One of the most useful things during a fishing trip is the best fishing coolers.

Do you experience getting off the shore with caught fish that are not already fresh?

Perhaps, direct contact with sunlight is the reason for spoilage. Fishes are so delicious when cooked fresh from the coast. And we don’t want to destroy that tasteful experience. Thankfully, a cooler specifically made to store fish is becoming popular in the market. We couldn’t deny the fact about people’s adoration of fishing until these days.

Staying on the shore for a long time is now worried-free. There’s no time to fear foul-smelling fishes. And begin to catch more fishes to be stored in your new fishing cooler.

Below are samples of fishing cooler products. They are picked from reputable and known cooler manufacturers. All of the needed factors are touched on during the review. We hope this would help you to find the best cooler on your next fishing trip.

15 Best Fishing Coolers

11. Coleman Performance Portable Cooler

1. Coleman Performance Portable Cooler

To begin with, a high-capacitated fishing cooler by Coleman. This portable cooler can hold 17 pounds of ice enough in freshening 48 quartz of caught fish. Its depth permits 2-liter bottles to stand upright in terms of height capacity, preventing sodas from fizzing.

The design is compact and heavy-duty yet portable to bring in all of your trips. It is finished with most green and tan for the covering to compliment the fishing settings’ essence.

Built-in two handles are comfortable to grip and assist in easy lifting and transporting. Draining the cooler is made convenient through the leak-resistant drain. No need for dripping to drain excess water. It has a rustproof feature that extends its useful life.


  • Spacious yet compactly designed
  • Leak-resistant drain
  • Convenient to handle


  • Nothing to mention


22. Igloo Quick and Cool Cooler

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Fishes last longer when stored in a polyethylene-made cooler. Amazingly, Igloo has created one of those polyethylene-made cool boxes. Catch fishes are cooled quickly and could last up to 5 days of being fresh.

Ices are kept in less than a week because of the polyethylene insulated body construction at 90 degrees F. It can contain not over 250 of 12 oz. Cans. Just imagine the cans as fishes caught on the shore wherein 150-quartz is its maximum capacity. There’s quick access that does not allow cool air to pass through.

The cooler is secured by its lid closure with dual snap-fit latches. In draining the system, a hose can be useful by connecting it to a threaded drain plug. Handling this cooler is different from the others because of its tie-down loop feature.


  • 150-quartz capacity
  • Highly insulated


  • Flimsy latches


33. YETI Tundra 65 Cooler

is another chiller with an insulation assembly. It is built with permafrost insulation with 3 inches of thick foam to preserve the ice. Also, a rotomolded construction is considered more sturdy and durable. Therefore, the preservation of a huge amount of fish is viable.

There are four major highlights of this cooler. First is the heavy-duty latch. That’s why the cooler is highly secured. Next is the strong hinge system with an interlocking design and thus preventing it from falling. The other two are mentioned earlier. Draining the system is accompanied by the vortex drain system. It is leak-proof and acts as an easy way of draining.

Carrying the cooler is made extra easy via polyester-made double haul handles. Riding it on a boat is possible by securing it with a durable rope. It will not slide through the sail goes bumpy because of its non-slip feet.


  • Great insulation
  • Built with toughness
  • Sail-friendly


  • Extra expensive cooler


44. YETI Roadie 20 Cooler

The prior Yeti cooler might be out of your pocket, so here’s another premium cooler option. SaLikeundra 65, Roadie 20 is built with 3 inches of permafrost insulation with wiandxtra-thick walls. However, it is only appropriate for short angling trips, for it can only hold up to 14 cans or little amount of sea creatures.

This version is more portable as it can fit in tight spaces in a boat. Although lesser capacity, its chilling performance is still appreciated by many anglers. Just like the previous cooler, it is made sturdier with the help of Rotomolded Construction. It is strongly locked with T-Rex latches made from heavy-duty rubber. Carrying the portable cooler is escorted by a stainless steel handle.

The cooler is still heavy-duty despite its capacity, and some complaint has been raised about its draining system.


