The Ultimate Guide to Doctor Who Games

Are you a fan of Doctor Who looking for a way to immerse yourself in the exciting and dynamic world of the Doctor? Look no further than Doctor Who games! These video games offer a unique opportunity to experience the adventures of the Doctor first-hand, exploring the universe, fighting off monsters, and saving the day.

What are Doctor Who games?

Doctor Who games are video games that are based on the popular British science fiction television series Doctor Who. Developed and published by various game studios, Doctor Who games allow players to take on the role of the Doctor or other characters from the show as they navigate through a variety of challenges and adventures.

Types of Doctor Who Games

– Platformers: These games involve the player controlling the Doctor or a companion as they run and jump through various levels, fighting off enemies and obstacles along the way.
– Adventure Games: These games focus more on story and puzzle-solving than action, with players controlling the Doctor and investigating mysteries.
– Role-playing Games: In these games, players create their own character and explore the Doctor Who universe, completing quests and engaging in battles.

Popular Doctor Who Games

– Doctor Who: Legacy – A mobile puzzle battle game that allows players to collect and battle with various characters from the show.
– Doctor Who: The Adventure Games – An episodic adventure game that features the voice talents of the show’s actors.
– Doctor Who: Return to Earth – A Nintendo Wii game where players take control of the Doctor and Amy Pond as they explore an abandoned spaceship.
– Doctor Who: The Edge of Time – A virtual reality game that puts players right in the middle of the action with the Doctor.

Why play Doctor Who games?

Playing Doctor Who games allows fans of the show to engage with the universe in a whole new way. By taking on the role of the Doctor or a companion, players get to experience the excitement and adventure for themselves. Doctor Who games also offer a new way to enjoy the show’s characters and storylines, with many games featuring voice acting from the show’s actors.

How to Get Started with Doctor Who Games

Getting started with Doctor Who games is easy! Many of the games are available on modern consoles such as Xbox One and Playstation 4, as well as PC and mobile platforms. Simply choose a game that interests you and start playing!

Concluding Thoughts on Doctor Who Games

Doctor Who games are an excellent way for fans of the show to immerse themselves in the universe and take part in the adventures of the Doctor. With a variety of game types and platforms to choose from, there’s a Doctor Who game for every type of player. So why not grab your sonic screwdriver and start exploring the universe today?

FAQs about Doctor Who Games

Can I play Doctor Who games on mobile devices?

Yes, many Doctor Who games are available on mobile devices, including Doctor Who: Legacy and Doctor Who: The Maze of Time.

Do I need to be a fan of the show to enjoy Doctor Who games?

While being a fan of the show certainly enhances the enjoyment of the games, it’s not necessary to enjoy them. Many Doctor Who games feature original storylines and characters that can be enjoyed even if you are not familiar with the show.

Can I play as the Doctor in all Doctor Who games?

Not all Doctor Who games allow the player to take on the role of the Doctor. Some games instead focus on exploring the universe as a companion or creating your own character.



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