How to Set Up “Good Morning” on Your iPhone Lock Screen

With each new iOS update, Apple continuously introduces new features that make iPhone life easier and more convenient. One of those features is the ability to customize your lock screen. If you find yourself checking your iPhone first thing in the morning, why not greet yourself with a positive message? Here’s a guide on how to set up “Good Morning” on your iPhone lock screen.

Steps to Setup Good Morning on Your iPhone Lock Screen

1. Go to the Clock app

Tap on the Clock app on your iPhone.

2. Select the “Bedtime” tab

On the bottom menu of the Clock app, you will see a tab labelled “Bedtime” – Click on it.

3. Set up your wake-up time

Next, set up your wake-up time and select the “Options” button.

4. Choose “Wake Up” Sound

Tap the “Wake Up Sound” to select your sound preference.

5. Select “Good Morning” from the list

Scroll down the list of sound options until you see “Good Morning.” Select it.

6. Enable “Bedtime Mode” to display “Good Morning” on your Lock Screen

On the previous page, enable “Bedtime Mode” via the toggle button. Confirm the prompt to turn on Bedtime mode, and your iPhone will display “Good Morning” on your lock screen each morning.

Concluding thoughts on how to set up Good Morning on iPhone Lock Screen

Customizing your iPhone how you like is one of the benefits of being an iPhone user. Though it’s a small modification, setting up “Good Morning” on your lock screen can help start your day in a more positive light. It’s easy to set up and takes no time at all.

FAQs about how to set up Good Morning on iPhone Lock Screen

1. Can I set up other notification messages besides “Good Morning” on my lock screen?

Yes, you can customize the message you see on your lock screen for morning or afternoon. Go to the Clock app, select “Bedtime,” set the wake time, select options. From there, you can either opt to see motivational quotes or a custom message.

2. How do I see notifications while in “Bedtime” mode?

When you awake to your “Good Morning” greeting, all your pending notifications will appear on the lock screen by default.

3. When I’m not using “Bedtime” mode, will the Good Morning message still appear on lock screen?

No, the message will only appear while the “Bedtime Mode” option is enabled.

4. Can I use any sound as my alarm sound?

Yes, you can choose any sound as your alarm sound. Go to the Clock app and select ‘Sounds & Haptics’ to access the default alarm tones. You can also choose to purchase and download additional ringtones and alert tones from the iTunes Store.

Setting up “Good Morning” on your iPhone lock screen is a quick and easy way to start your day on a positive note. So why not give it a try? It’s just one example of how easy customization can upgrade your iOS experience.



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