  • Permafrost insulation
  • Perfect for small boats
  • Easy to carry


  • Draining system fails


55. Engel USA Cooler/Dry Box

Engel is a cooler manufacturer that has gained the trust of many fishers all over the globe. This item is useable in storing dry, cold, and hot pieces of stuff. It is created to be a perfect companion for every fisher because of the four-rod holders attach on their sides. Well, it can be worn with a sturdy carrying strap while fishing.

It is fully made of marine-grade stainless steel added with high-grade polystyrene core insulation. For that reason, storing 30-quartz freshly catch fish for 24-hours is probable.

There’s a highlight that no stains or odors will not come out of the box on its surface. It is closed tighter than other coolers through the stainless steel latches. Aside from the carrying strap, a plastic handle is added on top.

The cooler/dry box is made waterproof and airtight and, as a result, suitable for all kinds of trips.


  • Versatile cooler
  • Well-built and very affordable
  • 4 Rod holders


  • The plastic handle might be fragile


66. AO Coolers Vinyl Fishing Soft Cooler

6. ALPS Mountaineering Lynx Tent

This time it is a cooling bag, but no worries about its ability to cool down catch fish as it is built with five layers of insulating materials. It can chill ice for 24 hours at 120-degree temperatures. Another truth is its insulation system is twice as the other soft cooler designs.

The cooler’s exterior portion is made of waterproof 1000 denier vinyl with UV protection to evade it from loosening its color.  Inner portions are made of materials that highly absorb fluids.

Despite its softness, this soft cooler is tear-resistant, and it can hold up to 375 pounds of fish. It is easy to carry because of the cloth handle and an extra shoulder strap. The latter can be removed when not needed and stored in the side pocket. A side pocket is also made to store dry goods.


High capacitated

Soft cooler yet effective in cooling goods


Some say it’s not waterproof from the exterior.


77. Igloo Marine Breeze Roller Cooler

will let you go fishing like a schoolboy. It is moved from one point to another point over and done with its roller wheels. Besides, the polypropylene-constructed cooler only weighs 5 pounds.

Behind its portability and lightness is a deep storage compartment able to store 28 quartz. A UV inhibitor is also built to protect its appearance from sunlight.

A telescoping handle with a push-button is used to transport the cooler. While carrying the roller cooler, there are molded-in side handles. It is made out of high-density plastic materials that are firm enough to stand against any weather.

It can keep ice chill for up to 2 days through the Cool Rise Technology feature that enhances its cooling performance. A drain plug is used to drain excess water instead of pouring out the water.

Two fishing rods removable holders are also added for convenience to any fishing trips.


  • Rubber wheels
  • Easy to transport and carry
  • Designed compact


  • No drain hole


88. Coleman Steel-Belted Portable Cooler

Coleman always applies classic design in all of its cooler products, including Steel-Belted Portable Coolers. This model is next to the first Coleman cooler product being reviewed in terms of its capacity. It can hold up to 54 quarts or 85 cans in one use. The height capacity is a 2-liter upright bottle. Insulation is excellent for up to 90 degrees F and retains ice for four days.

The cooler is built with rust-resistant stainless steel material, which also guarantees firmness. In retaining its insulation, a stainless steel lid fastener secures the cooler while moving. Also, metal hinges are made to ensure its sturdiness, especially since it carries several fish.

Draining the cooler is done with the help of its leak-resistant channel drain, and it is rust-proof. Comfortable handling of the cooler is employing steel handles covered with rubber.


  • Low-priced and simply designed
  • Super high capacitated


  • Heavyweight


99. IceMule Pro Insulated Backpack Cooler

9. IceMule Pro Insulated Backpack Cooler

There’s nothing more convenient than this Insulated Backpack Cooler. You read it right, a backpack. Fishing is easily done with this stuff as you can instantly put fish on the bag you are wearing. It has double-padded straps that make it convenient to carry, freeing both hands.

