In this article, we’ll be going to spill out some of the best bass fishing rods to make casting better off. Get ready for more fishes are to be caught this time.

Bass fishing is the most ignored sport in the universe. You heard it right, a sport. We’ve come to realize that fishing has something to do with the physical endurance of the person doing it.

Catching fish will test your muscle strength and patience, especially when using a traditional fishing rod. But, a fishing rod is specifically created for bass anglers that look nearly similar to a traditional one.

15 Best Bass Fishing Rods


1KastKing Perigee II Fishing Rods

KastKing is known for its best fishing gear in the market. The advancement of technology is applied to their products. This includes one piece and two pieces spinning rod and casting rods, respectively.

Both are made out of high-quality resources rendering high performance on fishing. The two casting rods are made available for medium light and medium-heavy lure casting weight.

All in all, the fishing rod is constructed with a 24-ton carbon filter resulting in very light fishing equipment. The EVA handle gives comfort in every casting and adds sensitivity whenever the bait catches a sea creature. Fuji O-ring line guides make the tool suitable for saltwater, freshwater, kayak, and of course, for bass fishing.

The fishing rod is packed with due care to prevent damage upon delivery and experience its best when fishing.

What makes this bass fishing rod worthy?

  • Two-rod tips: Medium-light and medium heavy
  • Lifetime warranty for the rods
  • High quality and high performance


2Entsport Camo Legend Bait Casting Rod 

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It will never be called a “Legend” without proof. Two-rod tips are obtained in one purchase, one for medium and one for slightly heavy bass. The material is lightweight because of the 24-ton carbon fiber construction with maintaining durability—stainless steel guides, together with the ceramic insert, added durability and casting performance. An EVA handle provides comfort for casting and other conditions.

Casting using two hands is allowed through the handle resulting in 0.1 to 1.1 oz. of handle lure weight. A corrosion-resistant reel seat makes the fishing rod more comfortable and easier to use. The included insert is longer than the female part, which can be beneficial in the long run. During casting, enhance sensitivity is being applied through the help of the reel seat.

For storage, a protection rod bag is included.

What makes this bass fishing rod worthy?

  • Two-rod tips: medium and medium-heavy
  • Stylish designed
  • Reasonably priced fishing rod


3Berkley Cherrywood HD Casting Rod

Bass fishing requires excellent sensitivity and durability of a fishing rod. Berkley Casting Rod is chiefly created for bass baitcasting both for beginners and for expert anglers. It performs well on all kinds of fishing, including saltwater fishing.

The material is made from hybrid design construction, which makes it durable enough for bass fishing. Also, the rod looks stylish and more attractive in a red coating.

The handle is made of cork with an attached reel for handling purposes that makes the material comfortable to grip while fishing. Well-built stainless steel guides prove the flexibility and sturdiness of the whole equipment. The lure casting weight capacity is at the medium rate; however, there are six other available options.

The product is inexpensive yet offers a high-quality performance as if it is priced similarly to expensive brands. You’ll never be disappointed with what you purchase.

What makes this bass fishing rod worthy?

  • Lightweight and stylishly designed
  • Very affordable yet high-quality
  • Cork handle for comfortable gripping


4UglyStik GX2 Spinning Rod

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It is named after “Ugly,” a very unpleasant word, but the truth is it looks so attractive in modern styling. Ugly Stik GX2 Spinning Rod is the top favorite of bass anglers, especially for beginners. The spinning rod is easy to operate with the help of the spinning reel that even far distance casting is possible.

The rod is constructed with graphite and fiberglass, making the whole fishing equipment durable enough to catch fishes. Handling the rod is so comfortable via EVA handgrip.

It can handle 6 to 15 pounds of sea creature through the spinning reel with a casting power of 1/8 to 5/8 ounce lures. It comes with two 6’6” medium power spinning rod and a piece of stainless steel guide to preventing popping out inserts.

In packing the rod, it is contained in a fishing backpack in either two or four pieces of rod options.

What makes this bass fishing rod worthy?

