Black Desert Mobile New Classes: What You Need to Know

Do you play Black Desert Mobile and are looking forward to new classes? Have you been waiting for new subclasses to challenge your limits and improve your gameplay experience? If you answered yes to either of these questions, then this article is for you!

Black Desert Mobile is a popular mobile game with a massive and loyal fan base. Players can select from 12 classes in the game, each with its unique features, fighting styles, and abilities. With the recent release of the latest update, Pearl Abyss has introduced three new classes to keep players engaged and excited.

The Three New Classes


TaeKwon-Do, as the name implies, is an unarmed martial art that uses high kicks and fast movements to take down enemies. With their versatility and agility, they can dodge attacks and counter with their swift moves. They lack the weapons of other classes, but their mobility and precision make up for it.


Mystics harness the powers of the ocean to use devastating water-based attacks. They are unique because they have a perfect balance of defense and offense, making them exceptional at both roles. Mystics can also use ranged attacks, shielding allies behind them, and healing abilities, making them ideal support classes.


Lahn is perhaps the most unconventional of the three classes. Lahn flies high and can glide over obstacles, making her an incredibly mobile attacker. Lahn’s primary weapon is a crescent pendulum that she uses to strike opponents. She is capable of launching enemies into the air, making her ideal for team-based attacks.

Which One Should You Choose?

Selecting your class depends on your playing style and preferred role in the game. If you prefer quick and precise movements, then TaeKwon-Do is ideal for you. If you like to support other players and enjoy balancing offense and defense, then Mystic is the perfect fit. Lastly, if you enjoy soaring above others and launching enemies high, then Lahn is the best choice.

Why Are These Classes Exciting?

The three new subclasses revitalize the gameplay for Black Desert Mobile players. They offer refreshed playstyles and abilities that bring about greater unpredictability and depth to the game. Additionally, the introduction of TaeKwon-Do, Mystic, and Lahn also provides opportunities for players to team up and complement each other’s strengths and weaknesses.

FAQs about Black Desert Mobile New Classes

What level do I need to be to access the new classes?

Players must have a character that has reached the level requirement of 60 to unlock the new subclasses.

Do I need to start a new game to access the new classes?

No, players do not need to start a new game to access the new classes. They can switch to a new class at any time using the character change feature.

Are the new classes available to all players?

Yes, they are. Players can access them once they reach the level requirement of 60.

Can I transfer gear or items between my old and new character?

No, you cannot transfer gear or items between two different characters.


The introduction of the new Black Desert Mobile subclasses has been highly anticipated and is sure to breathe new excitement into the game. TaeKwon-Do, Mystic, and Lahn each bring new strengths, weaknesses and abilities to the table, and they are sure to provide the perfect balance for any playing style preferred by the player.

Now that you know more about the new subclasses of the game, pick one that suits your playstyle and log in to your Black Desert Mobile account to get started. Remember, always play the game for fun, and keep in mind that every class can be a valuable asset, no matter what you choose.



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