Stardew Valley Update 1.5: A Comprehensive Guide to the Latest Features

If you’re a fan of farming simulator games, chances are you’ve heard about Stardew Valley. Developed by Eric Barone, this game has become a massive hit since its release in 2016. Its simple yet addictive gameplay and charming graphics make it a favorite for gamers of all ages.

Recently, Stardew Valley released update 1.5, introducing a plethora of new features to the game. From new farm layouts to new NPCs and items, this update has got fans really excited. In this post, we’ll be diving into the details of Stardew Valley update 1.5.

New Farm Layouts

One of the most significant changes brought by the update is the addition of four new farm layouts. These new designs cater to different playstyles, allowing players to customize their farms according to their preferences. Here’s a breakdown of the new layouts:

Beach Farm

As the name suggests, this layout is situated near the beach. It has a lot of sand and open space, making it perfect for players who want to focus on fishing and foraging.

Wilderness Farm

This farm layout is located deep in the forest, surrounded by trees and wildlife. It’s perfect for players who like to hunt monsters and gather resources.

Hilltop Farm

The Hilltop farm is situated on a rocky terrain, providing a challenging environment for players who want a more adventurous experience.

Four Corners Farm

This layout splits the farm into four quadrants, allowing players to specialize in different areas of farming, such as crops, animals, fruits, and foraging.

New NPCs and Items

Update 1.5 also introduces a bunch of new Non-Player Characters (NPCs) and items to the game. Here are some of the notable additions:

Willy’s Boat

Willy, the fisherman, now has a boat that players can use to explore the ocean and discover new fishing spots.


Alice is a new NPC that can be found on the beach farm. She sells a variety of beach-related items such as swimsuits, flip-flops, and beach towels.


Leo is a new NPC that can be found in the wilderness farm. He’s a hunter and sells various animal-related items such as meat, hides, and antlers.

Quality of Life Improvements

Besides the new content, the update also brings several quality-of-life improvements to the game. Here are some of the notable changes:

Splitting Stacks

Players can now split stacks in their inventory, which makes managing items a lot easier.

New Furniture Items

Players can now customize their homes with new furniture items such as a jukebox, arcade machine, and a music box.

Ability to Move Buildings

Players can now move buildings such as sheds, barns, and coops, making it easier to rearrange their farms.

Concluding Thoughts on Stardew Valley Update 1.5

Overall, Stardew Valley update 1.5 has added a wealth of new content to the game, making it even more engaging than before. The new farm designs especially cater to different play styles, providing players with a more personalized experience. The quality-of-life improvements and new NPCs and items also add a layer of depth and complexity to the game.

If you’re a fan of farming simulator games, Stardew Valley update 1.5 is definitely worth checking out. Whether you’re a seasoned player or just starting, the new content will provide you with a fresh and exciting experience.

FAQs about Stardew Valley Update 1.5

Is Stardew Valley update 1.5 free?

Yes, the update is entirely free for all players who already own the game.

How do I access the new farm layouts?

The new farm layouts can be selected when starting a new game. You can choose between the standard farm or one of the four new layouts.

Can I move my existing buildings to a new location?

Yes, players can now move buildings such as sheds, barns, and coops by using the new move tool.



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