Rootless Portable Outdoor Fire Pit Review

Portable outdoor fire pits are loved by many customers, especially when it comes to camping and other outdoor outings. There are lots of portable outdoor fire pits, but the one of interest here is the Rootless Portable Outdoor Fire Pit – Amazon’s choice for portable fire pit.

This fire pit is a simple one. You won’t know it is a fire pit unless they tell you or you see it burning. It consists of a mesh material which is to be attached on four steel legs. The mesh material is made from stainless steel and of good quality; it holds up the fire very well and does not burn itself due to its anti-cheating nature.

Attaching the mesh material to the legs is all you need to do to set it up, and it’s quite easy. There are steel clips at the edges of the mesh material where the legs will be connected to, and the legs are interlocked, so they stay stable. The fire pit holds a maximum weight of 5kg so it should not be overloaded.

Very much can be said about the portability of this outdoor fire pit, it is something every customer testify about. Storing or carrying the fire pit along anywhere is no work, roll the mesh and fold the legs and put it inside the velcro carry bag it comes with.


  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Comes with Velcro Carry Bag
  • Easy to assemble
  • Foldable legs


  • 5kg maximum weight


The Rootless Portable Outdoor Fire is a unique product and one of its kind. When it comes to portability and quality, there is hardly any fire pit that beats it, and it is super recommended for its cost friendly price.



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