  • Portable and lightweight
  • Has excellent sensitivity and sturdy


5Abu Garcia Villain 2.0 Casting Fishing Rod

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Casting rods with an added baitcasting reel is perfect for heavy-duty fishing. Abu Garcia Villain Casting Rod is designed similar to that feature as mentioned earlier of bass rods. The equipment is somewhat pricier than the other products as it is near to specialist rods in terms of its functionality.

It comes in several sizes; however, the most recommended option is the 7’ medium power. As experts said, this option is composed of a one-piece lightweight rod and very suitable for bass fishing.

The material is lightweight because of the material used in construction, which is 40-ton graphite. Additionally, a carbon construction strengthens the equipment to uphold even medium-heavy lures.

For non-slip gripping, an EVA handle is constructed together with the titanium alloy guides containing zirconium inserts. With these added highlights, the equipment is still lightweight.

The pricing is higher than other products but still a perfect rod for heavier baits and must-have gear for anglers.

What makes this bass fishing rod worthy?

  • The quality is worth the price
  • A good casting rod for both light and medium lures


6AH76HC American Hero Speed Stick Rod by Lew’s Fishing

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Who would’ve thought that a simple fishing rod can be a hero to many American veterans? A portion of the income is used to help select American heroes gain the joy of fishing as they return to noncombatant life. American Hero Speed Stick Rod is just like the American heroes in terms of its strong features to be mentioned below.

It is a spinning rod capable of heavy bait for flipping and pitching with a 7’6” fishing rod length. The longer the rod, the greater the casting accuracy. Lure casting weight ranging from 20 to 40 pounds is accompanied by the stronger lines that cope with thick covers.

The rod is made of a multilayer graphite material and stainless steel guides with inserts. Thus, the structure is so strong and not compromise with its lighter weight. Handling the equipment is made comfier through the EVA grip.

The great thing about this product is how it helps the wellbeing of many American heroes after many years of service in the country.

What makes this bass fishing rod worthy?

  • Designed for flipping and pitching
  • The great purpose on proceeds
  • Heavy-duty bass fishing rod


7G.Loomis Trout & Panfish Trout Series Spinning Rods

Trout and Panfish are small species of fisher in which this item works. G. Loomis spinning rod is designed to be ultra-light fishing equipment, which is obviously intended for smaller sea creatures. It offers a wide range of rod lengths from five to seven feet.

However, the best equipment for ultra-light fishing is a rod length of 6.5 to 7 feet. This model can carry 2 to 10 pounds lines on every casting.

The spinning rod is constructed with fiber blend and Fuji Alconite guides ending up with a lightweight and more compact fishing rod. Take note, the materials used in construction depends on the model purchased.

The handle is made of cork that bears a maximum sensitivity upon fishing ultra-light species. Further, the rod tip is fast enough in catching small fishes as it is finely tuned.

The equipment is ultra-light; however, high performance is not sacrificed.

What makes this bass fishing rod worthy?

  • Pricey yet high-quality fishing rod
  • Several rod length options


8Pflueger Trion Fishing Reel and Rod Combo

It is a spinning combo comprising a fishing reel and a spinning rod that confesses the product to be the top-rated bass fishing rod. The rod is available in 7-rod lengths ranging from 5’ to 7’. The shorter it is, results in easier casting control with the help of the anti-reverse reeling. This combination of reel and rod effectively works together for up to medium size bass.

The Pflueger Trion rod is suitable only for short distance casting in a shallower water base but still reliable equipment for anglers. Improved accuracy is reached because of the shorter rod length, which is also easier to control.

It is made out of I-M6 graphite, known for its sensitivity and durability. Also, 7 stainless steel bearing systems make every casting smooth, preventing rust formation upon the equipment. An aircraft-grade aluminum handle adds comfort for the angler while fishing.

Indeed, a combination of a fishing reel and rod is highly recommended in all angler levels.

What makes this bass fishing rod worthy?

