10 ice fishing tips and tricks

Many people set out to ice fish daily, but not everyone has a good story to tell at the end of the day. This is mainly because they did not do things the right way or are not knowledgeable enough in ice fishing.

Do you wish to catch more fishes when you set out on your next ice fishing trip, then check out these 10 ice fishing tips and tricks.

Be prepared

If you want to ice fish, the first thing you should make sure of is that you come prepared. Come with all the needed tools and equipment. Nothing should be left out. Also, you need to be learned about the ice you intend to fish on. What type of catch is available, and how deep are you supposed to go to catch one. This is very necessary for the preparation, and if you’re prepared and well informed, then there is the possibility of having a fruitful fishing trip. Not being prepared would result otherwise.

Keep watch

Being vigilant is key if you want to make catches. You obviously do not want to miss any catch because you were not watching. Keep watch on your fishing line so you can spot hits immediately you get them. Your eyes should be on your line as you pass it through the ice hole into the water. Watch out for any movement, and be ready to set your hook as well. If you are using an ice fishing tip-up, you get more of an advantage as the flag will notify you when there is a catch.

Experiment with sizes and colors

Sometimes, the reason why you are not making catches might be because of the size of jig you are making use of. For this, experimenting with jig sizes Is an ice fishing tip you should implement. If you use large fishing jigs, you can switch to smaller ones, and if you make use of small fishing jigs, you switch to larger ones. Also, you can try changing the color of your bait to see what effect it has. Little changes such as this

Switch Jig Style

There are mainly 2 types of fishing jig style; they can either be horizontal or vertical. Vertical jigs are mostly used, and it is likely to be what you are using. Trying a horizontal jig to see the results you get won’t be a bad idea. Who knows, it might be the ideal jig to cut.

Switch Jig Movement

A common fishing technique is moving the jig up and down. This might be primarily what you do while sitting and waiting for a catch. To be more productive in your ice fishing, you can swim against the tide and try switching jig movement. Rather than just moving your jig up and down, experiment with other movement techniques, you can come up with. A trick you can try Is to twist the fishing line, just as you would twist any other thing. This will cause your bait to rotate inside the water without moving up or down.

Try Plastic Baits

A lot of ice fishers make use of live fishing baits. Whereas these are very productive in getting catches, there is no harm to switch to plastic ones if the live ones are not working for you. The reason for this is to make a difference; you might not know, but some fishes may be attracted more to plastic baits than live baits. Finesse plastic fishing baits rare ideal here because their tails shake just like live baits.

Cover The Ice Hole

This applies to shallow waters. With an ice hole open, light reaches the water, and this will be visible to fishes. Most of them will stay off the light, which means your chances of making catches gets low. If the water were deep, you would not need to worry much about this. You can use ice shavings to cover the hole, which will block light from reaching the waters. This should not affect your fishing line In any way as you should still be able to pull or drop it.

Fish at the right time

There are specific hours in which you are bound to make catches, and there are some when you don’t get anything. Understanding this and fishing at the right time will save you from stress and time wastage. Some fishes are likely to be out very early in the morning; going to fish at such time is perfect as you are sure of catches. When you fish at the right time, you can use the rest of the day to do something else.

Stay Mobile

You are less likely to catch many fishes if you stay in a particular place, so, ideally, you move. If the spot where you are currently fishing does not seem to bring results, or it does, but you are not satisfied by it, move and try some other spot. Ice fishing tip-ups are mostly recommended because they let you fish at multiple points at a time. You can make use of them in such a scenario to make the most out of your fishing trip.

Be Patient

Whether as a tip or a trick, you need patience if you want to succeed with Ice fishing. Some days might not be as fruitful as other days. It is normal and Is something you would have to deal with. Also, it might take long before you come across any catch on one particular day. As you wait out patiently, endure that you are safe and comfortable. You would need to wear thick clothes to GT protected from the cold and need a relaxing chair. Towels are also recommended for you can dry your hands.


Ice fishing can be fun and enjoyable, especially when you are making catches. If you are not, it would seem to be a waste of time and resources. To avoid such and ensure that your fishing makes headway, you should implement the above tips and tricks.



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