Understanding Location Details on iOS 14: A How-To Guide


As the world becomes more dependent on smartphones and apps for daily routines, privacy concerns have continued to rise. Apple, known for its security features and privacy safeguards, has introduced a new update – iOS 14, which comes with new features aimed at enhancing user privacy and protecting sensitive data. One of these features is the ability to access detailed information about an app’s use of your location and control how and when the app can access your location data. In this article, we’ll dive into everything you need to know about managing location details on iOS 14.

Detailed discussion on Location Details iOS 14 How-To

What are Location Details?

Location details refer to information about your precise location that an app uses to give you targeted services. Precise location data from your iOS device can reveal a lot about you, such as your home address, where you work or go to school, where you go for entertainment. These details can be used to guide digital services and offer targeted recommendations like nearby restaurants, movie theatres, and other services near you.

How to Access Location Details on iOS 14?

With iOS 14, you can now access the location details of any app that you’ve installed by going to “Settings” and tapping on “Privacy”. Next, click on “Location Services”, and a list of apps that have requested location access will be displayed, and the “Details” link beside each app will show the way the app is using your location.

How to Manage Location Details on iOS 14?

You can manage the use of location data for each app on your iOS 14 device. You can choose to allow or deny access, set the automatic authorization mode (always, never, or only while using the app), or switch off location access entirely.

Here’s how to do it:

1. Go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services.
2. Choose an app that needs to access your location.
3. Choose from “Never,” “While using the app,” and “Always” to manage location access.
4. You can also switch off the toggle beside the app to disable the app from accessing your location.

How to Access the Control Center on iOS 14?

If you want to allow or restrict certain apps from accessing your location quickly, then you can do so from the control center.

Here’s how:

1. Swipe down from the top right corner of your iPhone to access the control center.
2. Long press on the location icon, and it will show a list of apps currently using your location.
3. Next to each app, you can click the location access option and choose “allow”.

Concluding Thoughts on Location Details iOS 14 How-To

Privacy is a vital aspect of our lives, and as technology evolves, it poses new threats. Apple recognizes this and has taken steps to ensure that users have full control over their privacy regarding the use of their sensitive data. With iOS 14, you can now access and control what app uses your location, which is essential in managing your privacy. It is imperative to understand how your location data can be used to limit the risk of online fraud, surveillance, and other activities that may violate your privacy.

FAQs about Location Details iOS 14 How-To

What are the benefits of managing location details on iOS 14?

The primary benefit of managing location details is enhanced privacy. You can limit the exposure of your location details to third-party apps that may collect it and use it for their benefit, and this reduces the risk of online fraud, identity theft, and unnecessary access.

When should I disable location access for an app?

You should disable location access for an app if you feel the app is using your location beyond its intended purpose or you don’t use the app often. You can also disable location access if you don’t think the app’s features requiring location data are relevant.

Does iOS 14 inform me when an app is using my location?

Yes, iOS 14 will display an indicator (an arrow icon) in the status bar at the top of your device’s screen whenever an app is using your location. It’s a good way to monitor which apps have access to your location data.


Managing location details is one of the most important steps you can take to safeguard your privacy on iOS 14. By understanding how to access and control which app has access to your location, you can increase your privacy and limit the exposure of your sensitive information to third-party apps. Take control of your privacy today by following the steps outlined in this article.



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