  • Priced as according on its great performance
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Rendering a well-balanced fishing


9Falcon Rods Coastal Spinning Rod

Let’s go back to the low valued fishing rod. Though Falcon Rods Spinning Rod is slightly affordable than any other rods, it still renders a bombastic performance. It is because of flexibility, sensitivity, and well-balanced highlights.

The equipment is appropriate for small as well as medium-sized fishes, both inshore and saltwater environments. It is well-balanced in terms of how it is built that completes a greatly sensitive fishing rod.

The spinning rod is made available in various rod lengths ranging from 6’6” to 8’ medium to heavy fishing action. Due to the graphite construction, bait sensitivity is enhanced to sense even the tiniest lure being attached. The cork handle gives an extra sensitivity and a comfortable grip. A built-in Fuji guide with a reel seat completes the spinning rod to perform its desired task.

The fishing equipment is reasonably valued and yet built with high-quality materials.

What makes this bass fishing rod worthy?

  • Low value yet out of quality resources
  • Wide range usage


10SHIMANO Stimula Spin Rod

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Shimano never fails to introduce fishing equipment with great performance and reliability. This item stands out in catching bass and even smaller fishes. The package included two pieces of spinning rod that comes with different rod lengths. In this review, we’ll be discussing the shortest rod length specifically 5’6” while, in reality, rod length reaches up to 7 ft.

Ultra-light power range is being applied, which is good for catching not so heavy sea creatures. The aluminum oxide guides and a reel seat make the equipment firmer and more accurate in casting. Since it is a lightweight tool, handling the rod via a cork handle remains unforced for a built-in EVA butt cap that supports the equipment as you handle it. Keeping the hook in place is done easily through the hook keeper.

Users testified about the fishing tool’s long-lasting usage and, therefore, a great investment for all anglers out there.

What makes this bass fishing rod worthy?

  • Two pieces durable spinning rod
  • Simple yet attractive design
  • A wide range of rod length selections from ultra-light to medium.


11St Croix Mojo Bass Spinning Rod

It is another technology-driven bass fishing rod on the list. SCIII graphite and IPC tooling technology are mentioned as the new highlights of this product. These features end up with a more balanced, lighter, and sensitive fishing rod like no other. More than that, the product bears an unbelievable value afford by many.

It comes with two sizes options, including 6’8” and 7’1”. The line weight it carries is up to 14 pounds, not bad for catching bigger fishes.

The rod is designed in the U.S.A. with two coats to avoid early corrosion. Together with the aluminum oxide guides, the Cork handle provides a comfier casting as the control is right on your fingertips.

Using the equipment on freshwater might be more effective; however, as said earlier, it still works well in other fishing areas.

What makes this bass fishing good?

  • At the mid-range pricing
  • A lightweight and simple look
  • Technology-advancement is applied


12Shakespeare Travel Mate Kit Spinning Rod and Reel Combo

Bass fishing in faraway water areas is much enjoyable when having a real-time fishing equipment combo. It’s hard to travel while carrying heavy-duty equipment. Why waste your time and energy in carrying heavy equipment when there is a Shakespeare travel mate kit?

It is a combination of a spinning rod and a spinning reel, which are necessary to perform bass fishing. The same thing as the other combo products above; however, this item has its fishing travel kit.

With this equipment, you can put more of your personal stuff in your bag. The rod’s length is 6’6” enough for fishing medium-sized sea creatures. The material collapses to 14.5 inches when being stored.

What makes this bass fishing rod a good choice?

  • Travelling kit is included
  • Lightweight and compact


13Piscifun Torrent Baitcasting Rod 

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is available in four models, and all included two pieces rods. They differ in length, power, line, and lure weight, guides, and techniques. The versatility of this product depends on the power it renders.

For example, the 1st Generation model has medium power up to medium-heavy power. It is constructed with both graphite and fiberglass materials ending up with an unbreakable fishing rod. The EVA handle renders a comfortable grip.

The hook keeper is designed sturdier and more convenient to hook and unhook fish traps. Casting in a distant is supported by the anti-line twist tip that prevents tangling of lines.

