5 Best Cheap 3D Printing Pen

Technology comes in various forms and sizes ranging from rockets to simple pen. Yes, you read it right. Technology has even evolved into something as simple as a pen. Welcome to the world of the new age of 3D printing pens. This is a new cost-effective technology that is creating waves in the 3D printing world.

The work and the technique used are pretty mush similar to that of a hot glue gun in which a plastic rod is heated by the pen which melts and extrudes photopolymer ink which in turn begins in the liquid form and then later hardens when exposed to ultraviolet(UV) light. Further LED lights which are located at the nozzle make this photopolymer firm into a solid form. This is also known as ‘Cool Ink ‘in the 3D printing terminology.

These devices are not very expensive and are easily affordable. They are much more economical as compared to 3D printers which are not only expensive but bulky too. It is easy to use and portable too.

For all those with a creative side to them, these pens can bring their imagination come to life and open up a whole new world of ideas. They make great gifts for both adults and children. They are safe and easy to use so, you need not be worried about whether or not children will be able to handle them. If you are looking for the best and cheap 3D printing pens to suit your requirement and budget. We have for you a list of the 5 best ones for you to see and compare. To know more just read on.

5 Best 3D Printing Pens

1. MYNT3D Professional Printing 3D pens

Experience the magic of creating something new and 3D with the MYNT3D Professional Printing 3D pen with an OLED Display.

  • This pen has an ultra-slim design with an adjustable feed that allows you to control the speed and flow of the cool ink while you create images.
  • This 3D Printing pen allows the use of a variety of thermoplastics like bronzed filaments and even wood.
  • The temperature of the ink can also be adjusted 1 degree at a time in the range of 130 -240 0 C, for optimal fine-tuning.
  • In addition, the temperature increase or decrease can be easily monitored on a large OLED display to help you create a wide and innovative variation of effects in your final images.
  • It is USB powered and can be easily and quickly charged with an A/C adapter that comes along with the kit.
  • The kit also consists of 3 colors of ABS plastic filament.


  • Ergonomically shaped and easy to handle
  • Controlled extrusion of ink
  • The feed can be easily adjusted
  • Adjustable temperature across a wide range
  • Has a replaceable modular nozzle
  • Portability
  • Can be recharged easily with the help of power banks
  • Large OLED display to view the temperature


  • Extrusion of the material is very slow
  • Makes a high-pitched sound

2. 3Doodler Create 3D Pen

All doodling lovers will thoroughly enjoy this pen for the sheer comfort of using it.

  • Cast in an aluminum case, this elegant-looking pen is one of the best-looking pens among all pens available.
  • The 3Doodler Create Pen is designed to be one of the slimmest, sturdiest, and lightest 3D printing pens that are out on the market today.
  • The pen is sleek and extremely easy to operate. The new design also has a better drive system that gives no room for noises of any kind during the operating process.
  • Designed differently the pen is shaped rectangularly which makes handling the controls much easier and convenient too.
  • Can accommodate a wide range of plastics to provide matt, glossy, flexy, sparkles, clear and more looks to your creations.
  • Comes with

ProsItss light weightiness and ergonomic shape contribute to its easy handling and use.

  • Has an interchangeable nozzle with exclusive accessories
  • Has a huge range of filament colors and styles.
  • Instructions are very easy to understand and follow.
  • Not messy to use at all.
  • Safe and non-toxic


  • Filaments get stuck or jammed during use.
  • The pen may suddenly stop working without any warning
  • Little more expensive than the other 3-D printing pens.

3. Soyan Standard 3D Printing Pens

Unleash your creativity with a 3D Printing Pen specially designed for doodling in more creative ways than usual.

  • available in a variety of colors like blue, gray, and yellow this 3D pen comes included with a filament that has random colors.
  • The attractive LED lights are good indicators that notify you that it is ready for the next process. For example to start feeding in the filament you have to wait for the light to turn green
  • Speed control is available to control the extrusion speed of the melted filament.
  • Comes with a quick start guide which makes it easy to follow and operate subsequently


  • sleek, lightweight, and portable
  • Quick cooling temperature makes it safe
  • The standby function helps to pause when not in use.
  • Easy button available to change colors
  • Not expensive


  • The length of the cord provided is short
  • The pen has been reported to have stopped working after a few uses.

4. Professional Printing of 3D Pens

Holding the Professional Printing 3D pen with an OLED display by Zitronik makes you feel like you are holding a magic wand that creates magical images.

  • This 3D printing pen works with any kind of thermoplastic which includes ABS, PLA, wood, and bronzed filaments.
  • Has an adjustable feed that lets you regulate the speed and flow of whichever material you are using
  • Controlling the speed and flow allows for smoother operations.


  • Temperature is adjustable with 1-degree increments
  • A large OLED Display makes it easy to read and monitor the temperature.
  • Affordable


  • No indicators that say that the filament is melted and the 3D pen is ready to use.
  • Stops working suddenly
  • The finishing of the pen is not good.

5. 3D Printing Pens, QPAU Intelligent 3D Pencil

This amazing 3D printing Pen is every artist’s delight. It’s versatile and can be used for printing, sketching, and doodling too. Ideal for both creative adults and artistic children for making wonderful creations.

  • Can be used with both PLA and ABD thermoplastic material and the kit is inclusive of 2 packs of ABS and PLA filaments.
  • Allows optimal control speed to keep a check on the speed and flow of the filament
  • Adjustable temperature ranging from 130 -210 0 C.
  • Large OLED display makes for comfortable viewing of the temperature settings
  • Instructions are helpful and easy to follow


  • Designed well the pen is efficient and doesn’t allow for loss of material
  • Buttons and controls are easy to access
  • Includes a safety pen holder


  • The gap between speed settings is a little stiff sometimes


It’s wonderful to see the awesome and wide range of 3D Printing Pens that can bring to life the exotic and surreal creations of different kinds of artists. Deciding among so many models the 3D pen is best and cheap can be quite a challenge,
The best and cheap pick among the above 5 3D Pens is the 3D Printing Pen QPAU Intelligent 3D Pen, as it has a lot of practical features, is easy to use, and is safe too.

However, having said that the best pick among all the above in terms of quality and originality is the 3Doodle 3D Printing Pen due to the ease of operations, its sleek design, and adjustable speeds and temperature. Though a little expensive it’s the best you can get.



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