10 best car vacuum cleaners

Do you need a car vacuum cleaner but aren’t sure what to go for? This top list and buying guide highlights the features of the 10 best car vacuum cleaners in the market and educates you on the essential attributes to consider when selecting one. Some considerations include corded vs. cordless, suction power, and added features.

Vacuuming is essential to keeping a car clean, tidy, and free of allergens, bacteria, and germs. Nowadays, you don’t have to frustrate yourself using a home vacuum cleaner or having to take your vehicle to the car wash every time you need the seats and mats cleaned.

Portable car vacuum cleaners get the job done just as well, if not better. Not sure what to go for? We’ve put together a list of features you can use to evaluate a product before making a purchase. Here is our selection of the top 10 best car vacuum cleaners.

Buying Guide

Cord vs. Cordless

The market provides corded or cordless options for a car vacuum cleaner. The corded version tends to be more powerful, but it requires being next to a power source. The length of an average car is a little less than five meters, and therefore the cord needs to be of equal measure or longer to reach the trunk.

The cordless variety is not as robust and only has a run time of 20-25 minutes before the batteries need recharging, which takes five hours for most brands. It is however very convenient to carry around, and you can do a quick vacuum as soon as you spill something.

Suction power

Depending on the type of use, that is, dry or wet, the suction power refers to the ability of the vacuum to suck the debris. An ideal car vacuum cleaner is one you can use to vacuum spilled liquid with the same ease as sucking pet hair off seats. The power source (a wall mount, a car engine, or batteries) determines the power for the most part.


You want a car vacuum cleaner with an LED light. It’ll allow you to see areas in your car that aren’t well-lit or even give you the freedom to use it at night. The types of attachments matter equally. A crevice pipe and a brush ought to be the bare minimum.

Top 10 best car vacuum cleaners

1. HOTOR Car Vacuum Cleaner

The suction capacity of this car vacuum cleaner is 4.5 KPa capable of lifting debris that weighs as much as 16 oz even in hard-to-reach areas.

It works perfectly for debris and liquid as well- you never have to cover a wet car seat again. The efficiency of the HOTOR car vacuum means that your pet’s hair or the children making a mess in the back seat doesn’t have to result in a trip to the carwash.

The curved head of the dustbin allows for the thorough cleaning of the dust container after use to keep the machine running smoothly. It comes with a stainless steel HEPA filter, three attachments, and a cable that’s 14.76 ft long giving an added range from the power source. Its power is 106 W. 

The company offers a replacement or refund should the car vacuum have a factory defect- and you don’t have to return the original purchase.


  • Has a powerful suction capacity
  • Useful for when or dry cleaning
  • Has a long power cord
  • Can be detached for easy cleaning
  • Comes with a warranty


  • It can only be used near a power source


2. Vacplus Car Vacuum Cleaner

This brand features a stainless steel HEPA filter, three attachments, and a cable that is 16.4 feet long. It is for use on both debris and liquid- that means there’s no excuse for having a damp seat after pouring a drink or having dog hair everywhere. The design makes it easy to handle. This compact machine comes with a carrying case to store the vacuum itself and all the components. That means you can keep it in the trunk without having to worry about misplacing the parts before your next use.

What makes this model convenient is that you’re able to use the cigarette lighter socket to power the vacuum cleaner. To get more power, use it when the engine is running as it makes the process quicker. It comes with a three-month warranty where you can either get a replacement or a refund should it malfunction.


  • Uses the cigarette lighter as a power source
  • Has a long cable
  • Can be detached for easy cleaning
  • For wet and dry use


  • Could potentially drain your battery especially if it’s old


3. WELIKERA Cordless Car Vacuum

A cordless one is convenient for those looking for a hassle-free vacuum experience where wires or a power source aren’t a concern. It comes with a strong cyclonic suction for fast cleaning whether on the car or in your house- getting your shedding pet hair off the sofa has never been easier. It runs on a rechargeable Lithium battery; it takes about three to four hours to charge and can last as long as 25 minutes, enough time to clean your car.

The LED light makes it perfect to vacuum dark corners of the car or even at night. With it, nowhere is too far to reach. The vacuum is detachable for easy cleaning to keep it in proper working conditions. The company prides itself on its customer service support where you’re able to get technical support should you so need it.


  • It is cordless
  • It has an LED light for night cleaning
  • It runs on rechargeable batteries
  • Functional for both car and home use


  • It takes more than five hours to charge the batteries once they are fully discharged
  • It is expensive due to its cordless nature


4. Armor All Car Vacuum

If you need a car vacuum that does a dry and wet cleaning, then you have the option of choosing this brand. It has a two-horsepower motor and a 2.5-gallon storage tank with an automatic shut-off that prevents overflow once it’s filled with debris. The six-foot hose makes for convenient cleaning whether in your car or your home. This vacuum cleaner also features a 10-foot cord to plug into a power source in your garage.

Other aspects of the product include a foam sleeve, reusable cloth filter, a deluxe car and blower nozzle, and a brush.


  • It is powerful
  • Comes with various attachments for enhanced cleaning
  • Used for both car and home vacuuming


  • It is bulky
  • Requires a home power source


5. Hikeren Car Vacuum Cleaner

This multifunctional car vacuum works well for both wet and dry use, meaning it can efficiently suck dust and water. It comes with three accessories, a long soft tube, a long mouth, and a brush. These items make for efficient cleaning of your car without missing a spot. The LED light makes it easier to see the dust on dark corners of your vehicle or when you need to clean your car at night.

