As an ice angler, you need a functional drill for your ice auger if you want to be productive. The work of these drills is to help make ice holes on the hard ice. They are made to be used in performing such tasks.

There are so many such drills available, but the most used ones are electric and cordless drills. In this article, we will be looking at the cordless ones, the best ones available.

Benefits of a using cordless drill

Why not go for an electric drill? What should you purchase a cordless drill for your ice auger? Well, below are the benefits of going for a cordless drill;

  • Affordable: Cordless drills are relatively more affordable than corded drills. If you want to buy a drill, the product price is one thing you should consider before making a decision. Going for a cordless drill, you do not have to spend much money, which is ideal if you are not a regular ice fisherman.
  • Easier to use: Cordless drills tend to be easier to use than their counterparts. You do not get the discomfort provided by cords with a cordless drill, and you will find them more comfortable to carry around. Also, they are mostly lightweight tools, so carrying them around won’t be difficult.
  • Efficient: Cordless drills function just as well as electric drills do. With a cordless drill that provides convenience, you would do your work faster, and since they are easy to use, your work will be efficient.
  • Less noise: Because these cordless drills operate without any external connection, they make less noise. Some battery-operated ones do have an internal motor that generates a bit of noise. Completely manual one generates no noise at all.

Cordless drills are not made in the same pattern; they are of different types and from different manufacturers.

For this reason, you will have lots of products to go through while searching for the best one. To help with that, below are some of the best cordless drills for ice augers from which you can choose;

1.     Milwaukee 2804-20 M18 FUEL 1/2 inches Hammer Drill

The Milwaukee Hammer drill is used by a power state brushless motor that delivers 60% more power than other hammer drills. It is a fast-operating cordless drill and is well constructed, making it a durable tool. This drill has a redlink plus intelligence feature that prevents it from damage as it provides overload protection.

It also protects the battery, so it does not get affected by a heavy workload. It features 3 modes; driving mode, drilling mode, and hammer drilling mode, and it is easy to switch between them. This cordless drill weighs just one pound with a ½ inch metal chuck and uses a Red Lithium XC5.0 battery.

2.     Dewalt DCD996BR 20V MAX XR Cordless 1/2 inches Hammer Drill

This is a cordless drill from the popular DeWALT brand you can use for your ice auger. It uses a Lithium-ion battery and has a heavy-duty ½ inch metal chuck. The drill is a durable piece; its chuck was nitro-carburized to ensure that it effectively handles drilling tasks.

It is a 3-speed drill and features an LED Spotlight mode, which increases the work time when working in dark places. With 4.4 pounds of weight, the DeWALT DCD996BR cordless hammer drill is lightweight.

3.     Ridgid R86116 18V Lithium-Ion Cordless Brushless Compact Hammer Drill 

Here we have a battery-powered drill with a light weight of 3.9 pounds. This Rigid R86116 cordless drill has an adjustable clutch; the clutch can be adjusted in about 100 different positions, and it can also tighten.

It features LED lighting so that you can work with it in dark or low-lit places. With its brushless motor, the drill performs its work faster and also manages power efficiently. Using it is easy, and the handle is rubber-coated to be comfortable to hold while working.

4.     Metabo HPT DS18DGL 18-Volt Cordless Lithium-Ion 1/2 Inch Compact Drill

Formerly known as the Hitachi Power DS18DGL compact drill, this drill is one of the best options if you need a cordless drill for your ice auger. It is a 2-speed drill with a weight of just 3.7 pounds. The drill performs efficiently in drilling with its 400 pounds torque and a 22+1 stage clutch.

There are 22 torque settings for flexible drilling, and it has an LED light for drilling in the dark. The drill is covered with a lifetime tool warranty and a two-year battery warranty by the manufacturers.

5.     Bosch DDB181-102 18V Lithium-Ion 1/2″ Compact Tough Drill

The renowned BOSCH manufacturers made this 3-pound drill, and a 1.5 Ah battery powered it. It is a compact tool that can be used to drill easily; it drills holes fast as it has 1300 RPM with 2 speeds and a 350 lbs torque.

If you go ice fishing at night, you can use the LED light for illumination. The battery lasts and is not affected by overloading or overheating, thanks to Bosch’s Electronic Cell Protection (ECP). The drill comes in a set with a charger and a carry bag.

6.     DEWALT DCD777C2 20V Max Lithium-Ion Brushless Compact Drill Driver

This is the second product from the DeWALT brand to appear on this list. It makes use of a brushless motor, which offers more runtime and better motor life.

The drill has 2-speeds and works fast. It is compactly designed to be used in tight areas. 2 lithium-ion batteries are required to power the motor and are included with the purchase. With a lightweight of 2.6 pounds, it would be easy to carry and work with this DeWALT compact drill.

7.     BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX Cordless Drill

Though not meant for ice drilling, this drill works as well as any other cordless drill on this list. It has a chuck of 3/8 inches in size and 11 clutch settings for variable drilling.

A lithium-ion battery powers its motor, and the battery lasts long for use due to its feature technology. You are guaranteed fast performance with a speed of 650 RPM.

The weight is just 3.4 pounds, which is light; it would be comfortable to work with the tool. This BLACK+DECKER cordless drill comes in a pack and a battery and an LCS20 charger for charging.

8.     WORX WX176L.1 Switchdriver 2-in-1 Cordless Drill

This WORX cordless drill is designed for any drilling task, be it ice. It features a precise electronic torque control system for effective performance and the prevention of damage. With 2-speed settings and a rotating chuck, this drill works very fast with smooth results.

With its LED light, it would be possible to use it in the dark; a weight of 2.9 pounds makes the product light and easy to use.

The drill is powered by a 20V Max Lithium battery, which is included upon purchase. It is covered with a 3-year warranty upon purchase.


Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

Q: What size ice auger should I buy?

A: The size you should buy depends on the size of the hole you want to dig. Likewise, the size of the hole you would dig is determined by the species of fish you want to catch. A small-sized auger between 3 and 5 inches should be ideal for small holes, while 6 – 9 inches will be ok for larger holes.

Q: Can you use a cordless drill in the rain?

A: It is not safe to use a cordless drill in the rain, so the answer is No! A drill should not be used on ice with water around; if there must be water, make sure it is minimal.

Q: How do you maintain Your Cordless Drill

A: Maintaining your cordless drill should not be difficult. You should use lubricating oil on it from time to time to prevent it from rusting. The oil should be applied to all metal parts, especially the chuck. Aside from that, store it properly when not in use.

Q: How do you tighten the chuck on a cordless drill?

A: You can tighten the chuck by adjusting the vice. This can be achieved when you rotate the collar until it is slightly open. Next, you rotate the collar in a close wise direction till the vice clamps the bit shaft. Keep on rotating in the same direction till it gets tight.

Q: How do you remove a chuck from a cordless drill?

A: First of all, take off the screw located at the center of the chunk. Completely loosen the chuck jaw till it comes off. In some cordless drills, you will also have to remove a crew at the chuck base.



We have made available the best cordless drills for an ice auger, and it’s left to you know to purchase anyone of interest. As an ice fisherman, any of the cordless drills listed above will work for you. They have been used by customers who confirmed how good they are at drilling ice holes.



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