10 Best Wheeled Battery Chargers

If you like convenience and portability, you can now get a heavy-duty 12V battery charger to service your car, repair shop, fleet, or other requirements.

Wheeled battery chargers and starters get the job done efficiently and much faster as it only requires one person to move it from place to place. They are also convenient when it comes to storage and can be moved around to accommodate other items sharing the same space.

Depending on your use, preference, and budget, there is a range of wheeled battery chargers to select from in the market. We’ve listed the 10 best-wheeled battery chargers/starters available for your consideration to help you make the right purchase that suits your needs.

1. Schumacher Automatic Wheeled Battery Charger

This model, SC1364, does a superb job bringing to life degenerated or weak batteries with its high amperage. It is capable of charging standard, spiral-cell, deep-cycle, sealed lead-acid, and AGM. The charging rates available on this machine include two amp trickle charges that warm large batteries and power small ones, 20 amps for frequent typical use, 55 amps to rapidly charge large batteries, and for an engine start; you can use the 150 amp.

The Schumacher is microprocessor controlled and will automatically adjust the rate of amperage to charge and maintain a battery. The multi-stage function is present to give the wheeled battery charger increased battery life, precision, and safety. The digital display enables you to know a poor connection because it won’t read. When this happens, you ought to ensure the posts and clamps are clean for proper functioning.

The reverse hook-up aspect guarantees that the charger won’t operate should the clamps be in reverse. You can expect to find a battery, an alternator tester for diagnosing the state of the battery and electrical system problems, and LED lights indicating that the battery is fully charged. It also has a timer with an automatic shut-off. It is the newest model in the range.


2. Schumacher Manual Wheeled Battery Charger and Tester

This next Schumacher SE-4022 wheeled battery charger is manual. To maximize its high performance and longevity, the manufacturer’s put in place cooling fans so you can use it without worrying about overheating. The machine accommodates both six and 12-V batteries. The tester analyzes starting system and electrical problems. It has a voltmeter and two rotary switches.

It works efficiently for fleet operations, comes with color-coded meters, and is easy to read so almost anyone equipped for the job can use it. One can use it to charge expended vehicle batteries. It can get used on both large and small batteries- the two amp-trickle charges can juice up a 12V battery in anything between two to 12 hours while the 200 amp can emergency start an engine. If you need to charge a battery in one to three hours, you can use the 40 amp fast charge to get the job done.


3. Schumacher Wheel-Style Charger/Starter

The SE-4020 made of the same band can be used for garage, farm, home, and recreational needs. It is a heavy-duty machine that works for low maintenance, maintenance-free, conventional, and deep cycle six to 12V batteries.

The amps are 10-350 and are used for varying needs. The 10 amp continuous charger recharges batteries in three to five hours. The 40 amp fast charge can juice up dead batteries in anywhere between 40 minutes to two and a half hours. Between 200-350 amps you can start RVs, trucks, vans, or an average car but also farm or large industrial equipment. It has a temperature transformer to detect overload and a cooling fan to prevent the same. 

The 150-minute timer is designed to shut the charger off once it hits zero automatically. For overnight charging or continuous, you can use the hold position. Just like the other machines in this brand, it is easy to read and has color-coded meters, so you’re able to know what’s what at a glance. The heavy-duty clamps are six feet long while the output cables and power cord total 12 feet long.


5. CAT Battery Charger with Engine Start

This CBC40EW model has automatic continuous charging of 0-40 amp to use on 12V battery systems and provides a 110A engine start. It has float-mode charging, a patented alternator check, a 792-watt engine start, and battery reconditioning. The voltage meter enables you to gauge what you need for your battery. The powder-coated metal clamps are heavy-duty.

The LCD digital display enables you to tell the charging status while the reverse polarity alarm that’s both visual and audible lets you know when the process is complete. You won’t get sparks on the clamps should you pair them wrongly- a reverse polarity warning will let you know when you’ve made the error. It also provides temperature compensation when in full use. This wheeled battery charger comes with secure clump storage, a cable, and a cord.


