South of the Circle Release Date: The Awaited Game for All Enthusiasts

Are you ready for the release of South of the Circle? Well, this fascinating game is finally hitting the market with its release date set for October 27th, 2020. Are you excited to explore the mysterious landscapes of Antarctica? As you start counting days till release date let’s dive into the details of this awaiting game.

The Plot of South of the Circle Game

South of the Circle is a narrative-driven, interactive game set in the 1960s in Antarctica. It tells the story of a Cambridge academic, Peter, who becomes stranded in an isolated base after a plane crash. As you play and progress through the game, you will embark on his journey of survival, self-discovery, romance, and mutual betrayal.

You will be able to make choices throughout the game, which will affect the outcome of the story. With its visually stunning graphics, beautiful landscapes, and an immersive soundtrack, South of the Circle has created a buzz among the gaming community.

The Gameplay of South of the Circle

South of the Circle features a point-and-click adventure game style, and the players have several interaction methods available to use. They can explore various environments, investigate objects and documents, and communicate with other characters.

One of the fascinating features of the game is the branching narrative that shows how the events unfold due to the choices you make. Players will have to make calculated decisions throughout the game to survive and sustain the relationships they build throughout their journey.

What Are the Key Features of South of the Circle?

Some of the key features that make South of the Circle a highly anticipated game release are:

  1. Visually stunning graphics with unique art style
  2. A branching narrative that leads to different endings based on your choices
  3. An immersive soundtrack with original music composed for the game
  4. A personal story of survival, love, and betrayal intertwined with histories of science and exploration.

Concluding Thoughts on South of the Circle Release Date

South of the Circle is promising to be a unique gaming experience, taking the player on a journey of survival, self-discovery, love, and betrayal. With its interactive storytelling and stunning visuals, it is set to be a hit in the gaming community.

As we wait for its release date on 27th October, fans of narrative-driven games are preparing to explore the mystery of Antarctica and the complex characters of South of the Circle. We hope the game meets and exceeds their expectations.

FAQs About South of the Circle Release Date

Q: What platforms will South of the Circle be available on?
South of the Circle will initially release as a timed exclusive on Apple Arcade, and there has been no announcement regarding its release on any other platform yet.

Q: Who developed South of the Circle?
The game is being developed and published by State of Play Games, the creators of BAFTA-winning game Lumino City.

Q: What is the age rating for South of the Circle game?
The game has been rated 12+ for infrequent violence and mild profanity.

Q: Can I pre-order South of the Circle?
No, the game is currently not available for pre-order.

The Final Word

South of the Circle is one of the most anticipated game releases of 2020, and we are eagerly awaiting its release. With its unique storyline, interactive gameplay, stunning visuals, and immersive soundtrack, it promises to be an unforgettable gaming experience. So mark the date of 27th October on your calendar and let’s brace ourselves for the adventure of South of the Circle.



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