot of room for work.

Other specs to consider

Adjustment – It is not manually adjusted but automated by pressing the two buttons on the equipment wherein it can be accustomed up to 15” in height.

Capacity – It can hold a maximum weight of 35 lbs. both in sitting and standing positions wherein the updated model named WorkFit-TL can carry up to 40 lbs. but demands a wider space.


17. WorkEZ Standing Desk

This tool renders a separate adjustment feature for the monitor, the keyboard, and for the mouse which provides more comfort for the user. The company finished this product with no use of toxic materials such as plastics thus ending with an eco-friendly and budget-friendly standing desk. In conclusion, it is a small and lightweight tool to carry a piece of equipment but with great durability.

Other specs to consider

Affordability – You can purchase this product with less than $150 in your pocket but will give you a quality end product.

Customization – You can adjust the monitor, the keyboard, and the mouse pad one by one up to your desired comfort needed. This tool helps you to work at the level of your relaxation.

Installation – It could be set up without putting much effort into the installation process for it can function well on different kinds of a platform.

Materials used –The stands are made of aluminum which results in firmer support for the whole equipment.

Capacity – It can uphold one monitor with a maximum weight of 13 lbs.


18. Defy Desk Height Adjustable Standing Desk Converter

Its height flexibility is highly pointed out on this product as it gives ease in doing so even if carrying heavy equipment. It has several adjusting positions of more than 200 ways which noticeably can render greater comfort to the users. The most noticed feature is its ability to adjust like no other.

Other specs to consider

Capacity – Allowing to carry two 21” monitors with a maximum weight of 30 lbs. without freaking out.

Structure – It has a steel base which makes it firm in carrying such weight. Additionally, in adjusting its height there’s an air pipe which results to smooth elevating and lowering of the equipment.

Dimension – The surface is measured 32” wide by 22”.


19.FlexiSpot M3B Standing Desk

This demands a lot of space in your work thus providing more space to finish all of your tasks more rapidly. It rises vertically upward and not towards the user which saves minimal space in your workplace spot. It also demands additional effort in lifting it while less on compressing it.

Other specs to consider

Keyboard tray – Unlike on other stand desks, it has wider space for holding a keyboard together with a mouse and is also detachable when not needed. Wider space for the keyboard lends comfort to your wrist while typing.

Adjustment – It takes minimal effort in switching whether sitting or standing position with the help of the handlebar on the side. The effort it takes differs between lifting and compressing it as lifting demands more strength.


20.  Stand-Up Desk Store AirRise Pro Standing Desk Converter

Finally, you can turn your desk into a rising desk with this AirRise Pro smoothly. It encourages a healthy upstanding work routine as used more often. It has a supporting base to where it will stand and thus does not have direct contact with the current desk.

Other specs to consider

Dimensions – Its dimension differs on top, lower, and base area. The top area is more likely wider than the keyboard area of about 4.5” while it’s just the same on the base area. That means, the top area can hold up one monitor and a laptop at the same time.

Capacity – It can hold a maximum weight of 35 lbs. including all accessories.

Assembly – It is readily assembled within 5 minutes without needing assistance.



  • What is a standing desk converter?

It is a tool placed on top of the existing table that will give you the option to stand while at work on your computer or laptop. They vary in the structure which you prefer. In appearance, it looks like a normal table but with added features in adjustments and in carrying hardware.

  • Why should I use a standing desk converter?
  • Cost-effectiveness

Using a standing desk converter will give you cost practicality as your existing desk will never be obsolete and the shipping cost will be lessened as it is compactly packed.

  • Easily assembled

Most of the standing desk converter is already assembled during delivery however some parts are not readily attached but without using any tools, you can completely assemble it.

  • Convenience

Some models are portable and can be used anywhere inside or outside your home. You can move freely while at work.

  • What are the benefits of using a standing desk converter?

Sitting while at work may also be tiring and it causes back pain and neck pain thus having this equipment will help you to relax a little by standing. Another health benefit of this equipment is it helps to increase blood flow and will build in you a good posture. According to studies, it is more likely to be active at work when done standing.

  • What are the types of standing desk converters?
  • X-shaped design – This type can only be adjusted at either lower or higher levels without inclining towards the user.
  • Z-shaped design – With this type, the monitor may incline towards the user and be more affordable than the first one.
  • Electronically design – Effortlessly provide a standing desk converter for multiple monitors by its electrical control however more costly than the other designs.
  • Laptop standing desk – The most compact stand desk of all specifically for laptop users and it has a built-in cooling fan.
  • Table platform design – It looks like a mere table that can be adjusted.
  • Will this work on taller people like 6ft.?

The answer depends on the model you will buy if it can reach a maximum height adjustment for a 6ft. person but normally there is. No worries because standing desk converters are all adjustable in different ways as they have more concerned about the comfort you could get.

The Final Verdict

Standard desk converters are not just basic furniture but a way of getting a healthy whole being even during work. If you did not yet try standing while working on your computer or laptop, you can start right after you purchase one of these tools to see a huge difference in the effects on your productivity and also your health.

Of all those stand desks mentioned above, we could sense your eagerness to buy your own thus by doing so we would like to hear from you in the comment section.



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