The backpack cooler is made in 5 ways. First, TriFold DriTop is a system responsible for keeping the goods inside the cold. Second is the MuleSkinEV which describes the soft cooler’s inner and outer layer, which is two times thicker than the others. Third is PolarLayer Insulation, the reason for a long-lasting coolness of up to 24 hours.

Next is IM AirValve, which works for easy storage as it removes air from the cooler so that it can be rolled up. Lastly is the ComfortCarryIMPT System, where padded straps came from for ultimate comfort.

It can hold 20 cans and, if compared to some fishes, perhaps lesser capacity than a cool box. It is reasonable enough because of its style and design. The soft cooler is collapsible through air removal.


  • Convenient to carry
  • Well-built and designed
  • Waterproof


  • Uncomfortable straps


1010. AO Coolers Canvas Soft Cooler 

It is another AO Cooler on the list. But this time, it is more portable and perfect for day-long fishing. Canvas Soft Cooler has a capacity ranging from 5 to 15 pounds of ice enough in chilling fish. You have four size options depending on the fishing capacity range. It can hold ice for a day without it getting warmer.

The soft cooler is made out of leak-proof vinyl liner through its ¾-inch thick foam insulation. That’s the reason why it can keep fish fresh and cool the whole day of fishing. It is also made waterproof and so seamless to be brought in a boat. Splashing waves is not a big deal to our dearest Canvas.

Storage for dry items is found in the side pockets. Handling the soft cooler is done in two ways, through the carrying the handle, and the other way is the removable shoulder strap.


  • Two-way handle
  • Waterproof and leak-proof
  • Slightly affordable


  • The carrying handle is not durable.


1111. Seattle Sports Roll Catch Cooler 

3. Kreg Mini Jig Kit review

Are you a kayak fisher? Here is a perfect fishing cooler for you!

Its look is far different from the other products reviewed previously. Seattle Sports Cooler is neither a cool box nor a typical soft cooler but a roll cooler. This type of cooler is primarily made for kayak users to catch some fish.

It is built like a badminton rocket bag that has more space. The holding capacity is approximately 18 liters of 24-inches redfish. It is still a huge amount, though. Its construction is added with thermal efficiency and maximum insulation appropriate for cooling caught fish.

The inner part is composed of foam insulation that maintains the coolness of the goods inside. The outer layer gives protection from the heat on what is inside. The top closure can be rolled three times, resulting in a more portable cooler at all times. Adjustable carrying straps add extra convenience to this cooler.


  • Very convenient to carry
  • Easy to clean
  • Newly styled soft cooler


  • Poor ice retention


1212. One Savvy Girl Ultralight Backpack Cooler Chair 

Having a cooler with a chair at the same time is now possible.

One Savvy Girl focused on producing female wanderer products. Well, do not underestimate the capability of women to go fishing. Going back to the product, it is again a backpack cooler but has one unique highlight. It can be transformed into a small and foldable chair in just a snap.

The backpack is made of waterproof oxford fabric. It can cool down goods, including a small number of fish. It is also composed of outside pockets as extra storage for dry goods. It is lightweight and stylishly designed, which is suitable for girls. The cooler backpack chair is easy to carry with its comfortable shoulder strap.

This item is recommended for occasional use only to lengthen its usefulness. Right after fishing, you can sit back and chill while staring at the shore.


  • 3-in-1 stuff: A backpack, cooler, and chair
  • Affordable


  • Issues on stitches
  • Only fit for the slimmer body


1313. Igloo Polar Cooler

Fishes aren’t eaten in just a day. It could last for days. Igloo Polar Cooler is responsible for preserving fish for several days to be as fresh as the day they’re caught. Up to 90-degree F temperature, ice lasts for five days, and therefore, goods are chilled long enough. Usual coolers only last less than five days. That’s why you could be better off with this cooler.

Preserving fish that long is achieved because of its ultra-thermal insulated body construction. The cooler is made bigger too so that it can contain 120 quartz or 188 cans. It is, therefore, perfect for a vast kind of fishing. Polar Cooler is fully finished with white which ends up with a classier look in terms of its look.

