How to Use Split Screen on a Mac to View Side by Side Apps

As a Mac user, you may often find yourself wishing you could work on two applications simultaneously without having to switch back and forth between them. Fortunately, the Mac operating system has a built-in feature called Split View that allows you to view two apps side-by-side on your screen. In this article, we’ll show you how to use Split Screen on a Mac to view side by side apps and boost your productivity.

Detailed Discussion on How to Use Split Screen on a Mac to View Side by Side Apps

Split View lets you work in two applications side by side, giving you an easy and efficient way to multitask. To use Split View, follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Open the Applications You Want to Use in Split Screen

First, open the two applications you want to use in Split Screen. You can use any application that you have installed on your Mac, including third-party apps.

Step 2: Click and Hold the Green Full-Screen Button

Next, click and hold the green full-screen button (located in the top left corner of the window) of the first application you want to use in Split Screen. The button has two arrows pointing in opposite directions.

Step 3: Choose Which Side You Want the Application to Appear

While still holding down the green button, you’ll see two halves of your screen. Click the half of the screen where you want the application to appear.

Step 4: Select Another Application for the Other Half of the Screen

Now that you’ve set up the first application in Split View, all you need to do is select the application you want to use on the other half of the screen. Click on the other open application, and it will automatically appear on the other half of the screen.

Step 5: Adjust the Split Screen Width

You may find that the split screen is not equally proportioned to your liking. If this is the case, simply click and hold the dividing line that separates the two apps, and move it left or right to adjust the width of each app.

Using Split View with Multiple Desktop Spaces

If you use multiple desktop spaces, you can also use Split View to show different applications on different desktops. To do this, simply drag an open application to a new desktop space and then follow the steps above to use it in Split View.

Concluding Thoughts on How to Use Split Screen on a Mac to View Side by Side Apps

Split View is a great feature that can help boost your productivity when working on a Mac. By following the simple steps above, you can easily use Split View to multitask and work on multiple applications simultaneously, side by side. Remember, you can always exit Split View by clicking the green full-screen button again.

FAQs about How to Use Split Screen on a Mac to View Side by Side Apps

Q: What versions of Mac OS support Split View?

A: Split View is available on Mac OS X El Capitan and later versions.

Q: Can I use split screen on different desktops?

A: Yes. You can use split screen on different desktops by dragging an open application to a new desktop space and then using it in Split View.

Q: Can I use Split View with three or more applications?

A: No. Mac OS only allows Split View to be used with two applications at the same time.


In conclusion, using Split View on a Mac is a great way to boost your productivity by allowing you to work on two applications simultaneously. By following the steps above, you can easily set up Split View and adjust the screen width to your liking. Remember to make the most out of this feature by selecting the right applications for this setup. With Split View, you will be able to get more work done in less time.



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