World’s Top 10 Whitewater Kayaking Spots

Whitewater kayaking is something a lot of people all over the world love to engage in. It is a sport that gives participants a chance to travel and explore beautiful destinations worldwide.

If you are a Whitewater kayaker, there are several locations you can go to for a mind-blowing kayaking experience. Listed below are the top 10 whitewater kayaking spots in the world.

Pacuare RiverPacuare River

Also identified as Rio Pacuare, this river is a renowned spot for whitewater kayaking. The Pacuare River is located in the city of Siquirres in Costa Rica. It measures 129 kilometers In length.

The river is divided into sixteen sections. Three out of the sixteen are commonly run, and they are the Lower section, the Upper section, and the Upper Upper section. The lower section is the most popular section out of the three. It is surrounded by rain forests which house lots of birds and other animals like monkeys and jaguars.

Middle Fork Salmon River

You would find the Middle Fork Salmon River in the northwestern part of the US, Idaho state precisely. It is a great spot for kayaking, and it measures 104 miles in length. The river is a tributary of the Salmon River and has over 100 tributaries.

The river has a 7,000 feet elevation above sea level, and it drops to about 3,900 feet. You would need a permit to go on the Middle Fork Salmon River. The Forest Service issues these permits.

Futaleufú River

The Futaleufu River is a large river located in South America. Locals refer to it as Fu. It can be found in northern Patagonia, a region shared by Argentina and Chile. This river is one of the most beautiful rivers globally; it is a good whitewater kayaking spot surrounded by nature. Its length measures 105 kilometers.

The river has 3 sections, the most popular section being the bridge-to-bridge section. Other sections are the Azul River to bridge section and the Azul River to Macal Section.

John Stone River

Here we have a river system comprised of two rivers; the South Johnstone River and the North Johnstone River. Of the two rivers, the North Johnstone River is the most popular. It is located in Australia, Queensland State, and it covers a length of 200 kilometers.

The Johnstone River passes through the volcanic gorges and rainforests. It is a remote river, and the rainforests around it make it an interesting sight of nature. It has Class IV, and Class V waters and the help of helicopters can only access it.

Zambezi River

The Zambezi River is a prevalent one in Africa as it is the fourth largest river on the continent. It has a length of 2,574 kilometers and a basin size of 1.39 million kilometers. It has 3 major divisions; the lower Zambezi, the middle Zambezi, and the upper Zambezi.

Each of these sections features multiple rapids; they are too much to be named, so they are instead. The Zambezi River is an ideal kayaking spot if you want a big water experience. It offers Class IV and V waters for whitewater kayaking.

Colorado River

In the United States, you would find the Colorado River in the southwestern part. It runs through northern Mexico as well and runs through 8 states in both countries. The Colorado River has a length of 2,330 kilometers and a relatively large basin size.

This river has over 15 tributaries to the right and left; some popular ones include the Fraser River, Eagle River, and Green River. It is a spot that is preferred by so many for whitewater kayaking.

Ottawa River

You would find the Ottawa River in the Quebec and Ontario provinces of Canada. It features waves and rapids for both beginners and professional kayakers; it is an ideal whitewater spot. This river is the longest in Quebec with a 1,271-kilometer length, and it is a tributary of the popular St. Lawrence River.

The Ottawa River got its name from an Algonquin word, which means to trade. This is because the river was used as the main route for trading in Canada in previous times. The river provides a fun and interesting kayaking experience as it features two channels. Notably, the Freestyle Kayaking World Championships were hosted in the Ottawa River.

Sun Kosi River

Since 1984, the Sun Kosi River has been a major whitewater kayaking spot in Nepal. It is a part of the Nepal Koshi River system, and it has its tributaries. The River of Gold – as it translates – has a length of about 170 miles, and it features big water Class III and Class IV rapids.

For most kayakers, the Dolalghat put-in point, which has a height of 620 meters, is preferred. The monkeys in the forests will add to the fun and make the kayaking experience more interesting.

The White Nile

This is another whitewater kayaking spot in Africa; it is a major tributary of the renowned River Nile, the Blue Nile River. The White Nile flows through about 6 countries in Africa, but its main location is Rwanda.

It is formed at the convergence of the Bahr el Ghazal and Bahr al Jabal Rivers, and it has a length of 3,700 kilometers. The river features different rapids for kayakers; the White Nile is described as having thundering rapids. It is one of the world’s best whitewater kayaking spots.

St. Croix River

The last spot one can check out for whitewater kayaking is the St. Croix River. This river has a length of about 169 miles; it is a tributary of the popular Mississippi River. You can find the St. Croix River in Minnesota and Wisconsin in the United States. The St. Croix River is surrounded by nature, making it a lively and fun spot for whitewater kayaking.

The whitewater kayaking spots listed above will not disappoint if you need an interesting location to kayak. They are located in different countries across the world and are all renowned for whitewater kayaking.



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