It is enclosed with dual-snap fit latches, and it prevents cool air from escaping. Thereafter, it is fully secured. For draining, a drain plug is built to connect with a hose for easy draining without tripping. The handles are made swing-up with a tie-down loop, which makes it more space saver.


  • Highest capacity among the products mentioned.
  • Simple yet classically designed


  • The hardware is flimsy.


1414. Elkton Rolling Tackle Box 

14. Elkton Rolling Tackle Box 

If you want a more organized fishing cooler, Elkton Rolling Tackle Box is the answer. It is designed as a rolling cooler that has removable tackle trays. You can, therefore, directly separate different types of fish. Besides, its goal is to complete your fishing gear more conveniently.

It looks like a typical rolling bag during primary school days.  The cool rolling box is made of fabric and enclosed with sturdy zippers. Additionally, it is lighter in weight and watertight. Despite the weight of the material, it can store less than 27 pounds of fish.

The storage compartment has an overall 18 tackle trays and is favorable for every fisher. Transporting the cooler is very opportune by pulling its rolling handle. It can also be carried at the back through shoulder straps. Four-rod holders are built on both sides and hence complete your fishing gear.


  • Rolling cooler bag
  • Enhances more organized storage
  • Convenient to move from place to place


  • Slightly expensive
  • Some suggest the wheel could’ve been removable.


1515. CANYON Insulated Fish Cooler Bags

Lastly is the Canyon Insulated Fish Cooler Bags. It is not a backpack nor a rolling bag but a carrying bag. The fish bag is so simple looking but can contain up to 300 pounds of fresh fish. Last 2016, Canyon’s fish bag is selected to be the Gear of the Year. That’s enough proof of its goodness in cooling fish. Other than that, it is a USA-made product.

It is not designed bulky but more compact with its 2-inches web handles. The bag conserves so much space on a deck, and that is a good thing. It is constructed with a fiber-interlaced skin that is heat-sealed so no more leaking on the boat.

Keeping the fish cool and fresh is done with the help of its hi-tech foam insulation. Foam insulation is doubled in a layer one inch thick. It also has a drain plug for the hose in draining and cleaning the bag.

The bag is available in 3 sizes, including 30, 40, and 60 inches cooler bags. Stretch and store strap is included upon purchase for an organized store.


  • High capacitated
  • Durable and well-built
  • Keeps the ice well
  • Non-adjustable shoulder strap



Before anything else, ask if the purchase to be made is worth it.

Since fishing coolers play a vital role in our fishing trip, buying the right one might be tough. There are many choices for a fishing cooler, and choosing the best takes a bit of knowledge about the product. This section will answer five questions as we share some deeper facts about this type of cooler.


Q: What makes a fishing cooler different from the other coolers?

A: A fishing cooler is a fisherman or a vendor of fish needs. It is intended to store fish and other meaty goods that require high insulation. At the same time, the standard cooler is a cooler made for drinks. We all know that fishes have a different smell and so a separate cool box has been made.

Standard coolers include cup holders, which pertain to it being a cool box for drinks. Cup holders are not present in fishing coolers.


Q: How to make it cool for days?

A: Fishes can last longer if adequately chilled. The question is how a cooler can stay cool, not only in a day. Especially during these hot summer days, even cooler gets easily warm.

But, here are some tips to lengthen the coolness of your fishing cooler:

Use ice blocks: Ice blocks are bigger and therefore have a longer chilling capacity. While as ice cubes, it easily turns into liquid and so not a cost-efficient chilling material.

An extra layer of insulation: A fabric can do. Do not put the ice directly into the cool box and place an extra layer of insulation. This is recommended for both soft and hard coolers.

Chill the cooler itself: Cooler will be more effective in cooling goods when it is chilled. Therefore, put the ice blocks first before placing the fish.

Keep it secured: This is to prevent cool air from escaping. Just think about an open fridge for a long time; it cannot chill what’s inside. Securely close the lid covering through its latches.