As usual, stainless steel guides with Zirconium inserts keeps the rod sturdier and prevents slippage. The sensitivity of the casting rod is assured even to the tiniest nibbles.

Lastly, it is so flexible, and catching bigger fishes is possible.

What makes this bass fishing rod worthy?

  • Product model options
  • Durable hook keeper
  • Very affordable and works well


14PLUSINNO Telescopic Fishing Rod and Reel Combos Full Kit

Counting in again is another full kit fishing rod combo. The included carrier bag dwells the collapsed whole equipment, including the necessary accessories. The combo contains a rod and a reel that works as one. Bearing the equipment itself is very easy due to its lighter weight and compact design. A fishing carrying bag is included to contain the whole equipment in times of travel.

The material is made with a mixture of carbon fiber and fiberglass that makes it elastic and durable. Stainless steel reel seats prevent the rod from rusting to extend its usefulness. The rod is easily handled as well as absorbs sweat through the EVA grip. It has an anti-reverse feature with enhanced strength. It offers several rod length options depending on the angler’s preference.

The fishing rod is suitable for sea and boat fishing. Plusinno renders a 12-month warranty for the product, which is highly favorable upon the consumers.

What makes this bass fishing rod worthy?

  • The product is a complete package
  • Well-built and lightweight
  • Very affordable


15JEKOSEN Portable Travel Casting

Ending the post with a travel-friendly fishing rod (although it’s not the only portable rod on the list. We believe that anglers tend to travel to catch fish, and a portable fishing rod is necessary.

The travel bag included is different from other products’ carriers as they are designed as a rod tube. Equipment exactly fits on the rod tube and easy to carry through the strap. The rod itself is lightweight.

The 4-pieces designed fishing rod only comes with a fishing rod as a fishing reel is separately purchased. Ecooda Black Hawk II 1500 Reel is an example of a compatible reel on the rod. The ceramic guides render more sensitivity and great casting performance.

While the reel seats are made out of nylon for a sturdier base and comfier fishing, handling the equipment is comfier through the foam-made EVA grip with an anti-wear protective pad.

The item is very affordable, knowing its high-quality performance being rendered. It is indeed a good purchase for those looking for a travel-friendly bass fishing rod.

What makes this bass fishing rod worthy?

  • Very portable
  • Great casting performance
  • Within the means of aspiring anglers



Are you completely ready to go fishing? Or perhaps, you still doubt what bass fishing rod you will buy. In this section of the article, we gathered five frequently asked questions and answered it the best possible. Without further argument, continue reading below to find out the answers that’ll erase your doubts upon these rods.

Q: What makes a bass fishing rod different from the traditional one?

Bass fishing rod is created to last longer than a traditional rod because of the materials being used during the production. A traditional rod is made as simple as a stick with a string operated manually, whereas a bass fishing rod is more advanced in operation. Of course, a traditional one can be made by your skills, but the prior rod is needed to be purchased in a certain fishing equipment store. Significantly, a bass fishing rod is a more costly rod than any other, but it is a great investment for the beginners and experienced anglers.

Q: What materials a bass fishing rod made of?

There are only two used materials in producing this type of rod, including graphite and fiberglass. These two can be combined in one rod, which is much better but will cost higher as expected. Below are the two materials explained:

#1 Graphite: Graphite or carbon fiber is a lightweight material and, therefore, not too strong to be used in fishing. That’s why a Graphite-made rod is recommended only for the beginners. Also, the resulting rod would be high-sensitive that causes the caught fish not to bite the bait.

#2 Fiberglass: Fiberglass rods are a larger version of graphite rods, thus appropriate for more experienced anglers. It is heavier than the former with a tiny gap. Further, these rods are less sensitive than the prior type of rod, which is more favorable on bass fishing. You can sense whether a fish bites the bait or it’s only a false alarm as time goes by.

This type is the cheapest of them all.

#3 Composite: This material type is a combination of graphite and fiberglass. As composed of combined materials, it adapts each material’s goodness. The graphite portion offers high sensitivity as the fiberglass portion completes the rod with strength and durability.