It is a 106W power device with a low 75bd so you can do your vacuuming relatively quietly. The brand has ROHS and CE Certification too and has a suction power between 4,300 to 4,500PA. It should however not be used for more than 15 minutes at a time. The stainless steel HEPA filter can be detached and washed after use to keep it functioning at its best with each application as well as to avoid overcapacity.

This Hikeren car vacuum comes with a five-meter cord and is powered via the cigarette lighter in your car. For more efficiency, start the car and then turn on the vacuum cleaner. The item comes with a storage bag for the vacuum and accessories that allow you to store them in your trunk neatly. A manual is available should you require one. This particular model comes with a one-year warranty where unsatisfied customers get a refund or a replacement.


  • It’s not as noisy as most car vacuum cleaners
  • Has an LED light to help see when you’ve missed a spot in a dark corner
  • Has a long cord
  • Come with a warranty
  • A storage bag


  • Could drain the battery if overused


6. LOLLDEAL Car Vacuum Cleaner

This 75W car vacuum cleaner has a suction power of 3,200PA. It is handheld and has a pivoting nozzle which makes it easy to clean deep places. Its slimness allows it to get in and clean the crevices of your car. The cord is quite long, measuring 4.5 meters meaning you can comfortably use it all over your car.

Like other brands, the HEPA filter is removable and washable- you can use a toothbrush and detergent to clean it should you so wish. It primarily cleans dry debris and is powered by your car engine. To use it in the house, you’ll need a Universal AC-DC power socket adapter converter. It comes with a one-year warranty.


  • Long power cord
  • Can be used both in the car or at home
  • Has a slim pivoting nozzle for thorough cleaning between spaces


  • Can only be used for dry debris


7. WELIKERA Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

This Walkera product is cordless and has cyclonic suction that makes it easy to pick anything from pet hair or a spilled drink. You can use it for both car cleaning and home cleaning. It is powered by a rechargeable battery that runs for 20-25 minutes when fully charged; a battery indicator lets you know when it’s due to charge. 

The stainless steel HEPA filter the company uses for car vacuums is more powerful than that of other brands. An LED light allows you to see darker spaces or even clean your car at night. This device has passed UL, FC, and CE Certifications. You also get a soft pipe, a crevice nozzle, a brush, an adapter, and a carrying bag.


  • It’s cordless and therefore convenient to use for your car and anywhere in the house
  • Has a battery indicator
  • A powerful HEPA filter
  • Comes with three attachments for proper cleaning


  • It takes more than five hours to charge the batteries once they are fully discharged
  • It is expensive due to its cordless nature


8. COSSCCI Car Vacuum Cleaner

This handheld car vacuum cleaner has a 120W suction and sucks up dry and wet spills in just seconds. You can use it in any vehicle- it has a five-meter cord, so it’s easy to clean any spot in your car. It is lightweight and has a washable filter. It has two air outlets on either side of the machine for heat dissipation, but you also want to keep the filter clean to avoid secondary pollution when vacuuming.


  • For both dry and wet use
  • Has a long power cord and just needs to be plugged into the car’s cigarette lighter to work
  • Has a washable filter


  • It’s the cheapest on this list and equally not as durable


9. Hikeren Vacuum Cleaner

This upgraded version comes with two HEPA filters, has a metal instead of a plastic fan and has an LED light. It meets ROHS and CE Certifications and has a 106W and 4, 300-4,500PA suction capability. It produces low noise levels of 75db. 

This Hikeren vacuum cleaner supports wet and dry application and can be used anywhere in the car- the five-meter cord easily reaches the truck of a car. It works better when you start the car and then use it. Both filters are washable. The other attachments that come with this product are a long mouth, a long soft tube, and a brush. It comes with s carry bag to place all the parts in for proper storage and a manual for you to consult.


  • It’s an upgrade version; it contains LED lights
  • It comes with two HEPA filters
  • Low noise
  • Has three attachments to clean various parts of the car


  • Cannot be used for more than 15 minutes


10. HOTOR Vacuum Car Cleaner

With 70bd low noise levels, this vacuum car cleaner has 4, 300-4, 500PA suction. This upgraded version has an aluminum alloy fan, LED light, a new air vent, and an extra HEPA filter. The carry bag also has a new design from the 4th generation HOTOR vacuum car cleaner on this list.

The power cord is five meters long. There are three attachments; a brush, an extension hose, and a crevice attachment. Cleaning the filter should be done after each use, or when full, with the brush attachment to maintain optimum function. You also get a one-year warranty.


  • It’s the upgraded version of the 4th generation HOTOR car vacuum cleaner
  • It has a strong suction power
  • It has an LED light
  • It comes with two HEPA filters


  • You can’t use it for long periods


Overall Product Review




Brand Name

(click to buy)

Cord length

LED light




HOT Car Vacuum Cleaner

5 meters


Brush, soft tube, and crevice



Vacplus Car Vacuum Cleaner

5 meters


Brush, soft tube, and crevice



WALKERA Cordless Car Vacuum



Brush, soft pipe, and crevice



Armor All Car Vacuum

3 meters


Utility nozzle, crevice tool, blower nozzle, detail brush



Hiker Car Vacuum Cleaner

5 meters


Brush, soft hose, hard hose



LOLLDEAL Car Vacuum Cleaner

4.5 meters





WALKERA Cordless Vacuum Cleaner



Soft pipe, crevice nozzle, brush



COSSCCI Car Vacuum Cleaner

5 meters


Soft tube, brush, nozzle, 2 tube connectors



Hiker Vacuum Cleaner

5 meters


Long mouth, brush, soft long tube



HOTOR  Vacuum Car Cleaner

5 meters


Brush, crevice tube, soft long tube


Depending on your preference and budget, you can get the best car vacuum cleaner that meets your needs.



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