Drain water as needed: It is obvious when it bears too much liquid, then drains it. The water may cause faster melting of the ice. You better drain the cooler as soon as possible.

Storing Technique: Do not only throw the fish on the box in case of storage. Try to pack the fish in layers. It doesn’t only end up organized but also evenly cools down goods.


Q: What to look for in buying a fishing cooler?

A: Some factors are considered before ending up with the best fishing cooler in the market. This portion of the FAQ is somewhat informational that helps other buyers find the best fishing cooler for them. Here are six important factors of the fishing cooler:

Level of insulation: Foremost is the factor that answers how long a cooler can hold ice. Insulation usually depends upon the construction of a cooler. 2 to 3 inches thick of foam insulation is adequate to retain the coolness inside. Also, consider the other layers of the construction, such as its covering. Lid covering is a huge part of maintaining excellent insulation for a cooler.

Capacity: Cooler is initially made for storage, and capacity is a big deal. Some cooler models look bulky but have lesser space on their interiors. How does it happen? Perhaps, thicker insulation is the reason why it results in a smaller capacity. In buying a fishing cooler, there are high, medium, and low-capacitated coolers. The capacity size hinges on the need of the buyer.

Draining system: The reality is ice melts. Most fishing coolers have drain holes or hose plugs at the bottom for the draining process. It is essential to know if it is leak-proof or not to prevent a stinky smell.

Design: Fishing coolers are available in different forms, a cool box, backpack cooler, rolling cooler, and many more. The design must complement the kind of fishing trip to be done. For kayak fishers, a fishing bag that fits in a deck is recommended. For heavy-duty fishing, a heavy-duty cool box is needed.

Handgrip: A fishing cooler is brought anywhere you go fishing, and handling it is a big issue. The handgrip depends on the design. A cool box has side handles and even a top handle. The backpack cooler is carried with durable and comfortable shoulder straps. There are rolling coolers moved from one place to another by pulling the handle.

The handle must be made of durable materials especially it contains heavy goods.

Brand: When talking about brands, in all products, it is usually considered. In the case of a fishing cooler, there are several trusted brands you can choose from.

It includes Coleman, Yeti, Engel, Pelican, and others. It is essential because they have gained a reputation from the customers. There are some branded products and yet sell products at low cost.


Q: How can I clean my fishing cooler?

A: The most straightforward way of cleaning a fishing cooler is to drain, rinse, and dry it. Sometimes, a simple way is not enough to get rid of the stink.

Here are two other ways of cleaning a fishing cooler:

1. Mix dish soap and baking soda and then scrub it. Rinse thoroughly after a few minutes and let it dry.

2. Mix dish soap and chlorine and then spray it on the inside and outside of the cooler. Rinse through a hose and let it dry.

If the odor is still there, repeat the process until it is hundred percent clean and odorless.


Q: Why is it important to buy a fishing cooler?

A: Summertime is on its way. Fishes go poorly easily when expose to direct sunlight. During long trip fishing, chilling caught fish is necessary to keep them fresh.

A fishing cooler is one way to freshen up fish and even baits. This prevents stinky fish and provides more income if used in business. It is also the most convenient way of chilling freshly caught fish even away from home.



Who would’ve thought a fishing cooler gives the extra mile in the fishing industry?

Owning a fishing cooler adds more convenience and positive results to your fishing career. We also discovered several distinctive features a fishing cooler has. And we conclude its a huge difference in standard coolers made for drinks.

Those reviewed products above are only a few of the options for the best fishing cooler. We have included different designs for you to know their differences, especially how versatile it is.

Special highlights about each product are also tackled from the viewpoint of fishers. Truly, these products are primarily constructed to make fishermen’s lives more convenient.

Are you still in doubt about the benefits you can experience in having a fishing cooler?

You are allowed to leave a comment in the box below if things aren’t yet clear. And wait for a quick response. Thank you for reading, and I hope to see you on the next fishing voyage with your best fishing cooler.


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