Annoyed with iOS iCloud Backup Message That Won’t Go Away? Here’s How to Fix It


iCloud backup is a vital feature for iPhone users to ensure they don’t lose their valuable photos, messages, and other data. However, sometimes iPhone users face a problem where the iCloud backup message won’t go away even after completing the backup process. It’s a frustrating experience for users when the message keeps popping up every time they unlock their phone or use an app. In this article, we will discuss the possible reasons behind this issue and provide solutions to fix it.

Detailed Discussion on iOS iCloud Backup Message That Won’t Go Away Fix

Here are some reasons why the iCloud backup message won’t go away and how to fix it:

Reason 1 – Slow Internet Connection

Slow internet connection could be the primary cause of this issue. If your internet connection is slow, it may take more time than usual to backup data, causing the iCloud backup message to get stuck on the screen. To fix this, try connecting to a faster Wi-Fi network and then initiate the backup process again.

Reason 2 – Not Enough Storage Space on iCloud

If you don’t have enough storage space on iCloud, your backup process may not finish, and the backup message won’t go away. Check your iCloud storage space and delete unwanted data or purchase additional storage if required.

Reason 3 – iCloud Backup is not Completing

Sometimes iCloud backup takes longer than usual to complete the backup process. If you see that the backup process is slow or not completing, try the following solutions:

– Restart your iPhone and then initiate the backup process again
– Update your iPhone to the latest software version
– Sign-out and then sign-in again to iCloud

Reason 4 – iCloud Backup Message is a Glitch

It’s possible that the iCloud backup message is a glitch. If you tried all the above solutions and the issue still persists, try the below workaround:

– Turn off iCloud backup by going to Settings > iCloud > Backup and turn off iCloud backup
– Restart your iPhone
– Turn on iCloud backup and then initiate the backup process again

Concluding Thoughts on iOS iCloud Backup Message That Won’t Go Away Fix

We hope the solutions mentioned above helped you fix the iCloud backup message won’t go away issue on your iPhone. In summary, slow internet connection, not enough storage space on iCloud, iCloud backup not completing, or a glitch could cause this problem. It’s essential to follow the solutions in the correct sequence, and one of the methods should fix the problem.

FAQs about iOS iCloud Backup Message That Won’t Go Away Fix

Q1. My iPhone keeps showing “iCloud backup message” even after the backup process is complete. What do I do?

It could be a glitch, and we recommend following the solution mentioned above. If it doesn’t work, contact Apple Customer Support.

Q2. Will turning off iCloud backup result in data loss?

No, turning off iCloud backup won’t cause any data loss as long as you have already backed up your data on iCloud.

Q3. Can I delete the iCloud backup message?

No, you can’t delete the iCloud backup message, but you can follow the solutions mentioned above to get rid of it.

Q4. How much storage space is enough for iCloud backup?

It depends on the data you have on your iPhone. Apple offers 5GB of free storage space, but if you have more data, you can buy additional storage for a reasonable price.

Q5. What should I do if my iPhone is not backing up to iCloud?

Check your internet connection, update your iPhone’s software, sign-out and then sign-in again to iCloud. If nothing works, contact Apple Customer Support.

Q6. How often should I back up my iPhone to iCloud?

We recommend backing up your iPhone on iCloud at least once every two weeks, but it’s better to do it every week to ensure data loss doesn’t occur in case of device damage or factory reset.


In conclusion, the iCloud backup message won’t go away issue is frustrating for iPhone users. We hope our solutions and recommendations help you resolve this issue. Remember to keep your iPhone up-to-date and well-maintained to avoid such problems in the future.



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