Pokemon Go Leaderboards: Everything You Need to Know

If you’re a fan of Pokemon Go, then you’re probably familiar with leaderboards. For those that might not be, leaderboards are platform aspects that display player rankings for a particular in-game activity. Leaderboards have been around for a while, but they are crucial to your Pokemon Go experience. In this post, we’ll discuss Pokemon Go leaderboards, how they work, and a few other aspects related to them.

What Are Pokemon Go Leaderboards?

As mentioned, a leaderboard is a platform aspect that displays player rankings for a specific in-game activity. In the case of Pokemon Go, the leaderboards showcase the top players for different sections of the game, such as raid battles, gym battles, and PvP battles.

Since the introduction of leaderboards, players are more motivated to engage in different aspects of the game. They want to be the best and strive to be at the top of the leaderboard rankings.

Raid Battle Leaderboards

Raid battles occur when a high-level Pokemon appears at a gym location. Ten players can team up to battle the Pokemon together. Once the Pokemon has been defeated, each player is awarded several bonuses, including XP, rare candies, and other rewards.

For the raid battle leaderboards, players are ranked based on their total raid boss battles won. Simply put, a player’s rank will be higher if they’ve battled and won several raid bosses. Raid battles are a great way to team up with other players and earn various rewards.

Gym Battle Leaderboards

A gym is a location in the game where players can battle for control. The objective is to knock out all the opposing Pokemon and install your Pokemon at the gym. Once you manage to do that, you become the gym leader, and other players have to battle you to claim control of the gym.

Gym battle leaderboards rank players based on the number of gyms they have gained contol of. Players can earn coins and Stardust every day based on the number of gyms they have control of, so it’s also a way to earn rewards.

PvP Battle Leaderboards

In Pokemon Go, players can also engage in player-vs-player battles. PvP leaderboards are based on the number of battles won and the win/loss ratio. The wins, losses, and draws determine who ranks higher on the leaderboard.

Players can also gain rewards by participating in PvP battles, including rare candies, TMs, and other exclusive items. PvP battles add a different level of excitement to the game and allow players to engage with other players in local and remote battles.

How Do Pokemon Go Leaderboards Work?

To appear on Pokemon Go leaderboards, players need to be within the top 5000 rankings for the in-game activity. This means that the top 5000 players for each activity will appear on the leaderboard.

The ranking system in Pokemon Go is not entirely based on win or loss ratios but considers various other factors as well. For instance, raid battle leaderboards display the total number of raid bosses defeated rather than the win/loss ratio, while gym battle leaderboards rank players based on the number of gyms they have gained control of.

It’s also important to note that players might appear on different leaderboards for different locations, depending on where they are within the location data ranges. Therefore, a player might appear on one leaderboard in one location and on another leaderboard in different locations.

Concluding Thoughts on Pokemon Go Leaderboards

Leaderboards have brought a new level of excitement to Pokemon Go by adding goal-oriented objectives that motivate players to engage in various aspects of the game. Whether you’re a casual player or a hardcore fan wanting to become the very best, leaderboards have given players multiple targets to focus on and achieve.

Continued development of leaderboards by Niantic Inc., the company behind Pokemon Go, will continue to add value to the gaming experience. So get out there, and battle your way up the leaderboard for your favorite in-game activity!

FAQs about Pokemon Go Leaderboards

1. Are the leaderboards based on local rankings?

Yes. Depending on where you are, the leaderboards will be different. Leaderboards use location data ranges that might differ depending on the location of the player.

2. How do I know if I’m on a leaderboard?

You can check the leaderboards in-game to see the top 5000 players for a particular activity. If your username is on the list, it means you appear on the leaderboard.

3. Are there rewards for being on the leaderboard?

No. There are no rewards for appearing on the leaderboard. However, you can earn rewards for participating in different activities that contribute to the ranking on the leaderboard.

4. Can I be on the leaderboard for more than one activity?

Yes. If you participate in different activities, you can appear on the leaderboard for each one, as long as you meet the ranking requirements.

5. Can I get help to climb up the leaderboard?

Yes. Players can work together to climb up the leaderboard rankings. For activities such as raid battles and PvP battles, players can team up to increase their chances of winning battles and climbing up the leaderboard.

Final Words

Whether you’re new to Pokemon Go or a longtime fan, leaderboards have added a new level of goal-oriented objectives to the game. Players now have numerous challenges to achieve, which can positively impact their gaming experience. So get out there and battle your way up the leaderboard rankings!



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