Best Car Safety Escape Hammer

The car safety escape hammer’s importance cannot be overrated because, in a life or death situation, this little tool could assist you to escape the grim reaper. If you are risk averse too, this is also an excellent buy for you.

Peace of mind is an essential ingredient to happiness, and this car safety escape hammer can help with that.

Amarillo dd308 2 Pack Car Safety Hammer With Carbide Tip

According to HowStuffWorks, carbide tips will “hold an edge ten to twenty times longer than a tool steel tip.” Amarillo car safety hammer has done a deal better; two carbide-tipped hammers at a very reasonable price.

These steel carbide-tipped bad boys will shatter your car window in case of an emergency, and slice easily through any seat belt material, with its tucked away safely inbuilt razor.


  • Robust plastic grip in easy-to-identify bright orange safety color
  • Sold in pairs
  • Has two mounting brackets
  • Perfect size for your glove box
  • The blade is replaceable if necessary


  • A bit light


Rania Emergency Escape Tool, Multi-Purpose Life-saving Auto Emergency Hammer 

This set of two car safety hammers has a double silicon head car glass breaker that has a protective bracket to keep it in shape. It has a high-quality steel cutting component that is made of razor-sharp steel and will cut off any tight and restricting seat belts in case you are in need.

Our very thoughtful friends at Raniaco have also thrown in a smartphone holder that fits on the air vent louvers on your dashboard. This will ensure that you can safely use your phone’s GPS as you drive. How cool is that?


  • Great smartphone holder with magnets to boot
  • The seat belt cutter is mounted on a curved hook for safety
  • Protective bracket for the cone head of the car glass breaker to keep it in good shape
  • Sturdy construction
  • Bright orange color for quick identification


  • The Hammer mount holder does not fasten well
  • No instructions availed  the item


Red Earth Naturals Car Hammer for Safe Drivers

The Red Earth Naturals car safety hammer has dual steel hammer heads perfected for smashing that impeding car window down, whether you are a rightie or a leftie. There’s a razor-sharp steel seat belt cutter too, which will slice through a seat belt faster than you can say seat belt.

And what’s more, you get a pair on the purchase, each safety hammer packaged separately in case you want to gift one away. The safety hammer is designed very thoughtfully and has two holes at the base for screwing it tightly in place, so it does not fly around in the car, in case of a car crash.


  • Sold as a two-pack
  • Dual hammerhead
  • Two holes at the base
  • Sharp hardened steel seat belt cutter
  • Individually packaged for giveaways
  • Solid construction


  • Very small


Lifehammer Brand Safety Hammer, the Original Emergency Escape and Rescue Tool with Seatbelt Cutter

The Lifehammer is made in Holland, and you can be sure that with two-thirds of the Netherlands vulnerable to flooding, they do make excellent car safety escape hammers. The Lifehammer has dual steel hammer heads combined with razor-sharp blade for slicing those jammed safety belts.

The Dutch makers have also included a handy and hardy ABS plastic mounting bracket for installation in the car. There are other perks to this monster, how about a fluorescent pin for a glow-in-the-dark effect, which makes it easy for you to retrieve it in low-light situations? Then the hammer has a polypropylene handle to ensure you that have a tight grip on it, even in slippery conditions.


  • Hardened steel dual tips
  • Protected safety belt blade
  • Trusty design with decades of successful use
  • Glow in the dark fluorescent pin
  • Handle gives a good grip
  • Outer plastic shelling is in bright orange safety color


  • Blade not replaceable


2 PCS IPOW Car Safety Hammer Escape Tool With Antiskid Seatbelt Cutter

The Ipow car safety hammer escape tool comes in doubles so that you can spread love and safety to your family and friends. The device itself has a double-sided tip-head made from carbon steel for extra toughness.

This little guy has an anti-skid handle for that firm grip in a slippery environment and has a sharp razor for slicing through jammed safety belts.


  • Two car safety hammers at a budget price
  • Bright orange color for ease of identification
  • Toughened carbon glass dual-tipped hammerheads
  • Anti-skid handle
  • Protective bracket for the hammerhead
  • Two car safety hammers at a budget price


  • Not easy to mount


VicTsing 2 Pack Car Safety Hammer, Emergency Escape Tool with Car Window Breaker, and Seat Belt Cutter

The VicTsing car safety hammer weighs a paltry 0.3 pounds but can pack quite a punch when you need it to. This tiny monster comes in twos so you can gift it to a friend or family, or put it in your other car.

The tool is durable and is made from high-grade carbon steel for extra high performance. You will love the reflective yellow strip on its bright safety orange color for that life-saving glow in low-light situations. Its stainless steel seat belt cutter will also keep it rust-free and sharp, ready to slice through that jammed seat belt at short notice.


  • Dual hardened heavy carbon steel tips
  • Set of two at a value price
  • Ergonomic design
  • Anti-skid handle for an excellent grip
  • Sold with a mounting bracket
  • Easy to store due to its compact size


  • The mounting bracket may not have screws or adhesive tape



You may not need to utilize your car safety escape hammer at all, but if you do, and you never purchased one in advance, you’ll blame yourself in case of any adverse eventuality. It does not hurt to be prepared for the worst. Get your car safety escape hammer and give yourself some peace of mind.



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