The Among Us Airship Map: A Comprehensive Guide

With its release in March 2021, the Among Us Airship Map is the newest addition to the popular online multiplayer game, Among Us. In this guide, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about this exciting new map, including its features, layout, and gameplay.

Features of the Among Us Airship Map

The Airship Map is the largest among all the maps in Among Us and takes place on a zeppelin-like airship. This map features many new additions, including:

New Rooms

The Airship Map has 17 rooms, including a Cargo Bay, Meeting Room, Kitchen, and an Armory. Each room has unique features and tasks to complete, making gameplay more challenging and exciting.

New Tasks

With the new map comes new tasks, nine to be precise. Some of the new tasks include cleaning windows, emptying trash chutes, and fixing showerheads.

New Hats and Skins

New maps always bring new cosmetics, and the Airship Map is no exception. Players now have access to several new hats and skins that they can purchase or unlock as they progress through the game.

Layout of the Among Us Airship Map

The Airship Map is divided into four decks, each with its own unique layout and features.

The Top Deck

The top deck is the control center of the ship, where players can access the security system, the cockpit, and a few other important rooms.

The Cargo Bay

The Cargo Bay is where players can find the newest tasks and one of the new sabotage options, changing the direction of the conveyor belt.

The Meeting Room

The Meeting Room is where players can call for meetings and can vote to kick off any suspicious players.

The Engine Room

The Engine Room is where the players can activate the engines and aid towards a successful escape.

Gameplay on the Among Us Airship Map

The gameplay on the Airship Map is still the same as the classic game. Players are divided into two groups, crewmates, and impostors. The crewmates’ job is to complete their tasks while trying to avoid getting killed by the impostors. The impostors, on the other hand, must try to kill the crewmates while trying not to get caught.

New Sabotage Options

With the Airship Map comes three new sabotage options, including changing the direction of the conveyor belt in the Cargo Room, releasing the toxic gas in the Greenhouse, and causing the lights to short-circuit.

Concluding Thoughts on the Among Us Airship Map

Among Us’s Airship Map has undoubtedly added a new level of excitement to the game. The new tasks, rooms, and sabotage options make for a more challenging and thrilling gaming experience. Moreover, the new hats and skins are a welcome addition to the already-popular cosmetics.

FAQs about Among Us Airship Map

Q. Is the Among Us Airship Map free?

Yes, the Airship Map is free for all Among Us players on PC and mobile devices.

Q. Can I play the Airship Map with my friends?

Yes, players can play the Airship Map with their friends by creating a private room and choosing the Airship Map as the game’s mode.

Q. How can I get the new Airship Map hats and skins?

Players can unlock the new hats and skins as they progress through the game. They can also purchase them from the game store.

Q. When was the Among Us Airship Map released?

The Among Us Airship Map was released on March 31st, 2021, in the game’s latest update.

Q. Are the tasks on the Airship Map different from the ones on other maps?

Yes, the Airship Map comes with new tasks that are not available on any of the game’s other maps.

With this guide, you should now have a solid understanding of what the Among Us Airship Map is, its features, layout, gameplay, and FAQ section. Don’t wait any longer; jump in and experience the thrill of playing on the Airship Map!



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