Q: What’s better, one-piece, two-piece, or telescoping rod?

This completely depends upon your needs. If the fishing rod is to be used in different angling places, a two-piece rod is better. Let’s differentiate one-piece and two-piece rod to know what’s better clearly:

One-piece rod: One-piece rod comes as one piece product, the rod itself. It is instantly used whenever you want to go fishing, as there’s no installation to be done. And also, higher sensitivity and easy control are experienced with a one-piece rod.

Two-piece rod: This is designed to be broken down in two pieces to easily store the rod in an included carrying bag. Therefore, a short time assembly is applied whenever it is needed.

Telescoping rod: This is the most portable of them all, as it is built smaller than the prior designs. It is still a travel companion rod without carrying too much rod pieces.

To finally answer the question, which is better among the three? They all work better, but the most convenient is the telescoping rod, followed by the two-piece rod. It is because both can be brought during travels. Its usefulness depends upon the situation.

Q: Which handle grip is better. Cork handles, EVA foam handles, or wood handles?

The comfort is primarily felt on the handle grip! So better consider it during the purchase.

Here are three types of handle your fishing rod might have:

Cork handle: This must be the lightest to handle grip. It is more sensitive to bait bite and, therefore, easier to sense if a fish is caught.

EVA foam handle: EVA handle is known for rendering a comfier grip. It is foam-padded yet absorbs sweat resulting in bad odor if not cleaned regularly. However, it lasts longer with added blank rod well.

Wood handle: Wood is a handle type prone to early damage, especially if it gets wet though pleasing in the eye.

Of these three handles, we select EVA foam handle for better gripping. And we believe our dear anglers desire for a comfier handle.

Q: What do power and action mean?

Power and action are important characteristics of a rod that must be considered during the purchase. These two are explained in the further section of the post.

Power: As fishing rod upholds caught fish, it needs so much strength depending on the sea creature’s weight being caught. A power is categorized into three levels, including light, medium, and heavy, or a combination of two. The power needed depends parallel to the weight of the fish.

Action: Rod action is the bending distance under pressure of a rod. It is categorized into three, such as fast, moderate, and slow. Fast action is proper for heavy baits, while slow action is for lighter bait.

These two characteristics of a rod complete the product’s functionality, whereas, without it, it will be too confusing.


What you should know about bass fishing rod

Casting rod versus Spinning rod

In bass fishing, there are two types of rod being used. This includes a casting rod and a spinning rod that works differently. Below it will be discussed individually:

Casting rod

The casting rod is designed to handle heavier lines because it renders more pulling power than the guides. It is recommended for an experienced angler to perform deeper cranking, pitching, flipping, buzz baits, and handling heavier lures. It is because the reel and the guides are placed on top of the rod.

Spinning rod

Reel and guides are placed on the under portion of the rod. This works best on lighter lures or smaller bass. Therefore, a spinning rod is highly recommended for beginners, for it is easy to operate even on difficult water grounds.

The success behind catching bass is a durable bass fishing rod. The distance of casting depends on the length of your fishing rod. So, here are the top 15 unsurpassed bass fishing rods reviewed to help you choose which is which.



Being the best bass angler completely rests on the best bass fishing rod you’re using. Catching fish is very difficult without proper training or simply without a proper fishing rod. It is easy to pick a fishing rod in the market; however, it is unsure. Would it be better to select a suitable rod for your angling experience?

As discussed earlier, there are two types of bass fishing rod. Choose which is suitable for you. And on the Frequently Asked Questions section, important details about bass fishing rod are told. We expect you to know better now about the product you are looking for.

Also, there are the best bass fishing rods reviewed in durability, power, comfort, and sensitivity. Trusted brands are selected during the review, so rest assured is the greatness of the rods. You can still look for other bass fishing rods globally.

There’s a comment box below if something helpful pops in your mind. Kindly wait for a quick response coming from the team. We also accept recommendations for more bass fishing rods you know to help other anglers find what they are looking for.


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