5. Schumacher Automatic Wheeled Battery Charger with Engine Start

This SE-1555A model has been on the market for more than seven years. It will charge degenerated or weak batteries with high amperage. It is capable of charging standard, spiral-cell, deep-cycle, sealed lead-acid, and AGM batteries. This wheeled battery charger is also microprocessor controlled that automatically adjusts the rate of amperage to charge and maintain the battery.

The multi-stage function increases battery life, precision, and safety. The digital display indicates poor connection by not doing a reading. It’s an indication to check if the posts and clamps are clean for them to function correctly. Reverse hook-up means the clamps won’t work when reversed; that way you don’t have sparks as you would in a typical situation with older battery chargers.

The charging rates available on this machine are the Schumacher wheeled battery chargers. They include two amp trickle charge to power small or warm large batteries ones, a 20 amp for use in standard instances, a 55 amp for a rapid charge when dealing with large batteries, and a 150 amp for an engine start. It has a battery and alternator tester for diagnosing the state of the battery and electrical system problems and LED lights for indicating when the battery is fully charged. It also has an automatic shut-off for when the timer runs out.


6. DieHard Platinum Smart Wheeled Battery Charger & Maintainer

Of the DieHard series of wheeled battery chargers, this is the 71345 model. It features intelligent charge technology, touchpad controls, a digital display that allows for remote scrolling, and multi-stage charging that is controlled by a microprocessor for added battery life, safety, and precision.

You can use various amperages to meet your requirements. A two amp trickle charger to maintain large and small batteries, 15-60 automatic high-speed charging, and a jump starter working either on 125 or 275 amp. To prevent overcharging, you can switch to maintenance mode. The battery tester does a charging system analysis and checks the battery status as well.

It comes with four gauge-six-foot power cords, color-coded clamps, and output cables of equal length that function optimally in any weather. The engine starter and charger come with a three-year warranty.


7. Speedway Wheeled Battery Charger and Starter

Should your battery require a quick jump or start, then the Speedway wheeled battery charger will work great. It has a 12V two-amp trickle to charge a battery of equal voltage for anywhere between two to 12 hours. The 10 amp setting will start your car or truck, and a 6V and 40 amp setting give the batteries a fast charge.

The charger for this machine lasts three hours, and it has a fan to cool it and give it a longer life. The two feet charging cables for greater reach have side brackets for securing cables. The machine itself features ammeter/ voltmeter gauges and seven-inch diameter oil-resistant wheels made of hard rubber for increased safety.


8. DieHard Gold Smart Wheeled Battery Charger & Maintainer

This 71341 series also uses a microprocessor to control charging for improved battery life, safety, and precision. You also have intelligent charge technology and a digital display that’s easy to read. The system is automated; it switches to maintenance mode once the battery is fully charged to avoid overcharging. You can adjust to charge output between two and six amps or as needed.

For a rapid energy boost, the 50 amp is the ideal setting to use. The 250 amp jump starting power is adequate when used on a troublesome battery that will get it going right away. It comes with a six gauge-six foot power cord and an output cable of the same length that has color-coded clamps. The handle is retractable for added convenience and the wheels are compact for secure storage. The engine starter and charger have a three-year warranty.


9. DieHard Wheeled Battery Charger & Maintainer

This 71331 series is similar to the others of the same brand. The microprocessor monitors and controls the charging for enhanced battery life, safety, and precision. It has intelligent charge technology and a digital display for easy reading. The system is automated; it’ll switch to maintenance mode of between two to six amp charge outputs once it’s fully charged the battery to avoid overcharging.

In this series, the difference is it has an eight gauge six-foot power cord and a mounted output cable with color-coded clamps that work well no matter the weather. It also has a retractable handle for secure storage. It comes with a three-year warranty for the engine starter and charger.


10. SOLAR Wheeled Jump Starter/Charger

This machine has an automatic 10 amp battery charger and can be used in fleet services, auto auctions, and auto dealerships for your powering needs. It has nine-inch rim tires that have solid steel hubs, and a heavy-duty case that makes the SOLAR wheeled charger and jump starter durable.

It comes with five-foot jumper cable leads that are retractable which makes this an integrated unit. It, however, does not come with a battery; you have to get a Group 31 battery that you select depending on the capacity preference.



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